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Real Estate is a complicated business. e electricity bill payment There are a million details that must be handled in a timely manner in order to provide the quality of service that you deserve. Our professional input will help you prepare your home for sale or will help “search the world over” for the home of your dreams. We have developed our own marketing plan to ensure that our clients receive exceptional real estate service… not just satisfactory, but EXCEPTIONAL!

Buying a home is certainly one of the most rewarding experiences most of us will ever have… it’s also one of the most challenging. If you’re buying for the first time, the process may seem overwhelming; and even if you have been through it several times, every move is different and presents new challenges. One clear advantage of enlisting our help is simply that you do not have to “do it alone”.

We have the training, knowledge and the experience to help you through each step of the process. That means someone who knows the process intimately is there to help you every step of the way, ensuring that every detail is handled properly. We will make the process of finding, buying, and moving into your new home as soon, quick, and enjoyable as it can be.

In addition, we represent a valuable source of information about market trends, communities, neighborhoods, and especially homes for sale throughout the area. Remember, not every seller runs an ad in the local paper or puts a sign up in the yard. We offer you access to complete and regularly updated information about every home listed by area agents through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Why you should buy a home:

• Dislike Paying Rent: Almost 7 in 10 owners and renters admit that their dislike of paying rent was an important factor in their decision to buy. Although renting offers a lifestyle that’s nearly maintenance free, it offers you no equity, no tax benefits, and no protection against regular rent increases. Writing a rent check is like watching your hard-earned money slip away.

I wanted to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate your assistance in selling the estate of her step father. When you contacted me I thought I should listen to what you had to say. You didn’t appeal to greed claiming that we would be rich by using you. You simply stated what services you would perform and what you would not do. We liked what you had to say. We also felt having "boots on the ground" would be a benefit to us and it was. Living out of state and having an agreement with you we didn’t need to return to Colorado to sell the house. How cool is that?

The next door neighbor had gone through a short-sale and it took them well over a year to sell, so I was prepared for the long haul. I was shocked that we had an offer after less than 24 hours after it was posted on the MLS. In about 10 days we had a contract for market value on the home after getting 7 offers in writing. You helped us figure out which offer was the most solid and what offer to accept.

It is rare to find professionals with the ethics, professionalism, determination and problem solving skills you possess. I saw your ethics at work specifically, after closing, when the buyer demanded new locks saying they were damaged. Looking back, his emotional outburst was understandable but still, after closing we could have said "your problem". j gastroenterol You gently reminded us we agreed to turn over the house in its original condition. Your calm ethical approach was the right thing to do. You displayed professionalism when you didn’t let your emotions get the best of you. You remained calm and refused to be manipulated by several buyers agents during the negotiations process. You did what you said you would do, when you said you would do it. You are determined and a problem solver. bp gas prices columbus ohio When the house went into foreclosure before closing and we found out the bank changed the locks not allowing the buyers to do a walk through, you were not even slowed down a little bit. When the buyers mortgage guy had to have emergency surgery delaying the closing it was just one more problem to be solved. You handled all the obstacles with grace and ease.

My father died and my sister and I needed to sell his house. Aside from the obvious trauma in dealing with the circumstances, both my sister and I live in California…a bit west of Colorado. Initially, I believed I could sell the house on my own. I figured if I priced it right, it would go quickly. Thus, I placed an ad on Craigslist and began fielding inquiries. Needless to say, the best one came from Carrie. She called, introduced herself as a Realtor, and asked about my situation. I was hesitant at first, due to the fact that since the time I listed his house on Craigslist my phone was incessantly ringing from every Tom, Dick, Sally and Harry who thought they could steal the property from me. However, Carrie was different, she "had me" right from the onset. I admired her go-getter/can-do attitude and I thought I would give her a shot. We set an appointment to meet and view the property.

She arrived with her baby girl, who she asked if it was ok to bring along, and who is absolutely adorable. Most might think that the baby would distract Carrie from her work, preventing her from giving 100%, I can truthfully say this could be nothing further from the truth. The ability to have her baby with her while she worked only made her more efficient and content, which undoubtedly led to our success in working with one another.

I hired Carrie and it was the best decision I’ve made thus far in dealing with my father’s affairs. She handled everything with the utmost respect and dignity. gas mask tattoo Carrie always had my interest in mind, I truly felt like I had an agent who was on my side, negotiating the tenuous balance between my wish to wrap things up quickly but also not give the house away. This is a tough feat that in my humble experience, very few agents understand how to straddle. Carrie does.

We were under contract three separate deals before the one that ultimately closed. These trials and tribulations are a testament to Carrie’s determination and commitment to CLOSE. Whether it was the big tree in the front yard that buyers and inspectors were hesitant on, or the foundation in the basement that worried them, or the 11th hour walk away (literally the Saturday before a Monday close that buyers backed out of after demanding we replace the roof, and us doing so!), Carrie NEVER lost hope nor did she shy away from her commitment. In all these situations, when I was losing my mind, Carrie was my rock of confidence. She always found a way to talk me down and reassure me that things will work out, which they eventually did.

In summation, in our current economic situation, everyone (including me) thinks it is a buyers market and there is no need to employ an agent. electricity and circuits class 6 pdf This is just plain wrong. Carrie is the reason my sister and I walked away from my father’s closing with enough money to cover funeral costs. For this, I am eternally grateful to her. I mean it when I say this, she is one of the stars in the real estate industry. If you are thinking of selling/buying a home, I encourage you to meet with Carrie, you will not be disappointed.

We recently worked with Carrie Hill to sell a family property. She was very professional and represented us very well. She understood the process completely and was able to answer all our questions. She was always available and quick to respond to anything we needed. Our situation was a little different as I was the personal representative for my Father who had passed away. She helped us through the paperwork as some of it was different from a normal transaction. She made the whole process run smoothly. It was a pleasure working with her and many times during the process we commented on how smart she was and how quickly she got things done. I believe our initial contact with Carrie was on a Monday morning. The house was listed out on MLS with photographs and we had her sign up in front of the house on Wednesday afternoon. The quickness continued throughout the entire sale process. Our experience with Carrie was excellent and we would not hesitate to call her again for a real estate transaction.