Rep. jim jordan, r-ohio, shares his impression of michael cohen npr electricity 2015


Michael Cohen’s turn before Congress today was marked by exchanges that started testy and then got testier. The president’s longtime attorney and all-purpose fixer apologized for past lies to Congress electricity merit badge pamphlet pdf and for the decade he spent protecting Donald Trump. But the ranking Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Jim Jordan, was not convinced. In one exchange, Jordan read a quote about Cohen from the prosecutor’s sentencing memo.

JIM JORDAN: Cohen’s consciousness of wrongdoing is fleeting. His remorse is minimal. His instinct is to blame others is – to blame others is wrong chapter 7 electricity and magnetism. There’s only thing – one wrong with that statement. His remorse is nonexistent. He just debated a member of Congress, saying, I really didn’t do anything wrong with the false bank things that I’m guilty of, I’m going to prison for.

JORDAN: No, it only reinforced it. I mean, Michael Cohen said he’s the guy – he, Michael Cohen alone – who launched the Trump for president campaign simply because he did a website back in 2011. I mean, that’s delusional. So the whole thing – when you bring in a guy who in two months is going to prison for lying to Congress – when you bring him in, give him a forum, a convicted felon, to say what he said today, I mean, that just shows what a circus this actually was today.

JORDAN: Old news. I mean, again, Michael Cohen can’t have it both ways gas 85 vs 87. He can’t say on one hand he was the personal lawyer of the president and receiving a retainer payment as he did and then on the other hand say, no, no, this payment wasn’t a retainer; it wasn’t for me being his personal lawyer; it was to reimburse me for some other payment I did on my own without the president. I mean, he can’t – you can’t have it both ways.

JORDAN: The Democrats can’t – well, Mary Louise, the Democrats can electricity electricity schoolhouse rock’t say, well, the dossier was so important and then say, but the fact that a central point of the dossier and all the stuff about Michael Cohen that was in the dossier are true when, in fact, he’s saying that they aren’t. They electricity jeopardy powerpoint can’t do the same thing. So all I’m saying is we learned this last week. Last week, Andy McCabe, a guy who cannot be trusted – but Andy McCabe did say one thing last week on his book tour.

But Andy McCabe said one thing that I do believe last week because two other people have told me the same thing in depositions, namely that Rod Rosenstein was actually thinking about wearing a wire and recording the president of the United States and that Rod Rosenstein was looking to invoke the 25th Amendment and trying to remove the president, elected by the American people, from office.

KELLY: In the minute or so we have gas prices map left, before we go way down the rabbit hole of the Mueller investigation, because I do want to turn you to the actual documents that were introduced as evidence today – the check, which you can say it’s new or not, the copies of financial statements, letters, articles with the president’s own handwriting on them. Say Cohen is a serial liar. Say you don’t believe a word he says. Does it concern you that these documents appear to connect President Trump to crimes?

JORDAN: No. What concerns me is the crazy impeachment plans that the Democrats have. Here’s the big news. Tom Steyer, megadonor electricity storage cost per kwh for the Democrats, last week was in Jerry Nadler’s district in Manhattan doing a town hall, encouraging Jerry Nadler’s constituents to push him towards impeachment. Two nights ago ag gaston birmingham 120 in Baltimore, Elijah Cummings – Tom Steyer’s in Elijah Cummings’ district.

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