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Tropical storm-force winds spawned by Matthew toppled trees along Atlantic Avenue, downed power lines and poles, and showered homes and roadways with tree limbs, brush and other debris as they swept across the barrier island Friday. 935 gas block Authorities said 20 homes suffered structural damage. Current electricity definition physics One potent gust knocked the gas station-style canopy off a gym near downtown Fernandina Beach.

Crews from the city’s maintenance, police and fire departments along with Florida Public Utilities workers had their hands full Saturday morning as they scrambled to clear roads of fallen trees and other debris and restore electricity to homes, businesses and city streets.

By 4 p.m., the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office and Fernandina Beach Police, following an inspection by the state Department of Transportation, lifted a blockade to the Shave Bridge, one of two ways to access the island. Electricity 2015 Then waves of traffic came cruising down State Road 200 as residents who had been staged in groups on the west side the bridge, anxious about what they might find when they arrived, came home.

Hours earlier, the island appeared to be deserted, save for emergency vehicles and utility crews and the few residents who opted to brave the storm from the comfort of their own homes. No electricity jokes Those who remained spent their morning driving, cycling and walking around to survey the damage left behind by Matthew.

Lindy Kavanaugh, 43, of Fernandina Beach, was among the initial throng of residents and business owners to rush over the bridge once it reopened. Gas mask art She made a stop at her home in Oldtown, which had no damage, before going to check out how her jewelry store, Lindy’s, near the corner of Front and Centre streets by the riverfront.

When she got there, she was pleasantly surprised to find sandbags, piled at the entrance, and impact-resistant glass, installed in April, withstood the storm. Electricity gif She said some water trickled inside, but didn’t damage the concrete floor.

“It’s not even anything I would claim,” she said. Online electricity bill payment “I mean, some rugs got wet and that was really it. Gas zone pricing It didn’t get any higher than the bottom of my cabinets.”

A couple of blocks down the street, George Simpson, 67, and Candace Fasano, 56, were removing sandbags, taking down tarps and pulling off duct tape they used the seal the windows at Island Time, a frozen yogurt shop Simpson runs in a building owned by Fasano and her husband.

Simpson, who lives off the island, hopped on the road when he saw the bridge was reopening. M gastrocnemius medialis Fasano, meanwhile, said she sat in traffic for hours waiting to get back home. La gasolina She said there wasn’t much damage in the Seagroves subdivision where she lives, aside from fallen tree limbs and debris.

When Fasano and Simpson arrived at the yogurt shop, they were fortunate to find no water had leaked inside and the electricity stayed on through most of the storm, keeping the inventory of fruit and yogurt stored in refrigerators and freezers ice cold.

Other business owners decided to ride out the storm, concerned about what might happen to their livelihoods. 9gag tv That was the case for Chris Page and his wife, Maria, both 52, who moved to the island 13 months ago and sunk their savings into the Amelia Island Williams House, a bed and breakfast at the corner of 9th and Ash streets.

They had a close call Friday night when a large limb fell from a cedar tree outside and crashed into their rose garden and pergola but narrowly missed their home and business. Gas meter in spanish Page admitted there were times he was concerned about what they would find when they woke up.

“We’ve got two weddings come up next week, so you start thinking about your business and, ‘Are they going to cancel?’ and ‘Are they going to come to a property that’s not attractive?’ So yeah, we had a lot to worry about but we did well,” he said.

The couple said they were impressed with the stability of the home, which was originally built in 1856. Monroe la gas prices “Every time the winds whip and you hear the rain pelting the window, you can’t help but turn your head and hope that window holds,” Page recalled.

Businesses elsewhere in town weren’t so fortunate. Electricity powerpoint template Doug Lane, 48, found out Friday morning the awning over his gym, Sandbox Athletics at the intersection of 8th and Date streets, had toppled over. Gas ks It was taped off Saturday.

“We’ve actually had an outpouring of our customers who have asked if we needed any help with it,” he said. Electricity office near me “So that’s been encouraging, that our customers have rallied to come forward to help out if we need anything.”

Paul Kunkle, 75, was out looking in vain for an open gas station so he could refuel his generator Saturday afternoon before the bridge opened. Types of electricity generation methods But with his power out and the island largely deserted, he said he spent much of the day clearing debris from his yard in Golfside South neighborhood, across from the Ritz-Carlton.

Kunkle said he and his family were living on the island the last time it was evacuated for a storm. Gas in babies how to get rid of it But after spending an excruciating 20 hours in traffic trying to get to Atlanta that time, he decided to stick around for Matthew. Static electricity diagram And after surviving the ordeal with no damage to his property, he’s glad he did.

As of Saturday night, the only emergency shelter remaining open to the public was Hilliard Middle School at 1 Flashes Drive in Hilliard, emergency management officials said. Gas finder Those with or without special medical needs and pets are welcome. Gas x tablets himalaya Residents staying in the Callahan Middle shelter were transferred to the Hilliard shelter, according to officials, who anticipate it will stay open until Tuesday.