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Stay away from this company. They use every underhanded trick in the book to get your money. My wife accidentally contacted this site while searching for a major chain hotel room. The agent represented himself as a reservation agent for the major chain. The scare tactic was there was only one room left at the property and his rate was the best available. Wrong!!! Upon arrival we discovered we had been swindled. There were numerous rooms available and the hotel could offer a better rate. I called Reservation Desk to cancel and was basically told that my card had been charged, it was to late to cancel and all sales were final. Their rates were $30 higher than the hotel itself. I completed their online survey and was told that an agent would be in touch. I have heard nothing from them. This company uses deceptive practices and borders on being a scam. This is a mistake that we will never make again. The reviews posted parallel what happened to us. Hopefully people will read the reviews and stay away from these crooks.

I inadvertently called Reservation Desk when booking a hotel since their number came up in a google search for the hotel. The guy on the phone said I could use my awards card when I arrive at the hotel. The trip isn’t for a few more months. I noticed a charge on my credit card today and that is not how this hotel operates. I called Reservation Desk back and asked to speak to a supervisor. The guy on the phone (Mike) gave me a very hard time, insisting that he could help me. I asked about the charge, he said the local hotel charged it not them. I then dutifully called the local hotel and they couldn’t access my reservation. I called Reservation Desk back and insisted on a supervisor. Mike put me on hold for a few moments. The same voice came back on the phone giving me a different name. Are you kidding me??? These people are shady. I cancelled the reservation using automated prompt and booked directly with the hotel. I hope there’s a refund on my credit card. Don’t trust these people. Make sure you only deal with the hotel directly. Oh, and it turns out awards points can only be redeemed at the time of booking, not on arrival. So I was given wrong information there, too.

After booking a room 2 months in advance with ReservationDesk, I realized that I needed to book the room directly through the hotel in order to book in a "block" of rooms, NOT through ReservationDesk. I contacted ReservationDesk within 15 minutes of my transaction letting them know that I needed to cancel my transaction and process a refund. You would think that an organization that processes sales can process a refund if the customer does not want the product. I was told that they could process the CANCELLATION but they were NOT going to be giving my money back. I had to be persistent to get them to divulge how to get them to process a refund. I had to make several calls to the hotel to determine who could authorize the refund. Then I made several calls to ReservationDesk to give them the information to process the refund. They were NOT helpful or supportive and their attitude was pretty snotty.

I was told the refund would be processed within 24 hours. I was told several times that there MIGHT be fees that don’t get refunded… This is code for: they had every intention of not refunding the full amount from the start. A credit card refund processes immediately (ask your local gas station). So, the bit about "taking 24 hours to process the refund" is just a ploy to get me off the line without telling me that they won’t be giving me the full refund amount. The next day I received a credit back to my card for $15 less than was billed (they did not refund their commission fee). They felt entitled to keep my money for nothing more than letting a computer process an online transaction.