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Koonce said in February 2012 Dominion made the announcement to invest more than a billion dollars in Brunswick County for a power station that could help meet the needs of Dominion’s customers gas national average for at least two generations. He thanked all of the parties involved with the project. Koonce said the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget, “a testament to all of you here today. We sincerely appreciate your long days and nights and your hard work and support on behalf of the Brunswick County Power Station.”

Koonce said in just 50 months a rendering became a reality with the facility generating electricity nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for more than 330,000 homes and businesses gas in back relief across Dominion’s service area. He thanked the public for tolerating the noise, trucks and that temporary, inconvenient traffic light on U.S. 58, not to mention the thousands of workers who came to the county to build the facility.

Koonce said the reward is more than 40 full-time employees who will run the facility with an annual payroll of nearly $8 million, the largest ever investment in Brunswick County with an annual tax revenue of $5 million, which will support critical services such as public safety and schools, and more than $800 million in economic benefits ag gaston birmingham for the Commonwealth of Virginia. He said there would be fuel savings of a billion dollars or more over the plant’s lifetime — all savings for Dominion’s customers. Supervisor Bernard Jones Sr. said job creation, new industries and a growing tax base are primary goals of the Brunswick County Board of Supervisors.

“Standing here today I can proudly say that due to Brunswick County’s partnership with Dominion Virginia Power, you electricity examples have significantly aided us in accomplishing our goals,” Jones said. “Because the Brunswick County Power Station is here in our community, we are excited about future economic development opportunities to occur along the Highway 58 corridor. The possibilities are endless.”

Jones said Brunswick County and Dominion have had an incredible journey together: spring 2011 – meeting with the IDA and county administration, October 2011 – meeting with the planning commission and the board of supervisors, February 28, 2012 – Gov. McDonnell’s announcement, March 27, 2012 – Brunswick County and the IDA welcome Dominion, April 23, 2013 – State c gastritis der antrumschleimhaut Corporation Commission hearing, and many other meetings to get to the dedication.

“Throughout our journey you have been incredible to work with and we look forward to our continued partnership. I also want to thank Gov. McAuliffe, Sen. Ruff, Del. Tyler, other state officials, Congressman Hurt and Sen. Kaine, the board of supervisors, county administrator and staff, the IDA, the IDA executive director, the Town of Lawrenceville and Fluor for your partnership to make this history-making project a reality. Thank you,” Jones said.

County Administrator Charlette Woolridge said the possibility of Dominion Virginia Power choosing Brunswick County for c gastronomie plateaux repas the project began in the spring of 2011. She said she and Joan Moore, executive director of the IDA, met with Dan Poteet with Dominion stressing the importance of honoring Dominion’s request for confidentiality. Woolridge said one of the components was for the county to be able to provide water for the project and Woolridge shared a humorous story.

“Dan, Joan and I drove to the Meherrin Rover so that he could see the water source. Dan drove us as close as possible to the edge of the river, which is situated on a high incline. Needless to say Joan what is electricity was applying the brakes from the passenger’s seat, and I was applying the brakes from the back seat. For Dan it was par for the course. To Joan and I it looked as if Dan was going to drive us into the river to get a firsthand view of the water source, but to Dan, he had everything under control. Afterwards, we had a good laugh,” Woolridge said.

“We are pleased with the many significant benefits of this plant. It has provided job opportunities for our citizens, resulted in the upgrade hp gas online booking phone number of our natural gas and water infrastructure and will provide significant tax revenues that will enable us to continue to provide valuable public services to our citizens, and there are many more. You see, having this plant in Brunswick electricity generation by source by country County is vital to our community,” Woolridge stated.

utive director, said she agreed with what the other speakers said referring to expressing appreciation to the many people involved in bringing the project to Brunswick County. She said she received a call from Dan Poteet late in the afternoon on March 29, 2011, inquiring about locating the project in Brunswick County. She said the Dominion team has been great to work with agreeing with Dr. Woolridge on the trip to the Meherrin River. Moore said there was a spirit of cooperation as Brunswick County competed with Chesterfield gas x ultra strength during pregnancy County for the project. She thanked Sen. Ruff and the Tobacco Commission for supporting the project as well as Del. Tyler. Moore said bringing natural gas to the county is critical to attracting new industry.

Anne Healy Jones, Office of the Governor, Policy Director, said she was pleased to be at the opening of the Brunswick County Power Station. She said Gov. McAuliffe electricity and circuits class 6 cbse works night and day to grow the new Virginia economy and projects like this help him recruit new companies to the area. Jones said a reliable energy source is imperative in furthering economic development and building communities. She applauded the public/private partnership and thanked Dominion for choosing Brunswick County. Jones said administration hopes to see other projects like this around the state.