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I was working last week and noticed a man cleaning his garage, and in the corner was an old bike. I walked over and inquired about the bike finding out what was and immediately I knew it would be mine. "So how much would you like for it?" He replied "How about $200" and with those wonderful words I was working on how to tell the wife. My kids have lost my charger to my camera and today I’m going to get one and do a build blog and link it to here so I have some where to ask questions.

I’ve learned a great deal in taking machines apart and this time I’m going to do it right. I’ve noticed that the cam chain tensioner has been taken off and re-sealed, also the clutch cover. The motor itself looks un-molested so I’m going to leave it alone until I have it running and later access if what needs to be done. I think less is best when doing restorations. I have the carbs on my bench and will clean those out. The gas tank has been purged and cleaned and I did pour some fuel in the carbs before them off and the motor did quietly try to run but was starved for fuel. So far the frame and everything on the bike looks fine but greasy and slight rust spots in places.

Cleaned out the carbs and got fuel to the bowls but its still not running properly. If I stick my hand over the carb and get it to suck it almost wants to run but I think I need to put new plugs in her first…the right side seems to want to run more than the left when coaxed. My brother in law said that the airbox might have a big part in why it won’t run because it used the airbox as a vacuum also so putting K&N’s with out an airbox might not work…what do you mean put your hand over the carb???

That’s not exactly right. first the air box is atmospheric pressure. the port on the engine that goes to the air box is sucking in air because of because of something going on in the engine, technically I can’t say what exactly’s causing that vacuum. but it’s just the pcv system.

wait, I’m not sure exactly how it works on a bike. but on a car it draws in fresh air to help get rid of blow by gas. so, having it on the air box would give the system filtered air. a lot of people put filters on this port on the valve cover when putting turbo chargers on cars. during full throttle the pcv valve closes off the gases to the manifold and they dump out the valve cover. so the only thing it would by not having it connect to the air box on your bike is intake unfiltered air and then emit more emissions. it’s not going to affect driveabilty or idle. what you could do is put a filter on the port on the engine. if that makes sense, I’m rambling.

I purchased an ’83 GS550E a few years ago at a yard sale. It ran fine then and still did last spring. However the issues I have are I need to rebuild teh front calipers (again) they were frozen when I got it & I assume that I rebuilt ’em wrong .

The other issue I have is that 3rd gear does not engage, bike rides fine I just skip shift from 2nd to 4th, but does anyone have an idea of how difficult it would be to fiz the gear problem?I’m just hoping mine will run, I haven’t had a chance to get into the gears at all…all the brakes and stuff on mine look in very good shape, how many KM on the the bike you have? I couldn’t get mine to start again today and considering maybe giving up on this bike…it seems to have carb issues and I’m not sure If I can purchase a carb kit for it…if you consider getting rid of your bike or possibly want mine contact me. My dad said your Syncro is worn out if it is shifting wrong.

I just found out that my bike will not idle or rev up properly without the airbox on…that is what a guy youtube has told me after I inquired about how he got his bike to run so tomorrow I’m going to try again with the airbox and rubber mounts siliconed and sealed…

Just got the Suzuki 550e project bike and can’t even figure out the gas tank,it’s got a fuel line ok,then another hose coming from the pet,then coming out of the tanks gas gauge it has two more hoses,I think most are just vents,still can’t send pics yet In case you are still there this being pretty much a dead thread, the 7mm line on the petcock is fuel, the smaller one vacuum to open the valve. The others on the carburetors are vents. Any hoses or hose coming out of the tank sending unit would be a safety system to drop gas under the bike instead of on the motor if the sending unit gasket started leaking. You can find all the information you will ever need for that bike at ( and a service manual here ( Good luck and listen when you are told that carburetor rebuilds require a 24hr soak in carburetor dip stripped down or ultrasonic cleaning (diaphragms and slides excluded, carb dip will ruin rubber parts) . Spray carburetor cleaner is useless until final cleanup after compressed air.