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Our mainstay is resin flooring that can be modified in any number of ways with additives for everything from anti-static to low-slip to anti-bacterial features and beyond that. Don’t let the idea of chemicals bother you when you think of the scientific development of resin flooring. The chemical reaction involved in creating a resin floor is special in that the chemical reaction renders the end product inert. That is, there are no chemical reactions left in a completed resin flooring product.

RESPOL focuses on producing and installing top quality flooring while remaining as cost-effective as possible. One of our outstanding cost-effective features is that our flooring systems can cure overnight, minimising lost production time in your industrial environment. Another cost-effective offering is the potential to repair existing flooring.

We can simply apply a dust proof coating to seal an existing bare concrete surface or we can strip away old tiles and paint and prepare the existing substrate for a new resin flooring system that has custom properties that your business needs, such as being low-slip, anti-static, chemical resistance or anti-bacterial. Our flooring systems can be applied over concrete, steel, wood, asphalt and quarry.

The secret to RESPOL’s success is in our research and development facility which continually develops and tests materials that are available off-the-shelf or in a custom formulated material. Having laid millions of square metres of flooring, RESPOL is completely aware of the requirements of the industries that need and use their flooring systems.

RESPOL’s Reeflor MT is a new technology product for micro thin cementitious coatings. It works wonderfully well for decorative applications as well as a variety of different finishes for floors, walls and paving. It’s perfect for commercial uses because it is extremely resistant to abrasion. Reeflor MT has superb adhesion properties. This coupled with its heavy-duty nature makes it ideal for commercial installation on surfaces such as stone, concrete, steel and wood.

Another innovation RESPOL has is Reeflor CT. gas city indiana weather This is a set of decorative epoxy flooring systems that offer endless bespoke flooring finishes. RESPOL considers this an outstanding match of performance and creativity. Not only can Reeflor CT be specified for new construction projects it is also more than capable of renovating old concrete surfaces.

Just because RESPOL’s hygienic seamless flooring can protect you and your team, that doesn’t mean that this powerful flooring has to look bland and boring or sacrifice the other aspects that makes a really good floor the best in its field. We have a wide range of colours available as well as an excellent range of finish coatings. Indeed, our colour matching can incorporate your company’s colours and logos into the flooring for that extra special atmosphere.

Furthermore, the seamless and aseptic flooring is also long-lasting, hard-wearing and can be treated with low-slip finishes. RESPOL custom tailors the flooring to your specific needs, meeting and exceeding international hygiene and food processing standards. The seamless floor finishes are easy to clean and impervious to food and drink spills. static electricity diagram Polyurethane resin floor resists the normal wear and tear of foot traffic.

The proof of the success of our flooring is easily seen in the fact that more than 80 percent of our business comes from repeat orders. We are a favourite among companies seeking commercial flooring systems. Whether it is industrial flooring or healthcare flooring, the seamless choice is the way to go for durable and hygienic safety flooring.

RESPOL products and services are covered against surface breakdown or debonding. This includes materials supplied for concrete repair, wall coating, and chemical resistant tank lining. We used hazardous environment corrosion-proof membranes and our products are resistant to a cocktail of chemicals both at time of spillage and after evaporation. Our jointless concrete protection, installation of reversing levels and perimeter bunds offer additional protection against chemicals and other solutions used in a factory environment.

The flooring can be colour matched to BS4800, RAL or Pantone systems either in its basic overall colour or in special designs such as the company’s logo or safety markings. These latter are especially useful in a factory setting. Line markings that mark workflow patterns, exits, safety requirements and sector demarcations add to the efficiency as well as the safety factor in a facility.

Our fast overnight curing is essential in a factory where downtime can be costly. Our research and development is always improving and expanding the attributes of our seamless flooring systems and we have been able to use the special nature of epoxy resin to speed up the curing factor to minimise a company’s downtime while a new flooring system is being installed or an old flooring system is being refurbished.

RESPOL is a family business that has been supplying and installing flooring systems nationwide for decades. We are ISO9001:2008 certified and an award winning member of FeRFA. ISO9001:2008 certification assures that we achieve our constant goal of enhancing customer satisfaction with our continual improvement of the range and quality of our flooring systems.

Bright colourful rubber playground safety flooring does more than mitigate the dangers of critical fall heights and other potential playground disasters. It improves the overall functionality of a children’s playground with attractive and appealing colours and designs. The colours can be chosen to complement the playground equipment or to mark out the area for special groups and teams with colour markings.

Heavy-duty seamless rubber playground safety surfacing is durable enough to withstand even the most rigorous childhood activities. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Not only is the toughness of the flooring sufficient to withstand the daily activity of energetic children it can withstand the sun’s UV rays. It doesn’t fade, crack, or dry out due to the weather conditions.

RESPOL began more than 30 years ago as a family company and over the years we have made a significant investment in the flooring industry’s most sophisticated and dedicated research and development facility. This is why RESPOL remains at the forefront of technological advancement, continually developing an unparalleled range of fully tried and tested off-the-shelf or custom formulated materials.

Hospital flooring, or for that matter flooring in any healthcare environment, must be such that the flooring materials maximise safety for patients, personnel and visitors by minimising the spread of disease and destroying as much surface bacteria as possible. Tile and other floor coverings cannot compete with RESPOL’s immaculate hospital flooring solutions.

As well as being hygienic, our healthcare flooring materials are low-slip and durable, dust-free and anti-static. electricity quiz ks2 This is not any kind of hospital vinyl flooring. Our seamless epoxy resin floor covering systems are custom designed to contend with high traffic areas while being decorative as well as having all the safety factors build right into the resin. Logos and health and safety markings can easily be designed directly into the seamless floor coating.

The best part of using our single source flooring services is that the flooring can be customised for the separate sectors of the hospital. For instance, in maintenance and plant room floors hygiene is not such an issue but other factors are. We can install another type of our in house designed commercial or industrial heavy duty flooring products. In such flooring situations, high impact resistant, chemical resistant and easy to clean and maintain flooring systems might be more suitable.

When it comes to choosing the correct floor for a hospital, RESPOL can consult and recommend the best flooring materials in hospital, pharmaceutical and medical sectors situations. Our solutions begin with choosing from the wide variety and types of resilient flooring materials available and move on up to discussing custom designed and specialised materials for hospital settings.

Each flooring material RESPOL offers originates in our laboratories and the requirements for floor covering in healthcare environments are firmly understood from the slip resistance necessity to the requisite infection control element. Our ability to add the appropriate additives to our tried and true epoxy resin flooring, coupled with our installation of seamless floor covering, emanate from the skill of our personnel in all areas.

RESPOL flooring contractors is a family business that has served the UK nationwide for more than 30 years. We provide a range of flooring solutions to cover any industry and we offer a single source warranty on all workmanship and materials. gas finder app From design services and preparation to installation and finishing, RESPOL’s reputation is enviable. We won the prized FeRFA Contractor of the Year award twice as well as the FeRFA Trainer of the Year Award.

There are other factors that can cause ESD such as tribocharging and electrostatic induction. Tribocharging is best envisioned by the old trick of rubbing a balloon against your hair. Both the balloon and your hair become electrified. It’s just a way of describing friction as a source of electrical charges. In electrostatic induction, the charged objects do not even have to be in contact with each other.

The continual protection offered by anti static, dissipative and conductive ESD flooring systems takes the protection one step further. If you are not sure if your flooring needs to be resistant to electrical conductivity leakage, you can have an anti static ohm reading taken. wd gaster website However, if you have any concern about ESD, then chances are very good that you already know the answer.

Even though anti-static flooring is utilitarian in nature, it is also as colourful as you want it to be, spanning the range of BS4800, RAL or Pantone colours. Between the range of colours and the available finishes, RESPOL antistatic flooring solutions are guaranteed to perform from the ground up. Our customers’ expectations are unfailingly exceeded.

However, if you want industrial concrete flooring service, we can do that right up to the hand trowelled finish. This feature really plays into our excellent ability to combine various flooring finishings within the same environment. There are concrete industrial floors that are adequate for the health & safety required in that department and there are industrial concrete floors that beg to be refinished in a more durable coating.

We provide an extensive range of industrial flooring services including the most advanced seamless epoxy and polymer surface coating systems available. Our professional workforce is skilled in sealed concrete floors and dust proofing as well as finding the right flooring system to meet your requirements whether that is anti-bacterial flooring, low-slip flooring, chemical resistant flooring or flooring designed to withstand long-term heavy traffic.

With a complete industrial flooring service from design through to installation, it’s no surprise that 80% of our business comes from repeat customers. We know floors and we know the demands of the commercial and industrial environments across the nation. If you want concreting or repairs and upgrades to existing concrete installations, RESPOL can consult and advise on the possibilities available.

We take our responsibility to health and safety regulations seriously and we provide flooring systems that meet these stringent conditions. This is pretty much part of the basic package whether you are looking for an off the shelf solution or a custom designed and colour matched solution. We have developed and continue to develop an all-encompassing range of flooring systems that are specifically fashioned to meet health and safety requirements.