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These assisted living facilities accept persons with conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and elders who need assistance/ are bedridden, but do not provide medical services. They are very selective about admission. They focus on residents’ quality of life through a combination of activities and a person-centric approach, and mostly accept persons with dementia who are in early/ mid-stage dementia. They are part of the Silver Innings Social Enterprise. Currently there are two such facilities

Anand Rehabilitation and Psychiatric Nursing Home/ Shree Rajendrakumar Agarwal Hospital is a 100-bed hospital that provides residential / nursing support for persons with various mental health challenges and persons with age-related diseases. They accept persons with Alzheimer’s/ Dementia and Parkinson’s. Various support and rehab services are available, and the hospital is equipped for in-house medical support for its residents Charges are modest.

Some resources are already mentioned above, and some are listed below. Additionally, you can contact the OPD clinics of the psychiatry/ neurology/ geriatrics department of any reputed hospital for diagnosis and treatment. electricity generation in india If possible, ask for dementia specialists. Some places also have special dementia clinics (memory clinics, geriatric psychiatry clinics, etc.)

Echoing Healthy Ageing: Provides counseling and support for families relating to dementia care of their loved one. This includes counseling after the diagnosis, training for family carers and healthcare professionals, care planning assistance, and activity planning. Also, home visits for counseling and supporting activities (Western Mumbai areas). Also conducts dementia awareness workshops in Mumbai. Contact :

Some multi-city organizations that may be offering support in Chennai. Please note, service that is good in one city may not be good in another. Typical services to ask about: home nursing (attendants, nurses, wound care and nursing procedures), physiotherapy, doctor visits, home dental care, sample collections, equipment hire, pharmacy at home, etc. Some of them may claim to support dementia care. List below is alphabetically ordered

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get trained attendants, and many families use general attendants and train them on dementia themselves or with the help of volunteers. electricity production in chad Even attendants trained by agencies for dementia often need additional training. Read a detailed discussion on this topic at: Using Trained Attendants for Dementia Home Care. Also, please ensure that you evaluate any service/ facility before using it.

Golden Care Retirement Homes ( A message received says that this facility at Mulund also accepts and supports persons with dementia. Golden Care, 1st Floor, New Aishwarya CHS, Goshala Rd, Mulund (W), Mumbai 80, Tel: 9930378427, 9819163683, Email:, Web: No more details are available. Please contact them to find out/ evaluate. Contact 99303 78427, 98191 63683. Email:

Prof. Ram Kapse Senior Citizen Care Centre, Palghar, part of Dr. M. L. electricity was invented in what year Dhawale Memorial Trust, provides residential care with individualized care and suitable rehabilitation support for seniors with neuropsychotic conditions like stroke, paralysis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s/ dementia. This is part of Rural Homoeopathic Hospital, Palghar – Boisar Road, Opp. S.T. Workshop, Palghar 401 404, Maharashtra. Contact office at 7720016358, Dr. Nikunj Jani, Coordinator, 77200156995 and Ms Vidya Patil, social worker, 7720016377. The Trust’s site is at

Varista ( Data has been received that Varista, a Daytime Center for seniors run by professionals to provide a suitable environment for seniors, also accepts elders with dementia. Contact: Varista, Ground Floor, Omeez Apartments, Dattatrey Road, Across Indian Bank, Santacruz (W), Mumbai 400 054, Tel: +91 22 26606033 (Mon-Fri 9.00 am to 7.00 pm) Email:

An additional service in Mumbai is Mayacare, which has volunteers who help elders/ disabled persons by providing assistance/ company for outdoor services like shopping, visiting the bank, doctors, social functions, etc., doing transactions like applying for gas connections or preparing affidavits. Contact them using their Faceboook page Opens in new window or their email id: The Mumbai contact number is +91 – 9594073475

Dignity Foundation: This Mumbai-based organization works for senior citizens through initiatives in some large cities. gasbuddy login The main office in B-206 Byculla Service Industries Premises, D K Cross Road (Sussex Road), Byculla East, Mumbai 400 027. Tel: 022- 6138 1100 Email: Website : (Please note that the Dignity Dementia Day Care which was in Dadar, and later moved to Byculla, is no longer functioning.)

Helpage helpline: This all-India organization with local branches supports senior citizens in multiple ways. They may also offer geriatric physiotherapy.Contact them at 1800 180 1253 (All-India tollfree number). gaslighting examples Local Mumbai office: 022-26370754 / 40 / 09821224513. Email:, More emails: Website:

The Silver Innings group, including the NGO (not for profit) Silver Inning Foundation and the for-profit Silver Innings Social Enterprise, is managed by Sailesh Mishra, an active worker for elder causes, including advocacy. Silver Innings has an active Facebook presence and web presence at various places, including: Opens in new window , Opens in new window , Opens in new window <. Their referral number is 9029000091, open 24 hours, but preferably used between 7am to 8pm. Silver Innings arranges multiple events and provides various types of support and services. These include some dementia-related work also; see above or visit the sites mentioned.

Saptasopan, a Govt. funded multidisciplinary facility for seniors with day care at Thane, which had special support for persons with dementia, was working for some time but has been discontinued now. (The address had been Old Matron Bungalow, Bungalow number 10, Besides DD office, Dharamveer Nagar Road, Near Regional Mental Hospital Thane (W), Mumbai, Tel 022-25820728, 9373004659, 9920074841)

• A list of local services can usually be obtained by surfing the Internet using keywords and the name of the city, and looking for various types of services. Most cities will have some home care services, old age homes, nursing agencies, etc. The larger hospitals of the city will usually have memory clinics, geriatric clinics, or geriatric psychiatry clinics to help the initial diagnosis of dementia. Search for these combined with your city name and other such phrases.

Disclaimer: Data on this page is provided for information and convenience, and is not an endorsement for any person/ organization/ service/ resource. We make no claims that the contents of this page are either accurate or complete, or that the persons/ organizations listed are reliable or that they are suitable for you (no fitment for purpose is intended or implied).

My mother is suffering from Alzheimers since last 3 years. 76 gas card payment She is 65 years old. She is being treated by a neurologist. The stage is somewhere between initial and medium state. She does recognise me and cooks food but has forgotten names of fruits and food ingredients and even some names of relatives who do not meet her often. She stays along with my father who is 71 years old. My father is fine but is a heart patient and sometimes gets irritated by my mother’s inconsistent behavior. Whenever I’m around or my sister everything is fine. But I’m posted out of Mumbai and cannot be always with my parents and neither my sister because of her family commitments.

I’m looking for care giver who will act as a companion for my mother during the day (maybe 6 hours) atleast 4 or 5 days a week. Who will also ensure that she takes medication on time. This will relieve some of my father’s pressure of handling her behavior. My mother likes company to talk, which she does not get always from my father as he is more silent type mostly engrossed in TV and his books. Most of the time she repeats what she says and one has to be really patient with that behavior. She is least interested in television or reading books.