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Halt your searching! We’ve collected all the important details for the businesses that offer rental trucks with lift gates in one place. Use this article to compare these companies and find the right one for your needs, whatever they may be. In This Article

A rental truck with a lift gate is the perfect option for lifting heavy items up to the bed of the truck. The steel lift gate lowers to the ground with an electric hydraulic system. With a push of a button, the lift gate rises up to the back of the truck or lowers to the ground for ease of loading and unloading your items.

For moving truck purposes, you would most likely rent either a truck with a cantilever lift or a tuck away lift. A cantilever lift can tilt and provide a ramp to quickly load items into the back of a truck. Using this type of gate is simple. There are typically 3 buttons that are used to tilt, lower, and lift the gate. Here is a YouTube video tutorial on how to use a cantilever lift gate provided by Avon truck rentals:

With a tuck away lift, you have the option of not using the lift at all. However, if you know you won’t be using the lift, it will most likely be cheaper to rent a moving truck with a manual pull out ramp. Inquire with the truck rental company to compare rates.

Whether you rent a truck with a cantilever lift or a tuck away lift, you will want to ensure you are properly instructed on how to use this feature before you drive away from the rental location. If you aren’t comfortable using a truck with a lift gate feature, several of the rental truck locations listed below offer trucks with manual load ramps. Manual load ramps are typically steel ramps that slide out from underneath the truck manually. Manual load ramps still offer a way to get items up and into the back of the truck, it will simply take a little more effort and physical exertion.

All rental companies require the renter/driver to have a valid driver’s license. Age requirements vary by company so check the information below or call the truck rental company to verify age requirements and potential surcharges for younger drivers (typically categorized as under the age of 25).

Note that many truck rental locations have the right to restrict the allowance of one-way rentals. Even if it’s normal company policy to allow them. Please call your location or go through its online booking process to make sure that specific location allows one way rentals. National Companies

These national rental businesses offer online reservations or quotes and a variety of truck types suited for your individual needs. Most truck fleets offer automatic transmission, air conditioning, power brakes, and power steering to make handling of a large truck a little less tedious. When renting from one of these companies, be clear on your needs and be sure to ask all questions before signing a rental agreement and/or putting money down. Each company has its own policies on truck rentals and its own schedule of fees. You will need a valid driver’s license at any of these locations as it is a requirement of renting a vehicle. 1. Budget Truck

• How long can these trucks be rented? Trucks can be rented for as long as needed but you will pay a daily rental fee agreed upon when you sign the contract. Your estimated return date will also be noted in the contract. If a truck isn’t returned on that day, Budget may put a hold on your credit card until the truck is returned.

• Other features? Power steering, power brakes, AM/FM stereo, diesel engine (note: diesel gas is typically more expensive per gallon than regular fuel. However, diesel engines burn gas more efficiently than regular engines meaning you’ll get more miles to the gallon for a large truck with a diesel engine as opposed to a large truck with a regular engine).

• One way trips available? With limited exceptions, trucks must be returned to the same branch it was picked up. When trucks are returned to a different location, it should be within the same metropolitan area. Visit their FAQ or call 1-888-rent-a-truck for more details.

The list below includes truck rental businesses that are regional or local to a specific state or city. Areas serviced are noted in the heading. As with the National truck rental locations, you will want to be clear on the terms of the rental agreement and ensure all your needs are met while understanding all fees to be charged. Because these are local businesses, the information included online, such as the ability to reserve a truck or obtain a quote, isn’t as robust as the National locations so be sure to call for further information. 5. Avon (Los Angeles, California)

Most lift gates use hydraulics which makes raising and lowering your possessions a breeze. But, in a pinch, renting a truck that comes with ramps can be alright. Sometimes you can even back the truck up to your house and put the ramps up to the stairs. Then it’s a straight shot into the truck. If you can manage that, it’s even easier using ramps than a lift gate.