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US Hwy 101 and California Highway 1 diverge in San Luis Obispo. Going north, you’ll pass the entrance to California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) and soon drive out of town. About 10 miles from where you left US Hwy 101, the road meets the coast near Morro Bay.

North of Morro Bay, the highway runs close to water. The dark-colored patches in the water are the canopy of an underwater kelp forest. Individual kelp fronds grow more than 100 feet (31 meters) long and as fast as 2 feet (0.75 meters) in a single day. Sea otters find food in the kelp and wrap themselves in the fronds when they sleep. Points of Interest and Side Trips

Cayucos ★★★★: One of California’s cutest little beach towns, a bit old-fashioned, with a nice pier and beach and a fabulous restaurant (Hoppe’s Bistro). Even if you don’t stop, it’s worth a driving detour. Exit at Ocean Avenue, the town’s main street which intersects the highway on both its north and south ends.

Cambria ★★★☆: Pronounced cam BREE uh, its the most sophisticated of the area towns, with lots of art galleries, bed and breakfast inns and lodging strung along a pretty coastal road, good for an overnight stop or a day’s visit. You’ll find another short but scenic side drive north of town, along Moonstone Beach Drive.

If you’re lucky, you may see one of the oddest sights I’ve experienced in this part of California—a herd of zebras grazing alongside the highway. We found the descendants of animals brought to California for William Randolph Hearst’s personal zoo near call box number 1-538 just south of San Simeon, but it’s easy to know they’re around because of the cars parked beside the road and people out photographing them.

The road stays in trees for a while north of Big Sur, then emerges from the forest, continuing inland a short distance north of the town of Big Sur before returning to the sea. The landscape is different than it is further south, with the road running closer to the water, its sides lined with red ice plant and yellow-blooming fennel. Points of Interest

Bir Sur River Vista Point ★★★★: It’s one of the imponderables of traveling in California, but if the sign says it’s a "vista point," you can be 99% sure it doesn’t have much of a view. Instead of stopping at the marked spots, try a couple of our favorites. Between … MORE miles 55 and 56 it’s particularly scenic: the beach widens as a stream cuts it way through the sand toward the ocean, curving around a big rock that seems determined to stop its progress.

Vista Point ★★★★: For one of the best views between Monterey and Big Sur, stop in the paved parking area on the ocean side of the highway between miles 58 and 59, where you’ll find a spectacular scene of jagged coastline and crashing waves. If you’re driving north, resist the urge to pull off in the unpaved area you’ll reach first – the best views are blocked from there.

Bixby Bridge ★★★☆: You can’t avoid the Bixby Bridge, the arched span you’ve no doubt seen in countless automobile advertisements. The best place to stop and get a look or snap a picture is in the parking area just north of it. It’s between mile markers 59 and 60. Primary Needs

Between Monterey and Santa Cruz, the climate is just right for growing artichokes, strawberries, lettuce and more crops of all kinds. The artichokes are the big, silvery-spiky-leafed plants, bearing their produce atop tall stems. If you see lots of plastic covering the ground, it’s strawberries (plastic helps keep them clean and away from pests).

Staying on Hwy 1 while traveling southbound from Santa Cruz can be tricky, but is easier if you focus on the fact that you’re headed toward Watsonville and Monterey. Traveling in either direction, observe the … MORE daytime headlights-on section of the road, which is quite busy and requires extra-attentive driving skills. Points of Interest

Moss Landing ★★☆☆: is quite small, but it’s the home of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Center (MBARI) and a small fishing fleet. Elkhorn Slough Safari offers a great way to get close to sea otters and wild creatures and Phil’s Fish Market is a local favorite dining shop. After you get into town, just follow Sandholdt street across the small bridge to get to it.

Santa Cruz is one of California’s iconic beach towns, home to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, a classic oceanside amusement park. It’s also one of two California cities who squabble over the title of "Surf City," with legendary Steamer Lane just off the coast and plenty of nice, sandy beaches to wiggle your toes in. Besides all the oceanside ambiance, you’ll find a thriving arts community and a walkable downtown. Side Drive Through Santa Cruz

Traveling south: Exit CA Hwy 1 at Bay Street, turn left onto Beach St, past the pier and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Turn left on 3rd Street and left again onto W. Cliff Drive. Follow that along the cliff tops past Lighthouse Field State Beach and the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum. Turn right onto Swift St. to rejoin Hwy 1.

Traveling north: Turn right onto Swift St, shortly after you notice that you’re entering town. Make a left on W. Cliff Dr., veering right onto Beach St near the pier … MORE and passing the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. A few blocks after crossing the river, turn left onto Seabright Avenue, then right on Soquel Ave and follow that until you rejoin Hwy 1.

Turn right onto Sharp Park Road shortly before you reach Pacifica, going up the hill to connect with CA Hwy 35 north. Turn left (north) when you reach Hwy 35 (Skyline Drive). Turn left onto Great Highway, traveling north past Ocean Beach and the Cliff House. The road curves there and becomes Geary Blvd., which will take you straight into Union Square and the middle of … MORE San Francisco.

Use the directions above. Follow Geary, turn left on 25th Avenue and right when you reach Lincoln Blvd. Shortly after you see the Golden Gate Bridge on the left, you’ll go under ​a small bridge. Turn left immediately after that and you can get onto the bridge from there. Going South Out of San Francisco

Leave San Francisco going west on Geary Blvd. to the Cliff House. The road curves south along Ocean Beach, where the street name becomes Great Highway. When you reach CA Hwy 35 (Skyline Drive), turn right (south) and stay on Skyline, ignoring the highway signs for Hwy 1. Continue south to Sharp Park Road (near the San Francisco city limits, where the signs point toward Pacifica), turn right and go down the hill, following the signs for Half Moon Bay. You will connect with Hwy 1 just south of the town of Pacifica.