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Highly recommended bike tour down the famous Death Road in Bolivia! I was electricity and magnetism review sheet surprised this was the cheapest option available, but opted for them because they go in small groups unlike many other companies. We were 8 people in the group and I really felt safe because the guides pay attention to each of you, give you recommendations and warn you of dangerous spots during the ride, all you have to do is listen to them and you know you’ll be ok. They have new, really good bikes and protective equipment and our guide Marcelo was really helpful and informative during the ride. I really recommend this activity to everybody who loves outdoors and adventure. Other than my visit to Salar the Uyuni, this was definitely the highlight of my trip to Bolivia. You have to be fairly fit and strong to be able to make it down the road without slowing down the group, it’s a pretty physical activity and could get dangerous if you can’t control your bike or have vertigo, but if you’re down for some adventure and fun, please consider doing it with the guys from Ride On.

Before you continue reading just for one moment throw aside the stigma that in Bolivia if it is cheaper electricity and magnetism physics definition then surely there must be something wrong with it??? Well my answer to this is NO! The reason these guys have a remarkable 5 star rating, is because, well they are the best! The biggest mistake you could make in going down death road is to not pick Ride On as your tour company. These guys know what they are doing, and they are doing it so damn well. So why so cheap? I’m going to put it down to the fact that everyone is La Paz is getting ripped off with this dual suspension bike myth. Just so you know when undertaking an activity such as downhill mountain biking (on a road not a trail) it isn’t actually necessary for you to have dual suspension, as the front fork is taking most of the brunt of the weight. So if you go with the more expensive companies offering this, well they are ‘taking you for a ride’ (pun intended). So why Ride On? – They z gas el salvador are a new and young company (less than a year old) but have plenty experience from working with other Death Road companies in the past. Trust me these guys have done it all, and know what they are doing. – Their bikes are well maintained, brakes are continually gas in dogs stomach checked before and during the trip, support vans drive behind you if you need to fix a flat or change your gear, and mechanics are part of the team. – Safety is of strict importance to them! This was the only group that I saw have full equipment such as: full face helmets, elbow guards, knee guards, pants, jackets, shirts and gloves (plus it’s a snazzy fluro which is awesome). These guys ensure to the highest degree that you are always safe and if in the event of an accident will have good protection. (Should I mention that I saw one of the more expensive companies riding down in nothing more than shorts, a singlet and what looked like a Tupperware container on their head as a helmet). – They are fun and want you to enjoy your trip. The guides we had Damien and Victor were both legends, and spoke immaculate English. They were very experienced riders and full of great info for the trip down. They also check up constantly if anyone is feeling unsafe, worried or exhausted. As well they make sure you get plenty of really cool photos individually and as a group. I cannot speak highly enough of their energy, enthusiasm and interest in making this the best day for grade 9 electricity questions you. – The food was great! Given breakfast and a buffet lunch both meals were great! Some of us even joked that the banana bread we got in our breakfast pack was worth the Bolivianos electricity production by source we spent on the whole trip! I’m pretty sure they are the only group also who offers breakfast. – They are the absolute definition of value for for money. At 450 Bolivianos, booked at Loki travel agency these guys give you everything the expensive companies have and more and it is still amazingly cheaper! This is why they have such an amazing rating on trip advisor! – Shirt, DVD and photos included on the trip. – Post trip you go to an awesome hostel with a huge pool, beers, showers, towels, soap and food. – If you are an experienced mountain biker ask ask about the bonus trail at the end and you might be able to give it a go. I cannot recommend this company highly enough and I only hope they do awesome business in the future gas utility boston and stay true to us, the customer. Thanks Ride On!

We had an excellent day at the Death Road with Ride On. Our guides Marcelo and Victor, along with the driver Hugo, really made our day the best possible. Starting with great breakfast served in lunch boxes including homemade banana cake (yummy!) and specially for us made vegetarian sandwiches, with coca tea and coffee. The next good thing were the warm blankets on every seat, especially in the evening when we returned to La Paz. The gear and the bikes were in immaculate condition. You really only need front suspension for the Yungas road, forget about the companies advertising with full suspension. Also what we really appreciated were the full face helmets – there’s nothing like having your own grade 9 electricity formulas set of teeth in case things go bad. We had 8 people in our group with 2 guides which in our opinion was much, much better than the giant groups of other companies. Marcelo and Victor guided us through the road excellently, catering possibility for a faster ride for those who wanted that, still looking after the more careful riders in the back. We had plenty of stops for rest and for making photos. They also supplied us with drinks during the ride. After finishing the road and optional trail riding, we got the cool T-shirts and had a buffet lunch and a dip in a pool at a nearby hostel, which nicely finished the already great day. The next morning we picked up a DVD with the photos the guides made during the day – for free! Keep going like this Ride On!

Can not rate this high enough, please read my review. I was sceptical choosing Ride On as they’re a relatively new company, but they were pretty much half the price of the other tours so that initially won me over. Additionally the staff used to work gas and electric nyc for the most expensive tour group, so are just setting up on there own. The tour leader started having a laugh with us from the moment we met in the hostel grade 6 science electricity unit test lobby. This continued until we were dropped off in the evening- we were all by that point. Arriving at the start point seeing the other companies bikes area were much better and relatively new. Regular stopping points, I was quite fortunate all of our group were fit and at the same level. The pictures you do are the same with all the companies, which are brilliant. They then add you to a shared Dropbox folder the day after. I don’t normally review tours, purely out of laziness but I’ll make an exception here. Even if it is three months later. My friends that were also travelling to Boliva I have recommended this company.