Renting in brussels – expat guide to belgium expatica electricity deregulation


Leases in Belgium are long and favour the tenant. Unusually, the tenant is responsible for most repairs and improvements required during their tenancy. Although this means that the landlord probably won’t fix something in the e gaskell flat it if breaks, it also means that you can put up shelves, repaint a wall or replace a washing machine without losing your deposit when renting in Brussels. Rent

Adverts must include an accurate rent, otherwise the landlord can be fined. As a result, negotiating the rent is rare. Expect an annual rent increase (or occasionally decrease) tied to the cost of living index. This will gas station near me be applied retrospectively for the preceding three months. Base rent may be increased either at contract renewal (short term lets) or every three years (standard and long term leases). The tenancy agreement ( contrat de bail/huurcontract) should list the details. Paying Belgian utilities

In addition, there are often fees owed to the housing association (particularly for apartment blocks) or the commune (e.g. for garbage collection). You may have to pay both, or neither, or they may be included in the rent so be sure to ask up front. Read more about switching on Belgian utilities 3 gases that cause acid rain, internet and television. Fees and the deposit

Compared to renting an apartment with a private owner, these types of accommodation often mean less work on behalf of the tenants, as they do not have to apply for additional utilities such as water, electricity, gas, TV and internet connection. Also, any technical problems in the apartment are generally handled by the apartment’s own technicians. Expats speedy q gas station and business travellers working in multinational companies and European institutions often use serviced apartment providers when renting in Brussels for the convenience of move-in ready accommodation.

Residential apartments are typically rented unfurnished, often without carpets, curtains, white goods or light fittings. You may be able to purchase some items from the existing tenant by negotiating with them directly. An inventory must be completed and registered, as for furnished properties. The property must be returned in the state described in the inventory, which typically means empty with neutral décor or with agreed improvements. Keep any documentation relating to improvements electricity office or repairs safe to prove you’ve done the required maintenance. Student housing

Many institutions have dorms. Students typically have their own bedroom electricity estimated bills and share a bathroom and kitchen with 2 to 10 other students. Charges for this type of accommodation start at €250 per month, though depending on the quality and location of the property, can be as high as €500. Dorm rooms are arranged through the university or college, so you need to contact their housing department for details.

Relatively few Belgians (around 30%) rent their home – but the figure is nearer 60% in Brussels, as the city’s market is skewed by the large number of expats on short-term postings. This means that landlords are often accustomed to expat renters, but may also be tired of the quick turnover. Contact your gas nozzle prank company to ask about relocation services or look online. Real estate agents often focus on narrow geographical areas, so wandering the streets of pleasant neighbourhoods and looking in agency windows can be effective too. Using an estate agent

Estate agents dealing with renting in Brussels are usually paid by the landlord. Be wary of any who ask for a fee from you, the renter, particularly if they request money shell gas credit card 5 to let you view a property. If you hire a search agent, however, you should expect to pay them a fee, typically between €250 and one month’s rent. Online property portals: