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If you hate smoke this isn’t a good place for you. pictures electricity pylons The rooms are a little run down (maybe I have too high of standard). However, the food I bought here in the hotel was fantastic and high quality. The staff are incredible, so nice and kind. From the cleaning crew, front desk, bell desk to security are beyond wonderful. Their training department must be incredible or their hiring department, maybe both. They put other places I have experienced to shame. I do not gamble too much or smoke at all, I came here for work. I wouldn’t stay here on my own because of those things I do not do. The smoke is why I didn’t give it 5 stars. I recommend a visit if you want to see old style casino, enjoy good food, and wonderful staff. You can walk almost anywhere from here. The river, other casinos, downtown, etc. I did see people with families here, but it isn’t a place I would stay with children. I mean this with all respect, but so you get a visual of what I saw, the late night crowd can put that website people of Walmart to shame. gas near me prices Great for people watching if you are older or want to give your children a lesson in "what not to do". I loved it.

Worst hotel experience ever for me and the wife. We reserved a King Room, with a king bed, online, and when we arrived at the resort, we were assigned a room with 2 queen beds. The clerk at the front desk did not mention this to me at check in, just issued me a room key and sent me on my way. When we entered the room and discovered it was not a King Room, we called the front desk and the clerk at the desk tried to tell me that King Rooms do come with queen beds and I received what I reserved. After a bit of discussion, the clerk then told me the hotel was all booked up because of a sporting event and that was all they had available. Rooms are assigned on a first come first serve basis. gas monkey monster truck hellcat I was in short, told too bad, you should have gotten here earlier. The clerk would do nothing more to correct the problem. So, reservations mean nothing to this hotel, they will assign rooms to guests as they see fit. I will be sure to let my family and frinds know what a terrible experience my wife and I had at the Eldorado Resort in Reno.

I was actually staying at a neighboring casino, Circus Circus. electricity meaning This review is on Elderado’s Buffet, which I was visiting for breakfast. Their breakfast buffet is great! There are some items they make everyday, like a design-your-own omelette bar and eggs Benedict, both which I really recommend, and other items they switch in and out by the day. One morning, I found BBQ ribs to have with breakfast. There are only a couple items on the menu that I thought were less than great, likes the biscuits and gravy – the biscuit was big and fluffy, but it practically dissolved in the gravy, and the gravy didn’t have sausage in it. On Saturday and Sunday, they have champagne brunch – the same breakfast, but it charges eight dollars more for unlimited champagne and mimosas. They don’t give you a choice about opting out of the champagne brunch, so it seems like you’ll be paying more for weekend brunch, whether or not you’ll be drinking the champagne. gasbuddy va Regardless, the desert bar alone could be worth the weekday admission. Each time I’ve went, the staff have been very friendly and attentive. I will always look forward to stopping by The Buffet when I stay in Reno.

We ended up booking a last minute stay this past weekend and picked the Eldorado after comparing lodging options in Reno. The price was reasonable, and a much better option after visiting other options during our stay. It was clean, upkept, and had a lot of variety and options for entertainment. It was also very convenient that it was connected to other casinos, such as the Silver Legacy. While we did venture out to see other casinos, the Eldorado was by far a smart choice. The room was clean and had 2 double beds. Our room didn’t have any strong cigarette odors which was good since we were on a non-smoking floor, but I did notice that the other room next to ours which I booked for my in-laws had a really heavy and pungent cigarette smell. They didn’t comment on it until the next day when we were checking out but if I had known I would have asked the lobby staff to move them to another room. That being said, overall it was a pleasant stay, and I’d highly consider this location again or the Silver Legacy as it’s connected.

The casino downstairs is very well furnished; lots of brass appointments and nice decor. gas efficient cars under 15000 They have many newer games and very helpful and courteous staff. My fiance and I were taken to a show their by my grandparents, we saw Mel Brooks’ "The Producers." It was done magnificently! Excellent acting, great singing and lavish sets. Really upscale production and more than I was expecting from "The Biggest Little City on Earth!"

Lastly, I’ve dined at 3 of the restaurants there (not counting room service) and each of the meals I had at the El Dorado was phenomenal. I’ve taken several meals at the Hotel/Casino/Resort, mostly at The Roxy. They have outstanding food at great prices. My must recent meal there was their special for the night: an 18oz T-bone with all of the fixings. Would you believe that was $14.99? How about that it was actually a perfectly cooked steak, along side mashed potatoes with real gravy (not that powdered stuff) a side salad, streamed vegetables and a piece of garlic bread? It’s true! Extraordinary value!

I’ve also eaten at the buffet there, which again was an extraordinary value. They had excellent meats at the slice bar (you know, whatever you call it where they slice up the roast), great pastas and salad bars. All of that was very, very good, but where they really shined was the Mexican food! They had all kinds: tacos, tamales, camarrones and menudo! It was spectacular! To finish that off, they had a great selection of desserts, which I should add are all baked/made right there in the casino. Best if all is they had a large selection of house-made GELATO!!!

Last, but certainly not least, I had dinner at The Prime Rib Grill with a huge party of people (around 50, or so) for my grandfather’s 85th birthday celebration. grade 9 electricity unit test I had a huge filet mignon which was literally one of the best steaks I’ve had in my life! I don’t remember a lot about that meal, as we had an open bar, but that filet still stands out in my mind years later. It had a great crisp to the exterior, with an herbaceous, flavorful rub, and the inside was still perfectly rare. I don’t know for certain, but I would venture to say that it was a dry-aged, prime cut of beef that was perfectly executed. From cut, to age, to seasoning, to searing and doneness, it was absolutely a perfect cut of beef!