Residents deer pose safety hazard news gas and supply

On the other hand, complaining about deer seems to me just another whine. I have been here a mighty long time, and I have never come close to hitting a deer with my car. Why? Because I drive the speed limit, and I drive carefully. Deer have never jumped unexpectedly in front of me, and when they have entered the roadway, I slow down or stop till it is safe to proceed.

Cars are a far bigger nuisance. The vast majority of drivers in this town drive in excess of 25 mph (and this probably the case when contact is made with a deer). Drivers do not understand the laws relating to cyclists and pedestrians. Automobiles are contributing to planet death via CO2 emission. They make noise and they kick up road dust. They are also responsible for far more health issues in humans than deer will ever be.

So, I say, let’s learn to deal with the deer in a practical reasonable matter. But let’s ban the real nuisance, which is the automobile OK, compromise, let’s all obey the speed limit, make sure we understand how to co exist with bicyclists and pedestrians, keep our car maintained, and only drive when the distance is greater than, say, 5 miles. Otherwise, ride a bike.

It is a reality that deer are in an unnatural habitat. And so our we! I am amused that we are all so anthropocentric that we always come up with simplistic solutions that elevate human lifestyles as being the paramount of how a species should live, or is entitled to live. Up above someone was complaining that deer fencing is expensive (it is not expensive; it costs far less than a month of automobile expenses, depending on the size of the yard). And then, to blame the deer when they get hit by a car. Slow down, for pete’s sake. Watch where you are going. Take responsibility for owning a car and all that might go along with it. Stop trying to make nature bend to your will, simply because you live in Port Townsend.

How about this solution: We close town to most traffic one or two days a week, and let our dogs run off leash on those days. I know from personal experience that deer to have memories, and will learn to avoid areas where they are chased by hounds. Deer rarely come to my yard, even with the dog in at night.

Think of how great it would be! Deer would slowly migrate out of town. And the dogs! How they would love to have some real work. And the bond within the pack would be enhanced – humans and dogs together routing out deer. My dog, Ruby simply wants to throw up every time she sees some dog on a leash with his/her owner, and the owner is giving the dog some kind of ‘treat’ for sitting or chasing after a human made ball. She wants to run over and liberate the dog. Let’s start treating our dogs less like little pets and more like a member of the pack, with real work to do.

I know, I know. We don’t like deer in town, We don’t like dogs off leash. We don’t like mill smoke. We don’t like growlers. We live in the most wonderful town in all of America. How many times have senior citizens come up to me and said "another day in paradise." But, apparently, all of the events designed to keep us stimulated and entertained are not enough! We have to complain about deer. Lord, what a narrow human based thought process defines the culture we choose to live in.

Well, I was partly jesting. I did not mean just turn your dogs out and not pay attention. But I do think that it only takes a couple good chases, and deer will move on. My dog would go ape crazy if I let her run deer once or twice a month. She does not need a pack. She is happy all on her own.

Regarding cars being banned – I am so sick of being run off the road by unwitting drivers in this town. I ride my bike or walk most places. I haul big loads with my bike. I use my car only when absolutely necessary. I even go out to Chimacum and back on bike, rather than use a car. Many drivers in this town don’t have a clue about the state laws regarding road sharing. And they drive accordingly.

I am annoyed when I see dozens of cars piled up in front of Grant Street and Blue Heron, with their engines idling and the windows rolled up in spring and fall, and their engines running and the windows rolled up in the winter. I get extremely annoyed when I ride downtown on my bike in the summer and the cars are all lined up waiting for the ferry, with their windows rolled up and the engine running. I get extremely annoyed on Kearney street when day after day, cars pull out in front of me, expecting me to turn off into the gravel shoulder. If you have ever heard or saw a 60 something yelling at you to slow down, or even gesturing with his finger at you, as you passed by at 30 to 45 in a 25 mph zone, or did not leave enough room, it was very likely me.

How can we get annoyed at deer? When cars are so much more problematic. Yes, you are correct, it will never happen. We will never close the streets to traffic for aday or so. People are too self centered and have too small of comfort zones, and want to baby and pamper themselves to give up their cars for a day or so. Most AMericans view the possession and use of a car as a personal right, guaranteed in the constitution. They get their underwear in a know when the price of gas goes up (even though it is a government subsidized price, and we are not even beginning to include the environmental costs of using gas).

And, mostly, the car drivers don’t see the hazards of driving a car. They blithely negotiate the burning of gas, and then, like your self, Justin, refuse to see the direct connection between the gas burned in their cars on the way to Starbucks, and the fires in CA that are destroying homes, and taking lives.