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The Rocky Mountain office hp gas online booking phone number has a longstanding commitment to defend southern Utah’s spectacular red rock country. Earthjustice won a landmark decision protecting these world-renowned landscapes in 2013, when the U.S. District Court for Utah struck down significant parts of a federal management plan that would have cleared gas 69 the way for destructive off-road vehicle use across millions of acres. Fighting Fossil Fuels

With more than 50,000 wells, Colorado is at the epicenter of a national battle over oil and gas drilling, most of which is accomplished through hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” Public concern is growing about the impacts of drilling on Colorado’s scenic wildlands and wildlife, as well as on global climate change, air and gas youtube water quality, and public health. Earthjustice electricity and magnetism online games is battling attempts to open up two prized regions of the Colorado Plateau—Roan Plateau and Thompson Divide—to fracking for oil and gas. Because fracking has become the largest source of certain types of air pollution in Colorado, we are also working to protect Coloradans by forcing the oil and gas industry to control what is electricity its emissions of smog-forming pollution, greenhouse gases, and other toxics.

• Roan Plateau: The Roan Plateau is home to some of North America’s rarest plants, tens of thousands of acres of wilderness-quality land, and c gastronomie plateaux repas crucial wildlife habitat. It also sits atop abundant oil and gas reserves, in the heart of one of western Colorado’s most heavily drilled regions. In 2008 BLM proposed to open the entire Roan Plateau to oil and hp gas online booking gas drilling. Earthjustice and our clients filed suit and have been fighting ever since to protect this special place.

• Thompson Divide: Earthjustice is representing citizens who are working to prevent drilling and fracking in the Thompson Divide, a 220,000-acre forested wildland on the west slope of the Colorado Rockies. Much of the Thompson Divide is roadless, and it provides valuable habitat gas works park for a wide variety of wildlife. The area’s natural beauty also makes it a prized destination for recreation and tourism, which are vital to the economies 8 gases of nearby communities. In the early 2000s, BLM auctioned off oil and gas leases for large parts of the Divide. The leases have never been developed and were set to expire in 2013, but BLM has extended them despite widespread local opposition i have electricity in my body from a bipartisan coalition of ranchers, hunters, anglers, conservationists, and businesses.

• Air Pollution: Earthjustice attorneys have represented a coalition of conservation groups before the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission that resulted in adoption of groundbreaking new rules to protect Coloradans from electricity definition air pollution caused by the oil and gas industry. The new rules make Colorado the first state in the electricity and magnetism study guide 5th grade nation to regulate emissions of methane—a powerful greenhouse gas—from the oil and gas sector. Controlling methane from the fracking industry will be necessary for the United States to address climate change, and Colorado’s rules are expected to serve as a model for methane regulation at the national level and in other states. The new rules also reduce statewide emissions of certain smog-forming pollutants by about 25 percent.

Throughout the la t gastrobar opiniones arid West, water resources are overtapped and under stress due to increasing demand, persistent electricity generation by source by country drought, and booming oil and gas development. Earthjustice seeks to protect legendary rivers like the Colorado, Green, and San Pedro—which support a remarkable variety of native plant and animal species, as well as local economies c gastritis der antrumschleimhaut and drinking water supplies—by maintaining healthy, sustainable flows. We aim to make the case for conservation and better water management planning rather than new infrastructure that causes further environmental degradation.