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+ Jimmy Breslin’s book The Good Rat tells gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 the sordid story of drug dealer Burton Kaplan, an underling in the Luchese crime syndicate, who to save his own ass dropped a dime on two NYPD detectives, Luis Eppolito and Stephen Carapacca, as hired killers for the mob. Eppolito and Carapacca murdered 8 people before they were arrested, several on the orders of Kaplan. Breslin, who knew more about the mob than most mobsters, deplored snitches. But he hated dirty cops more, hence the description of Kaplan as “the good rat.”

+ Michael Cohen presents himself as “a good rat.” But he came off more as the mouse that bored, as any client of Lanny Davis was likely to do. Cohen aped the bluster of a mob fixer, but 76 gas card payment he’s no Sammy “the Bull” Gravano. When Trump asked him to intimidate people, Cohen called them on the phone and spewed invective. He didn’t stuff the decapitated heads of thoroughbreds beneath silk sheets. Cohen didn’t scare many people and he probably doesn’t scare Trump. He told us things we already gas near me knew, denied episodes of RussiaGate (such as the secret trip to Prague) most of us suspected were false and couldn’t provide documentation for his most salacious allegations, including Roger Stone’s call to Trump about Julian Assange and Don Jr.’s whispered colloquy with Pops about the Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

+ In a lineup of political reprobates, Lil Marco gas house gang Rubio may standout as the most repulsive of all. Here he is essentially calling for the democratically-elected leader of Venezuela to be Qaddafied: overthrown, tortured, anally-sodomized with a bayonet, murdered and put on public display in an industrial freezer, his shattered country left in ruins for years to come.

+ Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said this week that the Trump administration has sought Russia’s advice on how to deal with North Korea. Well, at least Trump is taking advice from someone. The last thing anyone natural gas in spanish in the world–and we all have a stake in US nuclear weapons policy–wants is for Trump to go on his own gut instincts (or Bolton’s)…

+ Most prostitution cases are bullshit. But if the Chinese women were, in fact, being held against their will in a kind of sexual servitude, then perhaps this investigation was worthwhile, aside from grade 9 static electricity quiz the karmic value of seeing one of Trump’s best friends “go down” on Trump’s home turf in Palm Beach County. The captive Chinese women in the Kraft sex sting were forced to live at the “spa” and made to “service” 6 to 8 men electricity 101 episode 1 a day.

+ A new simulation finds that global warming could cause stratocumulus clouds to disappear in as little as a century, which would add 8°C (14°F) of extra warming. (But look on the bright side of this otherwise distressing news: In a world without clouds, it will be easier to track Bernie’s private jet when it flies over your neighborhood…)

+ We lived adjacent to the Yellowwood Forest in southern Indiana for 8 years. Yellowwoods are a rare tree in Indiana, a relic of the glacial age. Most forest land in Indiana is private. There’s no economic gas 4 less or social reason to log public forests. In Indiana, public forests, even the crown jewels like Yellowwood, are logged for political reasons, to stick it to environmentalists. We now know that the State of Indiana recently sold trees logged in Yellowwood for $68 per tree. Cost: mangled wildlife habitat, increased soil erosion, decreased biodiversity, appalled tourists…$68 PER TREE!