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Ringo throughout all appearances is a young girl with green eyes and red hair with two ponytail curls. Her hair is decorated with a green Puyo clip on her right bang, which on occasion changes expressions. Her appearance changes between games, but her gas or electricity more expensive most common attire is a yellow sweater vest and a white shirt decorated with a short tie, red skirt with white rims, a red and green wristband, blue thigh high socks, and red and white boots or high-tops. In Puyo Puyo 7, she had the school blazer instead of the vest; and in Puyo Puyo Tetris, she wore a gray sweater with a yellow diamond trim and loose white socks.

Ringo is the most logical headed of all the characters, trying to think of solutions to problems and likewise tends to be curious grade 9 electricity unit review about learning and experimenting. Once even in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, she questions why Puyo pop when you connect 4. Because she’s the one that normally points out the holes in logic, she tends to get angry or terrified when she quickly realizes things aren’t right, or don’t have a scientific explaination. Again, this goes as far as even questioning the very nature of the Puyo Puyo series itself, like why characters resolve everything with a Puyo Puyo match. Her smarts even occasionally causes a quirk where circle k gas station locations she replaces certain words with math terminology. However she can have a cheery disposition otherwise, even occasionally singing blissfully.

In her childhood electricity production by state days, she developed an immense fear of ghosts from listening to her grandmother’s ghost stories. To her, she believes they’re too unscientific to understand, further amplifying her fear of them. (She is also afraid of Yu and Rei, because they are indeed ghosts.) The mere presence of them is enough to make her scream in terror.

Notably she initially lacked the ability to use magic due to being a normal student, but after being exposed to the mysterious light she learned how to use magic from playing Puyo. Even then she’s not gas near me app as versatile as some characters, mainly focusing on electric magic. Her spells are Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Integral, and Permutation (the latter two spells are replaced by Algorithm and Calculus in the Puyo Puyo Tetris English dub), all of which reference mathematical concepts. Integral/Algorithm is represented by Ringo using a math book as a weapon, and Permutation/Calculus is a move that is similar to the electricity distribution network Bayoen technique used by Arle, though whether or not it has paralysis or emotion-rending abilities is unknown.

Ringo is one of the 24 playable characters of Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, with her story featuring as the first route. Her story begins with Ringo along with Maguro and Risukuma in their physics clubroom. Ringo is doing an experiment to test how exactly Puyos disappear when electricity usage by appliance four of the same color come together. She notices bubbling flasks on the table and asks Risukuma what those are for. Risukuma explains that he is in the middle of a very dangerous experiment that will explode if it fails, so they have to be careful. Right after, it does exactly that.

Ringo’s second opponents are Yu and Rei. Ringo finds them while wandering around in a graveyard. Yu is excited to have static electricity human body causes someone to scare, and cheerfully tells Ringo that she will be cursed. Ringo is at first confused, and asks if they are ghosts. Upon their confirmation, Ringo screams that she is afraid of unscientific things. To keep them from coming closer, Ringo beats them at a Puyo match and then runs away.

Ringo’s fourth opponent is Lemres, who appears in front of them when he hears that Ringo is hungry. Lemres offers Ringo candy, but she finds him suspicious. Amitie asks Lemres if he’s seen Maguro and Risukuma, and Lemres confirms that he has, but he will not tell them where unless they take his candy or beat him at a Puyo match. Ringo jumps into battle, completely ignoring Lemres’ candy-taking statement. Afterwards, Lemres tells them that he saw Maguro near the ocean. Ringo says electricity year invented Thanks, super suspicious guy! and heads off with Amitie, leaving Lemres confused.

Ringo’s fifth c gastronomie opponent is Maguro. Ringo and Maguro are relieved to be reunited, and have a Puyo match to convey their feelings (much to Amitie’s confusion). Ringo asks if Maguro is with Risukuma. Maguro says he is not, but he heard shouting in a certain direction likely to be Risukuma. Ringo is certain the peculiar noises are Risukuma, and they go together to check it out.

Ringo’s sixth opponent is Risukuma, who is still shouting. Ringo is excited to see him, but Risukuma is in the middle of destroying things. When Ringo asks him why he is angry, Risukuma states that it is because he felt hopeless at getting completely lost. In order to calm him down, Ringo challenges him to a Puyo match. Afterwards, with the three friends finally reunited, Ringo gas in back trapped begins to think about how they can return to their original world. Amitie suggests going to see Arle, who, coincidentally, also came from somewhere.

Ringo’s seventh opponent is Arle. Arle says that she thought she saw someone like Ecolo drifting around just now, and gas 78 industries if Ringo is in Primp Town then it must have been Ecolo. Arle then begins to worry that Ringo may be possessed by Ecolo. To prove that she is not, Ringo challenges Arle to a Puyo match. Afterwards, she asks Arle to guide everyone to Ecolo.

Ringo’s eighth and final opponent is Ecolo. Ringo immediately accuses Ecolo of being up to no good, but soon realizes that Ecolo has lost their memory. All Ecolo remembers is that puyo battles are fun, and they ask Ringo to play one with them. Afterwards, Ecolo wanders off happily, but Ringo is uneasy. Amitie suggests that Ringo stays in Primp Town a little longer, since Ringo is worried about Ecolo and Arle does not know how to return to her previous world npower electricity power cut either. Ringo, Maguro, and Risukuma decide that they’ll stay and think carefully about how to get back home.