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Though throwing things in a car to vacate a disaster area doesn’t require a medical degree or pilot’s license, it does represent a challenging and stressful situation. What’s most important? One must think fast, but the proper decisions to be made require a slower, more methodical thinking ( Thinking Fast and Slow). A checklist prepared beforehand provides the best of both worlds.

What should the checklist include? It’s a simple to-do list of things to collect in the event of an emergency in priority order. Construct this list and order it such that the most important things are listed first. If you have a list of 15 items but only have time to collect 5 be sure that in the end you will be certain that the decisions made where clearly the right ones.

Online task managers, such as Remember The Milk, allow for the creation of lists in which items can be arranged in an arbitrary order. This is handy because your ordering of items on the list is likely to change the more thought you put into things. Once finalized, the list can then be printed out. Place a couple of copies around the house to ensure that one can be found at a moments notice.

Most cameras these days are digital and saving those photos off site is easy enough. Photos on smartphones are portable and photos already stored on computers can be backed up online. electricity fallout 4 But older photos are another story. Photos of the grandparents from 100 years ago tucked away in several boxes in the attic are probably irreplaceable. Losing them to a fire forever is not something you should leave to chance.

There are a couple of ways to go about making this happen. Many printers these days have scanning capabilities built into them and most can scan photos with acceptable resolution for the task at hand. If you have a printer/scanner already, the upside is that the process won’t cost you a dime. The downside is that this process can be tedious and can take quite a bit of time depending upon how prolific your family has been with their cameras over the years.

There are options to trade off time for money. Several companies exist to digitize your photos and even home movies. The cost for these services can be pricey. gas utility worker Depending upon the vendor, the type of service package selected and the number of photos to be scanned the price can vary between $0.20 up to $1.00 to photo. It pays to shop around and do the math if you plan on taking this route.

Once your photos are scanned it’s imperative you ensure they remain safe. Sitting on a single computer in your home does not increase the safety of your family memories. Now is the time to back up those photos on your computer using one of the automated backup services mentioned in a previous article or using an alternative storage service such as Google Photos. Placing them online also opens up the possibility of sharing them with other family members who may be able to fill in missing details such as who the handsome guy that’s obviously not Grandpa hugging Grandma in 1913 is.

As you look through family photos spanning multiple generations and recall the stories behind them you better understand the many difficulties they faced in life and somehow survived. gas oil ratio calculator By scanning all family photos so they survive regardless of the emergency you face you’ll help ensure that future generations retain those stories and mementos.

If you don’t get delivered bottled water or don’t want to mess with so many jugs there are some larger containers that can be used to store water on a longer term basis. Twenty gallon plastic emergency water drums are a good balance between size and ease of movement. No you won’t be carrying full containers, but they can be rolled around and tilted over fairly easily. We have two such drums and bought them recycled at a discount. The drums were used previously to transport soda syrup, so they had a bit of a rootbeer odor to them until we rinsed them and aired them out well.

With drums of water you’re not thinking of using them on a regular basis outside of an emergency. You tend to fill them and then leave alone for extended periods of time. How then do you ensure that the water doesn’t get unsafe? I recommend using Purogene water treatment in the drums to ensure nothing unhealthy grows in the water over time. According to the instructions on the bottle, 1 oz. of the product should be good for 30 gallons of water.

I recommend that many of the items above be scanned and stored off site for additional safety, something that I’ll touch on in a future post. However, copies of some of these important documents online is not good enough. gsa 2016 In an emergency you may not have access to a computer connected to the Internet, so having a hard copy of the items above might come in handy.

When an emergency hits there might not be enough time to flip through your filing cabinet, looking for the important items. In order to be able to grab and go you can consider a plastic filing box, complete with a handle for easy transport. Place the box in a closet near your filing cabinet and it’s ready to throw in the car at a moment’s notice.

Some of these documents are fairly sensitive and you might not want to leave them around in a handy “to go” container for someone who might break into your house. If you keep such documents in a safe or a lock filing cabinet just be sure they are clearly segregated from other, less important, documents so that they can be grabbed in an instant without thinking and thrown into the car.

Having a Go Bag is an important tool in being prepared for an emergency situation. Equally important is making sure your go bag is truly ready for anything that comes. This means not just buying a bag from Amazon and stuffing it in the closet behind lots of junk. On a regular basis you should break out the bag, empty the contents out and review what’s included, what’s left out and what needs to be replaced or repaired.

We have a cheap, but fairly nice emergency radio and light. The hand crank means never having to worry about batteries. A nice feature of the unit is that it could be used to recharge cell phones and other small devices. First problem I discovered is that the adapters from their phone jack power output to USB were missing. I found them in a closet upstairs later. Second problem, even with those adapters, it didn’t work. e gaskell north and south The connections and adapters are cheaply made and did not seem to output any power at all. We have actually never charged anything with this device.

Things don’t last forever. While I did find our AA batteries were still potent enough, we earlier found that our non-perishable food was woefully out of date. Slightly stale food in an emergency may be fine, but they were perhaps a bit beyond that. Our sunscreen’s use by date is in the past. It may still work, but it’s effectiveness may be lessened.

Our recent experience with the wildfires brought to mind a few things we should add to our go bags. The top item was N95 Masks. When the wildfires broke out there was often heavy smoke in the air and going outside was irritating at best. I was away on a business trip and bought some to take back home, where they were scarce or unavailable.