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There I lay, in the still of the morning. Darkness still around me with a little sunlight filtering in. Under the warm and snuggly electric blanket my alarm screams in the silence. harry mileaf electricity 1 7 pdf Wake up! Rise and shine! I lay there after hitting the snooze button wondering if there’s any chance in hell that I can just somehow stay in this warm taco for the day. chapter 7 electricity test Yes, taco, because I’m sunken in surrounded by warm soft blankets and a poofy pillow – like a little taco. How is that right that someone in such a comfy state should be awoken by such an ugly alarm, a reminder of all things that need to be done this day?

The thought lingers, how am I possibly going to be able to stay here a little bit longer, all day would be the ultimate goal. I have my two loves resting close next to me; my two Dachshunds. Just every bit as comfortable and content as I am. z gas el salvador numero de telefono I love them so much, I don’t want to leave them! I’m now on my right side with my eyes opened contemplating how I can get “out” of my obligations for the day, including but not limited to going to work. A long day at the office is awaiting me and I’m having none of it at the moment.

A hot cuppa java seeps into my mind, a lazy smile covers my face as I know it’s time to get up. My mouth is watering at the prospect. That and a cigarette and I’ll be all alone in my own world with my thoughts for just a brief respite. npower gas price reduction Up and Adam, I say to myself but it’s cold outside the covers and I shudder. Damn, why does this have to be such a challenge every single day. Onto the cold tile of the bathroom I run my hot shower. The whole time salivating at the prospect of my first coffee. electricity experiments elementary school Out of the shower to style my hair and I head outside to my little “coffee nook” outside where I sit and ponder the multitude of things I have to accomplish. electricity usage by appliance Ahhhh, nothing like that first cup in the morning.

Back inside where I do my make-up, a light look that only takes 15 minutes. I enjoy good music playing on the Sonos my son got me for Christmas and drink my second cuppa joe. I have long since snapped out of the notion that I can somehow escape the days events. I have put on my big girl panties and head out the door for work. Oh, but to be back in that bed again. What I wouldn’t give.

Definition: a soft lustrous wool fabric with mohair, alpaca, or camel’s hair. Though zibeline is woven from the hair of alpacas, camels, or Angora goats, its name actually traces back to a Slavic word for the sable, a small mammal related to the weasel. The Slavic term was adopted into Old Italian, and from there it passed to Middle French, then on to English in the late 1500s. tgas advisors English zibeline originally referred to the sable or its fur, but in the 19th century it developed a second sense, applying to a soft, smooth, slightly furry material woven from a mixture of animal hairs. It’s especially suited to women’s suits and coats, or, as a fashion columnist in the December 6, 1894 issue of Vogue observed, “Zibeline … makes an exceedingly pretty, warm theatre cloak, not too fine to be crushed into the small one-chair space.”

“It’s a simple, elegant design: high-collar, buttons, long sleeves, with lace and a sheer bodice. Its fabric catches the light very delicately—Bridges found the thick zibeline in London.” — Hunter Harris, Vulture, 5 Jan. 2018″The second gown is a more structured design of either silk zibeline or silk taffeta, with hand-embroidered silk thread and Swarovski crystals in three different sizes.” — Joyce Chen, The Knot, 7 May 2018