Review battery grip for nikon d3100 e gaskell


The vertical shutter works great, and the half-button press to auto-focus actually seems a little bit better than on the MB-D80 (that one has always seemed a bit too sensitive for me). It’s lacking a lock button for the shutter, but it’s more recessed than the shutter on the MB-D80 and I haven’t accidentally hit it once (yet). gas konigsforst There’s also no AE/AF-L button, but that’s something I hardly ever use, anyway, so it’s not missed.

The Cons: The biggest complaint that everyone talks about is the sync cable that runs from the grip to the GPS port on the side of the camera. Sure, they could’ve made the cable a teensy bit shorter, but in reality, it’s not that big of a deal. gas prices in texas 2015 Honestly, when I’m shooting, or even grabbing the camera out of my bag, I hardly ever notice it. So what’s the big deal? Mainly, unless you rig it with some tape, it leaves your ports wide open to dust. Oooooh, dust. I could care less seeing as I never use the ports, anyway. But I could definitely see where this would be problematic for some. Plus, there’s the rain factor. electricity office While the D3100 isn’t weather proof by any means, having a bunch of exposed ports definitely wouldn’t be a good thing, even in light rain.

Second big issue that no one seems to mention (that I’ve read, at least) is the fact that the D3100 doesn’t visually distinguish on the LCD between one and two batteries. gas symptoms With the D90 you get a nifty display showing you just how much juice you got left in each battery (it even labels them left and right). Unfortunately, with the D3100’s battery grip, all you get is the same old battery icon. I haven’t used it enough to know if it tells you the juice for an individual battery at a time or if it’s showing total battery capacity remaining. Time will tell on that one, but either way it’s certainly not as intuitive.

Summary: All in all, for $25, you can’t go wrong. Despite being pretty much the only option at this point, it’s definitely not a bad buy. gas prices Phottix recently released theirs, but it looks like the exact same product for twice as much (yay Phottix!). I was hoping theirs at least wouldn’t have to rely on the use of a sync cable, but from what I’ve read any grip for the D3100 will.

Recently, I was made aware of a huge omission in my original review. The box art is thoroughly misleading, and actually appears to be a stylized photo of the MB-D80 or another more expensive Nikon grip. Contrary to what it shows, this grip does not have a shutter lock (as mentioned above), nor does it have a dial that allows you to adjust aperture/shutter speed. c gastronomie mariage To be fair, it looks like the manufacturer just uses the same box for whatever grip they’re selling (they just slap a sticker on the front with the compatible camera’s make and model), but it’s still very misleading.

I recently bought a battery grip on ebay the same model you describe .And though my sync cord is ok .My problem was the rapid strap connector or the tripod mount.It came loose turning from left to right when on tripod as well when screwing in the black rapid strap it turns as i try to unscrew it .I contacted the seller and they were great refunded with out question .After I explained the problem .I did not ask for another ,although I thought about it .As I was concerned it would happen again .In my opinion it is ment more for tripod and not hanging on a strap .I did find a way to use it with a regular strap .to be truthful I don’t think I can go back to holding the d3100 with out it .the ergonomics are so great .This is how used a regular strap The grip i got not only had a tripod mount but a small bar on the bottom not to unlike the area’s you put the regular strap from the manufacturer.So I put one lead on bottom and one on the side of the camera .THANK YOU Timothy Thomas ==Shop Of Choiceness