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Dublin airport has two major airline which call Ireland their home, Aer Lingus and Ryanair. Aer Lingus is a hybrid carrier offering a low budget experience within Europe but offers a premium experience across the Atlantic. Meanwhile 7 gas laws Ryanair is the granddaddy of ultra-low cost carriers and offers tons of flights all across Europe at rock bottom prices. At time of writing, I have yet to fly Ryanair, but was fortunate enough to book a business class ticket gas in california on Aer Lingus. My business flight was on one of Aer Lingus’ new transatlantic routes between Dublin and Seattle. Business class is currently only available on the Aer Lingus A330 but will be expanded to their new A321neo fleet. Boarding and Pre-Flight

Dublin offers a pre-clearance facility. Therefore, I was able to clear US Customs and TSA style security before departing gas finder map for Seattle. This is great because not only do I find agents friendlier in Europe, but when you land in the United States, it is like a domestic flight. This can save an enormous about of time and hassle. Dublin’s pre clearance also does offer Global Entry Kiosks. Security and customs only took me 5 minutes.

Service during the flight was pretty basic, but enjoyable. The flight attendants are friendly. After we took off Flight attendants took order and did a round of drinks and Canapés before dinner service began. There is no pre-ordering of food on Aer Lingus, so options can be limited. I wanted the fish electricity symbols ks3 and it was available. Dinner was served over three courses. First the appetizer with the salad and bread and then the main dish, alone. Finally a sweet dessert or cheese is available. Jean Pernet Tradition Brut NV Canapés Burren smokehouse salmon, Toons Bridge electricity grid map uk mozzarella, roast red pepper with a Beetroot Feta salad. oven baked cod, braised savory cabbage, and baby potatoes chocolate profiterole gateaux

After dinner service was complete, about two hours into the flight, the lights were dimmed and people were encourage to sleep. This power generation definition is when service basically ends. Flight Attendants retreat to the galley and are not proactive. If you want anything else to snack on, there is a self-serve bar near the forward bathroom. There are also bottles of water or wine which one can self-serve.

I was up throughout the entire flight working. Aer Lingus offers WiFi electricity number and it’s free for Business class passengers. This was great because I was able to stay connected with my team and work all day. It also meant I didn’t experience Aer Lingus IFE system at all. Although, being up late did mean I was offered Ice Cream gas x and pregnancy by a passing Flight Attendant who saw me awake and working.

The business class configuration is forward facing with 5 or 4 seats across depending on the row. The seats are 1x2x2 or 1x2x1. “A” seats are always single seats and offer the most privacy when traveling alone. The best seats are next to the window though with the desk next to the aisle. I was in an aisle seat in a middle row consisting of 4 seats total. I had enough space to work and privacy despite where I was sitting. Also I was not sleeping, so being next to the aisle did not bother me. With the privacy divider down, there is ample gas tax privacy between seats.

I found the Aer Lingus flight to be very comfortable. The seat is comfortable and the food was good. There is nothing overly fancy about Aer Lingus, but comfort and lay flat seats is what is important to me. There’s no turn down service, or really expensive wine. Heck there electricity in water experiment isn’t PJs or a mattress pad either. There’s just basic comforts. I never made my bed, as I was awake gas finder working, but most people slept the majority of the flight. Aer Lingus business class is a premium experience, but it’s not luxurious like some carriers. There is no turn down service and even my coat was never offered to be hung. Instead a coat hanger is built into every seat, and there it stayed for the entire flight.

Aer Lingus is a good carrier, with room for growth and improvement. The airline has a bit of an identity crisis as it tries to determine just where they fit in. Either way though, Aer Lingu offers a great opportunity to use electricity vocabulary Avios points with a lower surcharge than British Airways. If flying between Seattle and Europe, I would highly recommend this direct route.