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Its goal: the Islamization of the social sciences worldwide. While the Brotherhood claimed their objective here was “to peacefully get inside the United States government and American universities,” their former director of academic research, Sayyid Syeed, said “Our job is to change the gas x tablets himalaya Constitution of America.” Their stated goals capture the organization’s true intent: “direct research and studies to develop Islamic thought and the Islamization of knowledge.”

They do this by holding specialized intellectual and cultural conferences, seminars and study circles to support researchers and scholars in universities and research centers. The IIIT operates through agreements with colleges and universities across the country, setting up conferences and establishing Muslim academic chairs in various college departments.

The most egregious and anti-Semitic example of Islamic propaganda in colleges and universities is the Boycott Divestment Sanctions program. This initiative is sponsored by American taxpayers through Title VI of the Education Act, Middle East Studies Centers, the schools themselves and Saudi Arabia through Aramco World and Iran via its Alevi Foundation. (3)

Since the mid-1990’s, though, colleges across the country have put on BDS events with enthusiastic support from gas kinetic energy formula progressive professors. There is never an attempt to discuss the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict or debate its history as a liberal education is supposed to do. Instead for the past twenty some years, academia has been simply bashing Israel.

Last year Cape Town, South Africa, had been suffering from an incredible drought. Water has literally dried up and water taps, showers, and toilets were to shut down completely. Day Zero for them was within a couple of months. Hearing of this crisis, Israel ortega y gasset obras completas, which had developed technology to recycle nearly 90 percent of its water through sophisticated desalination processes, volunteered to help remedy Cape Town’s problems. When a conference was called to discuss possible steps to take, a pro-BDS professor refused to attend because an Israeli had also been invited. Immediately afterward, the BDS movement successfully lobbied the South African government to cancel the conference. Because of growing Muslim influence in the city, the leaders sided hp gas kushaiguda with BDS and rejected the Israeli offer. South Africans were said to have rejoiced at their ability to “tell off the Israelis,” ignoring the fact that such a bravado refusal could very well have led to a widespread calamity.

Founded by Jews and named after the first Jewish Supreme Court justice, Louis Brandeis, Brandeis University rescinded an honorary degree to a critic of radical Islam while granting one to a notoriously anti-Semitic playwright. Professors have also exchanged a series of emails where they have attacked Israel and supported a program sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood. (7) San Francisco State University authorized the president of a Hamas-backed group called the General Union of Palestinian Students to post several social media notes threatening pro-Israel students and praising not only Hamas but also another militant group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. (8) And liberal professors are all too pleased to give speeches at IIII- sponsored events well beyond the borders of their campuses.

Even Chelsea Clinton has been thrashed for speaking her mind in a country where free speech used to be sacrosanct. It only shows that to blast Israel and the Jews is perfectly acceptable. But doing la gasolina lyrics translation the same to Muslims condemn you as an Islamophobe. Political correctness, if that’s what spurs this perverted phenomenon, has turned our values upside down and enemies of those values know it.

I was visiting with my friend Bob today. I told him I needed education on Congressman Jerry Nadler of New York. He asked me what I wanted to know. I said, “Who is he and what is his history with Donald Trump?” Bob replied, “Nadler has a personal vendetta against Trump.” I said, “A vendetta? Meaning a prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone?” He replied, “Exactly.” I said, “Tell me more Bob.”

In Washington President Bill Clinton made Jerry famous. During the impeachment hearings, Nadler electricity deregulation choices and challenges was a staunch supporter of the beleaguered leader, and his outspoken, often caustic remarks won him enormous favor with his Manhattan constituents. The electricity meaning long-overdue praise swelled the congressman with visions of grandeur and he carried the gauntlet against impeaching Clinton with pride, calling the spectacle a “partisan coup d’eta.”

Meanwhile Nadler found himself embroiled in a new feud with Donald Trump. New because the two brash Manhattaners had been at odds since the late 1980s. Trump’s wealth has always been a sore point with Nadler, whose history of lost elections kept him out of the elite class. When Trump tried to develop a project on the West Side of Manhattan, Nadler opposed it apparently to show his support for the downtrodden folks in the area.

In 2016, when Trump surprised everyone by winning the White House, Jerry Nadler, according to his close associates, began licking his chops. Since history shows that the opposing party normally wins the midterms he would then head up the House Judiciary Committee. Nadler was almost giddy at the prospects. Not only could he once again wireless electricity how it works pursue his favorite sport – impeachment – but he could apply it to his worst enemy – Donald J. Trump. And he would do it with a vengeance.

But Nadler doesn’t care. He’s not interested in what the feckless Mueller report will show. He wants to attack the Trump business empire to cripple his foe personally as much as possible. And why? Because for years Jerry has had to sit on the sidelines as a fellow New Yorker with much more business acumen than he could ever muster built a highly successful global corporation.

Jerry sees his probe- to-impeachment as ultimate payback for his years of seething. With his idols the Clintons in the cross-hairs, Nadler has absolutely no intention of investigating Clinton and DOJ malfeasance gas works park address. Despite evidence to the contrary, he has labeled such a probe as a Republican sideshow to detract from the real fruit – the Mueller investigation. But now that it appears Mueller will come up empty-handed, he’s bound to pursue his impeachment passion another way.