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Huh, don’t recall the vid. The problem with the 3" is all in the tune, the factory tune to be specific. Pacestters are worth every penny and then some, 10 years and they haven’t rusted through. I’ll tell yuh, if you think it runs great now. Install a mandrel bent 2.5" Y, go 3" cat back into a borla or maggy. If that’s a big flowmaster, it’s actually helping yuh a little. A chambered will offset the cats, not that much but some. Sounds great though, – what matters most is in D, and your usable HP/Tq. Hard for you to judge that…you haven’t driven one of these set up correctly yet lol. I’d say half the folks that mod get it half right and loose interest lol. You don’t come across as a guy who settles there..however, I did give you the short-cut set up or would have..(I think you purchased the pipe before I explained the set-up) if asked. Regardless, much improved and sounds great.

BTW- interested in dash command, plan to look into it later…on the list lol.I shared the video a few weeks ago if I recall…that was the day after the header install lol. I only shared it now to show you the skid plate setup at 1:03, and the lift crossmember blocking the oil pan (made oil changes a pain till I put a valve and safety clip on there).

The skid plate came with the lift. Fabtech. I could fab one up fairly reasonably though. Hell a local shop could do it for you easily too…and to your size specifications. Mine mounts to the front axle mount (the triangular shaped mounting lug on the front frame) runs back to the crossmember and bolts to it. If you made one yourself, you could easily add bolt holes, and extend it to the side to cover the oil pan completely. My oil pan is WAY up in the air, but I’ve considered fabbing a plate for it like I described, too. Nothing like coming down on an unexpected rock (or random trailer parts on the highway lol) and poking a hole right through the thing lol.

I also wanted to mention a cool app I stumbled onto this week. It’s called DashCommand, and is similar (and to me, superior) to torque in many ways. It’s a bit more expensive…but the user interface and data interpretation is SO much better. I installed an in dash 8" tablet (Galaxy Tab E…NOT an easy fit…and I’m still tweaking it as we speak to clean up the install and final location) this past week, and the utility of DashCommand vs Torque is freaking amazing.

I’m also still working out the Tasker commands for sleep etc…and I’m waiting for my 90° aux cable and bluetooth cables to come in as well so I can finish that. The 8" tablet literally JUST fits between the air vents lol…so the 90° cables are mandatory. All in all though it really improved my driving experience.

On a side note…the in app fuel economy as compared to manually calculated (miles driven divided by fuel added) was DEAD ON. 10.7mpg this tank on both the app and my calculation. Torque had me at some ridiculous 15-18mpg when I tried using it. I think this is because DashCommand uses actual gph of fuel flow, vs just being a glorified vacuum gauge. Either way…I’m loving it.

Here’s a few pictures of the install. Keep in mind, it still needs adjusted (I think by tipping it forward at the top to mount it 90°, vs the slight angle it’s at…will allow me to lift it up a bit and still keep the entire screen in the opening)…and I have an extra radio/hvac bezel to modify and replace this one with once I finalize the location/fitment. Oh, and excuse my daughter’s sour 6am face, lol. She’s not a morning person!