Rightleder was invited to share first overseas epc seawater desalination project contracted by chinese private enterprise electricity cost per kwh south africa


On November 30, the 3-day (28-30 November) seawater desalination technology on-site exchange meeting of industrial park was successfully ended in Cangzhou, Hebei province. gas 78 It is a high-end seawater desalination exchange and cooperation platform jointly established by water-saving and water treatment branch of China Industrial Energy Conservation and Clean Production Association China association and Harbin Firstline Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. m gasol nba Mr. power energy definition Su Zhongmin, Vice President of Rightleder·Environmental, was invited to participate in the on-site exchange meeting of seawater desalination technology with the" First Overseas EPC Seawater Desalination Project Contracted by Chinese Private Enterprise", and shared the cases with many "Big Names" in the industry.

The on-site exchange meeting of seawater desalination technology of industrial park is a high-level ideological "Feast", which brings people from all walks of life, including industry, learning, research and application. 76 gas credit card account login A number of conferences with distinctive themes and wonderful keynote speeches jointly discussed the new challenges and opportunities faced by the seawater desalination industry and explored a new way for the seawater desalination development. gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings Among them, the exchange meeting also set up a series of concurrent activities such as cases sharing and achievement display.

Among many cases sharing, Rightleder·Environmental was as the keynote speaker, who shared the implementation of the first overseas EPC seawater desalination project contracted by Chinese private enterprise. The seawater desalination project in Falcon State of Venezuela built by Rightleder·Environmental is the first EPC seawater desalination project contracted by Chinese private enterprise. The project includes the construction of desalination plant, equipment procurement, installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance of seawater desalination plant. The seawater desalination technology provided by Rightleder·Environmental adopted the membrane method. On the side of seawater (raw water), the greater pressure than osmotic pressure is applied, and the water molecules in raw water are pressed to the other side of the membrane to produce clean water, so as to achieve the purpose of desalination. By virtue of more than ten years of research & development and project experience in the field of seawater desalination technology, several customized schemes were prepared based on the characteristics of regional raw water quality, the required treatment capacity and the actual situation of the project in Venezuela.

The "Heart-winning Project" of Rightleder·Environmental, not only solves the drinking water quality and quantity problems for the Venezuelan people, while satisfying the private water requirements used in the agricultural irrigation, food, beverage, ice making, fundamentally solved the negative impacts caused by water scarcity, and truly brought the welfare for the Venezuelan residents!

The seawater desalination technology on-site exchange meeting of industrial park in 2018 was not only a deepening discussion on the achievements of seawater desalination technology, but also a diagnose for the trend of future industrial chain. eseva electricity bill payment Rightleder·Environmental is willing to share the experience and technology on such a high-end platform, and seek the balance in development together with like-minded partners in the industry, as well as working together towards a new future of seawater desalination in the balance!