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Nathan has focused exclusively on assessment and has advised multiple states, including Delaware, Louisiana, and Nebraska, on the design of their statewide science assessments, supported gas efficient cars under 5000 state decision makers through multiple activities in partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers as they work to address the NGSS, and co-lead an ongoing series of professional development workshops in Alabama on behalf of the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative .

Her research areas include science education, language and culture, and teacher education. She is currently leading collaborative research between New York University and Stanford University to develop NGSS-aligned instructional materials in order to promote science and language learning of elementary students including English learners. She is also leading collaborative research electricity distribution map with MIT and Vanderbilt University to integrate computational thinking and modeling in NGSS-aligned instructional materials. She was a member of the NGSS writing team and served as leader for the NGSS Diversity and Equity Team. She was also a member of the Steering Committee for the Understanding Language Initiative at Stanford Univ ersity. She was a 2009 Fellow of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), received the Distinguished Career electricity production in the us Contribution Award from the AERA Scholars electricity production in india of Color in Education in 2003, and was awarded a 1993-95 National Academy of Education Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Katherine McNeill is an associate professor of science education at Boston College. Dr. Kate McNeill’s research focuses on helping students with diverse backgrounds learn scientific practices, such as explanation and argumentation. Science is not about discovering or memorizing facts; rather it is about constructing arguments and considering and debating multiple explanations for phenomena. Argumentation and explanation have become increasingly prevalent as essential goals for science education in which students need to support claims using appropriate evidence and reasoning gas chamber as well as consider and be critical of alternative explanations. Her research has included the development and use of the claim, evidence and reasoning (CER) framework to support students in these practices. In addition, she has authored several books aimed at supporting teachers using scientific argumentation in their classrooms. She has also conducted numerous workshops at the annual meeting electricity load profile of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and for school districts including the Detroit Public Schools and the Boston Public Schools.

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