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Two years ago RHP gave us as a neighbour a drug dealing heroin addict. Since then we have had to endure numerous police raids, drug dealing in the communal stairwell & car park at all hours, fighting in the communal stairwell, police searching for wanted criminals & abuse to other neighbours. This has led to my wife being prescribed anti depressants & fearful to go out on her own. We have submitted RHP`s pathetic nuisance diaries, at their request but, have now been told by them that we should have informed the police about every incident, which was not mentioned when all this began. They even lost 3 months of another neighbours complaints & turned me away when i requested to speak to someone in person at their offices. I have now been forced to pass all correspondance to the Housing Ombudsman, police & spoken to Vince Cable MP in the hope of some resolution. RHP say that they have a duty of care but, this only seems to apply to those people causing the problems & not to law abiding, hard working people who want a quiet life. As i was informed by an RHP employee, `as long as they are getting their rent they just don`t care`. They are a joke.

Very very disappointed, frustrated with their service and the way my problem has been handled. My boiler broke down 10 days ago and they sent an engineer out who said a part needed to be ordered. I was told they need at least 48hrs to get the new part. No heating No water. I was supplied with fan heaters to use until they fix the boiler, for the hot water they said l can use my immersion emergency tank which was not working. An electrician came 3 times to sort it out and it would work briefly and stops working. Been on the phone and their live chat all week to see if anything can be done quicker kept being informed that they are waiting for the part and once they get it they will come and fix the boiler. My boiler broke down on the 27th of Feb and the appointment to fix it was booked for the 9th of March. Come the 9th the day they were suppose to come no one turned up at the scheduled time l enquired via their web chat and l was informed that the engineer will be at my house shortly waited and waited after 1and half hours called the office to find out where the engineer was. The lady on the phone told me that the part was still not available. I was really shocked and angry to say the least. After having to wait 10 days for my boiler to be fixed am being told this! When the temperatures were at the freezing point last week l had to use those fan heaters which are just a temporary measure and energy draining. Have not had hot water for days. I have to young children. I feel l have been let down big time by your service and lied to, definitely something is not right. Miscommunication between your departments,seems no one has got a clue on whats going on getting mixed messages each time l call. Its now the 11th day the boiler has not been fixed no hot water no heating still using the fan heaters.

The worst customer service u have ever experienced. The waste pipe has been blocked since last week resulting in my kitchen being flooded several times, my kitchen sink is blocked . So is my neighbours nx door and he has also been flooded. The black putrid water that has been flooding my kitchen is disgusting and god knows what it is, probably sewage. The health risk are concerning to say the least. On top of that my washing machine can no longer be used as water has got to the socket and is causing the fuse to blow in the kitchen if I try and turn it on. An electrician from RHP came today and has confirmed this. I have made numerous calls to the RHP repairs and out of services number and have been waiting since last Friday for this to be resolved, I waited an hour and a half on sat morning for someone to answer the phone .They said they would treat it as a matter of urgency and would send someone round and I waited in all day and no one came. I made a call on Sunday and again no one turned up and today I called at 08.45 and was again told it would be treated as a matter of urgency. It is now 19.54 and I Have had another leak and still no one has come. I Have been fobbed off and waited in all day for someone to come and yet another day wasted. My neighbours have also made calls and complaints and they to have been sitting in and waiting for someone to come. Also as a result of the leakage the women down stairs has water leaking into her kitchen and yet RHP have done nothing. When will they repair this problem and who is going to replace my washing machine and kitchen flooring!!

We waited over 10 days for our boiler to be fixed. We had no heating or hot water or cooking facilities. RHP kept saying they were waiting for a part. I explained that my mum is 80 and vulnerable and that I was sick too but they said that it was not classed as an emergency. No offer of heaters!! I had to go out and by some. Very nice gas man eventually came out and fixed the boiler. He told me that it’s due to the fact that there is no staff as they are a terriable company to work for. They dont care about their staff or the tennents. There were 10 gas fitters but now there was 4. I thought that our experience was bad but I read in the Richmond and Twickenham times that some woman had waited 3 months. It seems the ‘waiting for a part’ is a familiar story has I have heard this off of several people who have been told this by RHP. My opinion is that they treat their Tenants with contempt.

I also wanted to add a point about the fact that you also have to report all repairs through the online service. I tried to explain that my mum is 80 and she’s never had a computer/I pad. The unhelpful woman on customer services informed me that my mum could come in and learn out to use the iPad with a view to using it to report repairs! I explained that she can hardly see – she still stuck to her guns!! It was like talking to a robot! I find that I spend more time trying to report a repair by explaining it to the customers services than when I did when when I could just ring up. It’s a load of rubbish when they say more people are happy with the online service than ever! What a load of rubbish and the reviews here just confirm that it is a rubbish service!!