Research – surviving mars wiki chapter 7 electricity

Certain restrictions that still persist on Earth derived from religion and general conservatism are absent here on Mars. As a result, we have the freedom to genetically enhance our newborns and hone their already-sharp minds to a sharp point.

The human body is basically a complex bio machine that could be easily replicated with the exception of one major component – the brain. Now that we have finally unlocked that secret we can manufacture human-like Biorobots the same way we manufacture cars.

Failsafe systems have been in place and used to prevent catastrophes in various fields for centuries. Until now we had no viable way of remotely detecting when the brain was headed towards a meltdown. A means to remotely render people unconscious, however, was already available.

"The tools that a society uses to create and maintain itself are as central to human life as a hive is to bee life. Though the hive is not part of any individual bee, it is part of the colony, both shaped by and shaping the lives of its inhabitants."

The greater distance from the Sun makes it so that all colonists have to cope with the psychological strain of receiving reduced sunlight. This fact, combined with newly discovered techniques allow us to considerably boost the productivity of those who work outright nightshifts.

Our understanding of the once holy grail of energetics – Fusion Energy has reached the level where once a fusion reaction has been triggered, it can be left to regulate and sustain itself on its own… within a confined and safe medium of course.

The ultra-cold environment that is Mars, combined with several recent breakthroughs in super conductors, has made the concept of superconductor computing, while still quite costly in terms of power, now manageable, thus opening the doors to the extremely fast superconductor computers.

Leaving scattered molecules of the precious resource a mining facility was tasked with extracting has always bothered scientists as being just too cynically wasteful. Luckily, with new Nano Refinement precision tools, this wasteful tendency has been remedied.

Even on the seemingly most ordinary of days, Colonists on Mars must never forget how extraordinary their lives actually are. Every time they pause from their newfound routines on this alien world and gaze upon the man-made spires that rise proudly towards the Martian sky, they will be reminded of the incredible feat their lives are part of.

Our engineers have unveiled the first motor design to replace the old engines of our drones that were created in Earth laboratories so long ago. This time we’ve combined all that is now known from having hands-on experience in dissecting a drone that has been doing field work on Mars for quite some time.

Through clever application of graphene and carbon based frictionless materials, we have managed to maximize the push of the Martian wind while minimizing the friction which slows down the rotor’s rotation cycle, thus delivering far more bang for every buck of wind.

The golden years have officially been postponed indefinitely as a recent breakthrough has finally unlocked the fountain of youth. Every man and woman on Mars has now the ability to remain within their most productive and fertile age forever.

Growing up in a unique environment, combined with some creative gene therapy, makes people better problem solvers. Martianborn are brought up in a society which thrives on the idea that every extra effort counts and the smarter the effort, the better.