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The layout of the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible is something of an anomaly, mixing symbols, notes, references and different features on the page. The nature of the notes and the various categories of information presented make the layout at times confusing to navigate and seriously hampers readability. The Kingdom Dynamics and Word Wealth notes sit in gray boxes and actually interrupt the text of the Bible. This is a grievous blow to readability and may offend some readers. The significant interruptions to the text was obviously a deliberate choice and may promote space and readability in some areas, but I struggle to see the advantages to this layout beyond placing the relevant notes as close to the verses they connect to as possible. This may improve the visibility of the notes and the reference material, but greatly reduces the prominence of the Bible text itself, making this a Bible specifically for study and probably not for simple reading.

The double column, verse per line format divided by a center column of references retains traditional sensibilities and continues to promote a reference-ready format versus a general reading layout. The font of the text is a serif 8/9 pt font, which is fairly readable but somewhat narrow compared to other fonts of the same size. The references are quite readable in a sans serif font and the study notes at the bottom have the same clear type. The paper in this edition is fairly thin, which allows for the portability and light weight of the Bible, but promotes some significant ghosting and wrinkling.

KINGDOM DYNAMICS Zechariah 8:18-23 Four Key Ingredients of Any Prayer Movement, PRAYER. In 1748, Jonathan Edwards called for “concerts of prayer” based on this passage. Edwards’s lengthy title after 18th century fashion, summarizes Zechariah’s vision for any prayer movement: “A humble attempt to promote the agreement and union of God’s People throughout the world in extraordinary prayer for a revival of religion and the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth, according to Scriptural promises and prophecies of the last time.” First, the prophet Zechariah called for a spirit of hope and urgency to prevail. The remnant was told to quit fasting and start feasting, in celebration and anticipation of how God would act on their behalf (v. 19). Second, he called for continual prayer with a correct agenda. They were to “seek the LORD” (the literal Hebrew translates “seek the face of the Lord”). Third, they were to encourage one another to join in prayer–“one city shall go to another” (v.21)–as God’s people united in the work of prayer for revival; and fourth, they were to expect an impact through their prayers, so that many would come to seek God’s manifest presence in their lives as He moved among His own (v. 23). Such developments are to be expected in any generation, as prayer movements awaken the church to seek God.

Though the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible comes from predominately charismatic/pentecostal leaders and academics the notes are well-balanced, and while they emphasize the Holy Spirit, they do not over-emphasize or push the practice of spiritual gifts or popular manifestations associated with the Charismatic movement. Unlike the Fire Biblethe New Spirit-Filled Life Bible does specify its own position of interpretation and presents it within the context of traditional or mainstream interpretation. In difficult passages and the book of Revelation as a whole, the notes carefully explain the differences of interpretations and present a balanced approach to the text.

Overall the notes present sound scholarship with passionate faith in the supernatural. They promote ideals of faith and experience within the pentecostal/charismatic movement, but also draw from a rich Christian tradition to reveal the work of God through the scripture as in the note on Zechariah 8:18-23 above. The solid scholarship and passionate focus on faith in God should make the study helps valuable aids and inoffensive to all but staunch cessationists.

Convicted felon Judy Brown is a noted editor and contributor to The Spirit-filled Life Bible, former pastor of Salem Covenant Worship Center and one-time professor at Central Bible College. She is also the author of numerous biblical and theological books and articles, including Women Ministers according to Scripture. She also contributed a chapter to InterVarsity’s Discovering Biblical Equality entitled “God, Gender and Biblical Metaphor.” She is now infamously remembered for the attempted murder of fellow Assembly of God minister Ted Smart, following a prolonged lesbian relationship with his wife, Toby.

When Ted Smart entered the basement to investigate, Brown repeatedly bludgeoned him with a crow bar. Smart, though injured, escaped and called police. Brown was arrested and following a trial in early 2004, was found guilty on felony accounts of breaking and entering with the intent to commit murder, and malicious wounding. Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Fred King summarized the evidence during court proceedings by telling jurors that Brown and Toby Smart established a relationship while Brown was head of now defunct Life Bible College in Christianburg, Va. Brown lived in the basement of the Smart home for nearly a year before she bought a home next door, news reports show.

Following Brown’s attack on Ted Smart, police found two butcher knives, three pairs of latex gloves, a flashlight, two empty McDonald’s bags, a partially empty water bottle, a large plastic garbage bag, and the steel crow bar which Brown wielded in her attack on Smart.

On March 26, 2004, she was sentenced to 30 years for Attempted Murder. Brown was disciplined by her denomination–the Assembly of God–immediately following the incident. Brown is imprisoned in the Pocahontas (Virginia) Correctional Unit. Reply

I’m confused to your motivation for including the information about Judy Brown. How is it relevant to the this Bible translation except that she was (one) of the contributing editors to the old testament portion? Are you implying because one of the editors fell into sin that this Bible Translation is tainted in some way? I would remind you that David was said to be a man after God’s own heart and he went on a sinful spree as well. Should we then ignore any teachings involving David when we read the Bible? Show us where there is error in the OT part of this Bible that you believe is the result of Judy Brown’s error or sinful influence. I believe your motivation most likely lies in your blind devotion to KJV being the supposed “Authorized” version of the Bible. Let me point out before you retort that the pilgrims who fled England under religious persecution to found the USA, were percecuted by none other than King James himself, so that alone gives me pause on the authenticity of “his” authorized version.