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skintouch: G&G is a cousin or should I say brother to all those claire products… them,sivo claire,bio claire,pea claire etc…and they are so cheap…and u knw wat,those cheap articles can only end up damaging ur skin,cos they are all made up dangerous ingredients..infact u. Will end up having the ugliest stretch marks in d whole wide world……not only dat,both green and varicose veins will emerge from no where…,and also different colorations.u’ll end up hating urself….could remember years back wen I went to my uncle’s place,her adjacent neighbour,a lady,was using those disgusting products and she irritates……and so many oncoming girls use it without knowing their consequencies… pls,4get about those products…..I still insist,G&G or watever its called is one of them,that’s if its not their landlord…….hahahahahaha…believe me its no joke…..if u need to work on ur skin naturally,I have a skin doc,ever green,he can handle ur case,…..and pls people always base on products dat is made of herbal,its more of natural than G&G brother stuff……..the review on the lotion pure skin is dat,I’dnt really like cote Di’voire products,they are more of bleaching,try indian stuffs,they mainly base on herbal and they are natural too….thank u my people…..I love u all….some day wen I become the president of this country,I’ll treat all of u well….one peace,one love,one nation……

One thing you fail to know is that GnG is all natural, at least the one I buy from Paks Cosmetics, uk. Like other products, there maybe products made for other markets that may contain HQ or Roids and u may have used one of them ones. Ask greenfriend. For example, I use fair and white with vit c in my natural mix. I get a glow when it’s the UK brand (it’s got KA). But if I try it with naija own, I will whiten in days and darken in the next week, not forgetting the dark knuckles. That’s cos of the HQ, plus sensitivity to sun. Let’s read the content of what we put on our skins first.

Another example is dis. when I was using QEI+, I bought it directly from the distributor in London. QEI+ is all natural, but in nigerian markets, the QEI+ contains traces of HQ; it may be pirated, or just for foreign markets like Nigeria. Albeit, the QEI+ I got here, plus the serums I downed into my mix, gave me green veins. That’s a clear issue of SKIN THINNING. Certainly from excessive exfoliation and overload of lighteners. What did I do? I discontinued use. But that’s not to say QEI+ is a scare or to warn people against it. I’ve just learned that if I gotta use it again, I won’t mix up to 4 serums to 250g again.

I took time & efforts to understand & surmount the challenges of the NIGERIAN skin care/beauty sector/market. Hence, I will give U all periodic reviews and revelations. For all those in the South East and South South, ButterGrey can satisfy U adequately (most of my clients report that they are cool and ok with her). For those in Lagos, South West, the North and Abroad, meet me on Whatsapp so that we can discuss how 2 help U with tips, locations and prices.

Welcome. Hit me on my no or Facebook ID. Also, the Carotein gel cream (not Intensive Toning Gel pls; this info is 4 the newbies) works ALONE. There have been misconceptions that U need most/all of a beauty brands to attain results. The serum will enhance the results and I emphasize applying it SEPARATELY (I mean layering of products from the thinnest to the thickest). Serums are the active ingredients of any brand (they are easily absorbed and more concentrated, not ‘heavy’ as U said though I understand ur expression/intent)

In all honest, my team ran some physical & chemical tests on G&G products (I am a licensed medical doctor in case U are wondering/perplexed) and the conclusion is that the G&G teinte uniform jar (with a pink lid/cover) is ok (has fruit/natural acids e.g Kojic Acid) while the one with a RED lid has Steroids. I will stop at that. Then, Pure Skin and other products from Cote d’Ivoire (everyone should check his product before buying/usage) are what I can’t vouch for because the skin care stakeholders there are dubious and full of crap

Greenfriend: demmyluv90, get Carotein lightening & fading gel cream. U can also get the Carotein serum (the original is scarce for now though I haven’t contacted the distributor for some time) or White Express 5 days serum for faster effect. U need 2 be patient

blessedfavoured, Cod Liver Oil capsules is golden when it comes 2 recurrent pimples. U can add Asantee Tamarind & Goat Milk soap to ur regime. It will help in combating the break-outs/pimples and exfoliating U as a cheaper alternative to the costly Amlactin

Chinny702, get Carotein Lightening & Fading Gel Cream (not the Intensive Toning Gel pls). QEI+ never endorsed or authorized the manufacturing of all these shower creams (liquid soaps or baths) bearing their trademark. Google their site: to confirm what I said

I said that, and I remember adding "just incase they have started making imitations". Just as you know that QEI+ makes no bath lightening liquids, yet it’s in circulation back at Nigeria, same way Carotein may be faked and include HQ and the next thing they’ll compare it to is maxi white serum that has both KA version and HQ version.