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We had a total of 21 people, ranging from 1 year old twin boys up to 71 year old grandpa. We used the main house and the fist 2 cabins. There was plenty of room for everyone to sleep, sit down to eat, play games or just go off by themselves for a bit of down time. The kitchen had every item we could ever need or want, including chip clips and corn holders. There are 2 full refrigerators and a chest deep freeze. We brought all of our food when we arrived and had plenty of room for it all.

The loft in the main house has now been enclosed so it is a private bedroom. Being there the end of July we all worried about air conditioning. All areas stayed cool and comfortable. There are 2 window air units in each of the cabins, 1 in the bedroom and 1 in the main room and they worked really well.

We spent the majority of our time on the amazing dock. It is all covered so you can get a break from the sun. There are stairs (not just steps) that make getting in and out of the water easy for everyone. There is electricity and we brought a pump to blow up all of our inflatables. We also brought a large speaker and had karaoke in the evenings. Many of us tried out the kayak. We rented their pontoon boat for the week and spent many hours tubing and jumping off the cliff. Enough bluegills were caught off the dock to have a fish fry one evening. There is a cleaning station on the dock as well.

10 adults, 10 kids (all under the age of 11) and the place was perfect for us! Last year we all stayed in one house at the Lake of the Ozarks, it was very nice to have the cabins at Brushy Creek to help us spread out a bit and not have to trip all over each others belongings. The spacious kitchen allowed for several cooks at one time the get the crew fed and provided every possible cooking aid you could need. The large laundry room with long shelves allowed us to keep from getting cluttered in the kitchen. The additional fridge outside on the covered porch area was a nice surprise for stocking the adult beverages. The large grill also came in so handy at least 2 nights and helped us be able to all each together rather than in "shifts". Also, access to the golf cart was fantastic to get my disabled dad up and down the hill. The cabins were the perfect set up. Nothing over the top, but very clean, comfortable, cool and allowed for some of the kids to have a little down time when it was time for a break from the sun. The bath towels in the cabin were also great quality; in fact we came home and bought the same brand.

The dock, the best part! The front part of the dock provided ample space for kids to run and jump and also a step-down area for the younger ones to take part in the action. The middle section provided cover all the way to the front so the grandparents would not miss out on the action while still being able to be comfortable. Last year it was a challenge getting my dad in and out of water off the dock, this dock has wide STAIRS….not a ladder..STAIRS! I’ve never seen that before and it allowed him to get in and out with little assistance from us. Float chairs, noodles, life jackets, kayak, 4-person tube, kids skies provided; nice surprise. Also, the fact there was a rocky shore line the kids could play in allowed us to have some adult swim space and some kid swim space at times. There are no other docks on the same side of the lake as this place. Boat traffic was low during the week. The marina around the corner made it easy for us to boat. We rented a boat all week and they picked us up each day; turned a 30 minute road ride into a 5 minute water ride.

You don’t find too many places on this lake that house 20 people, on the water, with a dock. This is a fantastic place that we truly enjoyed each day. There were several tears when the time came to leave; we were glad to kids were able to keep it together.