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Hi! I had the same problem I say almost a year ago. But it is completely gone now.We may have different problems diagnosis but I would like to share with you and to all who have similar problems what my experience was. First, it was just a little pain that I did not think about it much. Then it became more painful everyday.It was only my right breast. It seems like underneath the breast. I let it go for a while hoping it will disappear but instead it was getting worst.The pain started creeping gradually everyday to the other breast, then to my shoulders then all the way to my back that I started getting scared. It became harder for me to go to sleep.I was so painful that every little movement in bed I can’t do anymore.I cried a lot at night. I had to put pillows to my left and right side but it did not help.I tried to massage myself and sometimes I let my husband massage me but nothing help. I was still hoping it will go away that I still did not go see a doctor. Until one day while at work, I had a conversation with a friend that we laughed and I felt pain under my breast. I realized I cannot even laugh anymore. So, I told my husband that I need to see a massage therapist as my first priority. But my husband said I should see a doctor first. So I did see a general practitioner. The doctor did not do any lab test. She just checked my breast and told me there is nothing wrong with me. She did not tell me to go see another doctor and no advice either . No prescription given.So I told her what should I do but she said nothing to worry I don’t have to do anything. I thought that was weard because I have all these pain. So I asked if it is ok to see a massage therapist and she said I can. It might help. But it was my opinion not hers. So I went to see a massage therapist. She massaged me, where the pain was all the way to the back. She told me to relax my body for a week. I did just a very light chores for a week. I noticed a big difference the pain started going away. Until now it is completely gone. Every pain might have a different cause so always see your doctor first because what I did might not work for you.

It sounds to me as though you are suffering from a rib being displaced. Ribs can be moved out of their correct position by falling, getting "jerked" (by a dog pulling suddenly on his leash, for example), or sometimes a even an ill-fitting bra. If you have a back injury, it can also be caused by the muscle spasms you can get as a result.

Chiropractic adjustment and massage will probably do wonders for you. Subluxated ribs are recognized by chiropractors to be a source of great pain in their patients. The pain is often described as a stabbing, sharp pain that takes your breath, to an irritating constant ache. Sometimes, it has even been known to mimic a heart attack. So, I would suggest you call up a local chiropractor and make an appointment. Most can even do an x-ray or ultrasound to make sure you don’t have any broken bones or torn muscles. Laser therapy is also wonderful for pain management, and is becoming much more commonplace and affordable than in the past.

It may take a couple adjustments to make the pain go away completely, but you should see relief pretty much immediately. This is something I have struggled with myself, and I find that chiropractic care works best. The idea is to get to the root of your pain and correct it. I hope this helps you!

10 years ago, I was awoken from a deep sleep with what felt like a broken rib, right under my right breast. I thought maybe I had just slept funny (we were on vacation, so not my normal bed) and I rolled over and went back to sleep. I was woken up 4 more times during the night.

The next three days goes by and we drive back home. I am still having this pain (SEVERE PAIN, Taking a deep breath would bring me to my knees, holding my breath, I’d have no pain). I decide it’s time to go to my doctor. He does a quick Xray in the office and tells me I have pneumonia…..well, I thought this was kind of odd as it was the middle of July! But, hey, he’s the doc, right?

Two days later, I was walking from my bedroom to the kitchen and collapsed….911 was called and I was immediately taken to the ER only to find out I had a Pulmonary Embolism also called a PE or Blood Clot in Lung, the size of a softball! I was in ICU for about a week, regular hospital for a week and have life long pain ever since! I’ve had 3 additional PE’s and have such severe scarring in my lungs that the inner/outer linings of my lung have fused together!

For me, all of my PE’s have formed in my heart. Unfortunately, they cannot put a filter in the heart to ensure no clots pass through. However, the majority of clots form in your legs. Typically in a deep vein. If this is the case, your leg may swell and it may be painful. If you do develop clots in the legs, they can put a filter in your deep vein to keep clots out of your heart that will either go to your lung or your brain (in which case you stroke out).