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But for all we know about him, he actually may be the electricity definition goofy, rambunctious-but-ultimately sweet golden retriever of a man he’s made out to be. His girlfriend, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Camille Kostek, describes her time with him as mostly “ Snuggles and movies” (though that’s during the season and Gronk won’t have a season now, so …) And Tom Brady’s daughter lovingly calls him “Gronky.” He can’t be all gas national average that bad, right? Related Tom Brady reacts to Rob Gronkowski’s retirement: ‘Love u man!!’

What we know for certain is that, over a prolific nine-year career, he imbued the Patriots with life. He made a ruthlessly efficient machine of an organization seem slightly less rigid. He gave a relentlessly bland quarterback the hint of a personality, just be being in the same vicinity as him. He saved an untold number of media sessions gas density problems that otherwise would have just been filled with platitudes and numbing phrases like “do your job” and “we’re on to Buffalo i have electricity in my body” and “do your job of going on to Buffalo.”

Gronkowski is almost assuredly a first-ballot Hall of Famer and arguably the best tight end to ever play the game, but this feels like the very beginning for c gastronomie plateaux repas him — and also like whatever comes next may stray far from the football field. He could try acting. And he loves Family Feud more than anyone should, so maybe he could host that. WWE makes sense although that, too, would be difficult on his body. But regardless, the options seem endless. Gronk is staying in your life, some how, some way. Related Rob Gronkowski announces his retirement with electricity in salt water heartfelt Instagram post, Twitter reacts

As for what the Patriots will do … that’s a trickier question. New England could look to the draft to replace him. And nobody in recent years has been better at pulling off trades than Bill Belichick (or at most other things pertaining to building and coaching football teams.) Given how limited he was by a string of injuries — you remember hp gas online booking that final play against the Dolphins, right? — it might not be a stretch to replace Gronk’s production in the passing game. The Patriots almost assuredly won’t find a player quadcopter gas motor who also dominates at the line of scrimmage like Gronkowski did, but they’ll find a way to make it all work. They always do.

What won’t be so easily replaced — and what can’t be easily quantified or qualified in the first place — is Gronk’s presence. We laugh at it all from afar, but it’s not difficult, at all, to see Gronk’s exuberance as integral for a locker room that otherwise la t gastrobar opiniones might wilt under the pressure of playing for the greatest coach of all time and with the world j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor most accomplished QB of all time, both of whom are quite demanding. The Patriots like to present a no-nonsense front, wherein every player dutifully plays his role and finds fulfillment in it but that’s not, generally, how any of this works. Chemistry among 50 highly paid athletes, all of whom are driven to some extent by ego, is a delicate thing. It would certainly help to have a guy like Gronk around: a behemoth at his position who remained upbeat through gas x ultra strength during pregnancy injuries that would have dragged others down.