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– Christopher Daniels grabs the microphone before the match, saying the fans would love to see SoCal Uncensored in action. Daniels says Edinburgh is the worst town they have been in, Daniels offers Taylor some cash to forfeit the match against Sky. Taylor grabs the microphone and says there is a lot of money in the envelope, Taylor then says he lays down for nobody before promising to beat Sky up. Daniels and Kazarian go backstage before the match begins.

The match begins with Taylor shoving Sky across the ring, Sky catches Taylor in a headlock and Taylor breaks free before dropping Sky with a shoulder block. Sky recovers and nails a charging Taylor with a drop kick, Sky then corners Taylor before landing a few strikes. Sky taunts Taylor and Taylor drops him with a right, Taylor then hits a cornered Taylor with an avalanche before throwing him across the ring. Taylor drops a dazed Sky with a running boot to the face, Sky leaves the ring and Taylor finds him to throw him back in the ring. Sky misses a baseball slide drop kick before Taylor nails him with a knee strike, Taylor then hits Sky with a leg drop before missing a cannonball. Sky recovers to knock Taylor out of the ring with a knee strike, Sky followed that up by nailing Taylor with a suicide dive.

Sky gets Taylor back in the ring to get a two count on a pin attempt, Sky gets Taylor in the corner before choking him. Sky keeps Taylor in the corner while assaulting him with strikes, Taylor and Sky have a striking exchange in the middle of the ring. Taylor crushers Sky with a headbutt followed by a uranage, Sky gets up and Taylor drops him with a clothesline before landing a splash for a near fall. Sky catches a ducking Taylor with a double stomp to the back, Sky drops a dazed Taylor with a running knee strike for a near fall. Sky goes for the Big Fat Kill and Taylor blocks it before landing a knee strike, Taylor goes to the middle rope when Christopher Daniels returns to distract him. Taylor throws Sky into Daniels before landing the Straight From The 216 for the three count.

After the match, Frankie Kazarian grabs the microphone to insult the crowd before handing the microphone to Christopher Daniels. Daniels calls SoCal Uncensored the best team in the world and they demand Los Ingobernables come out now for their match, Los Ingobernables answers the request by coming out.

The match begins with SCU jumping their opponents from behind before double teaming Evil, Evil fights back and takes both opponents out. Evil drops Kazarian with a shoulder tackle before tagging Sanada in, LIJ double team Kazarian for a near fall. Kazarian rakes the eyes of Sanada before tagging Daniels into the match, Daniels nails Sanada with a few strikes before applying a headlock. Sanada and Daniels take turns biting each others hands. Evil tags in and he also bites the hand of Daniels followed by some head biting, Kazarian tries interfering and Daniels winds up hitting him instead of Evil. Kazarian trips up Evil and Daniels lands a moonsault on his back, Kazarian tags in as he and Daniels nail Evil with slingshot moves.

Daniels stands on the hand of Evil as Kazarian distracts the referee, Evil fights back and Kazarian drops him with some kicks followed by a drop kick. Daniels tags in and he nails Evil with an inverted atomic drop, Kazarian drops Evil before Daniels applies the Koji Clutch to him. Sanada hits the ring and he breaks the submission move up, Kazarian tags in and he catches Evil with a few more strikes. Daniels tags back in before Evil knocks him out of the ring, Kazarian interferes and Evil drops him with a neck breaker. Daniels attacks Sanada on the arena floor to prevent a tag to Evil, Daniels returns to the ring and Evil shoves Kazarian into him. Evil drops Kazarian with a kick before tagging Sanada in, Sanada quickly cleans house against the opposing team.

Daniels tries applying the Paradise Lock to Sanada and cannot figure out how to do it, Sanada then catches Daniels in a rolling cradle for a near fall. Sanada then catches Daniels in the Paradise Lock before nailing him with a drop kick for a near fall, Sanada sets up for a TKO and Daniels breaks it all up. SCU nail Sanada with a blue thunder driver into a cutter for a near fall, Sanada escapes Celebrity Rehab to hit Kazarian with a knee strike. LIJ then throw Kazarian out of the ring before Daniels attacks them both, LIJ hits the Magic Killer on Daniels for a near fall. Kazarian gets back in the ring and Sanada knocks him back out before landing a dive, Evil hits Daniels with Everything Is Evil for the three count.

The match begins with Sakai catching Chardonnay with a roll up, Chardonnay then catches Sakai in a headlock before dragging her down to the mat. Sakai gets free and she catches Chardonnay in a head scissors, Chardonnay gets free to get Sakai in the bow and arrow stretch. Sakai nails Chardonnay with a spinning fisherman buster suplex for a near fall, Klein and Dashwood get tagged in by their respective partners. Dashwood catches Klein with a forearm strike before landing a Russian leg sweep for a near fall, Klein fights back and she catches Dashwood with a forearm strike. Dashwood goes to ring ring apron to hit Klein with a kick followed by a rope assisted neck breaker for a near fall, Sakai tags in and she works with Dashwood to hit Klein with a double suplex. Sakai then stomps away on a downed Klein, Chardonnay distracts Sakai and that allows Klein to land a clothesline for a near fall.

Klein traps Sakai in the ropes before twisting away on her head, Chardonnay tags in and Sakai attacks her with Mongolian chops. Chardonnay recovers and nails Sakai with a dragon screw leg whip, Chardonnay catches Sakai with a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Klein tags in and she catches a cornered Sakai with some strikes, Klein traps the head of Sakai with landing a series of knee strikes for a near fall. Chardonnay tags in and she nails a cornered Sakai with some shoulder thrusts, Klein tags back in and she hits Sakai with some more strikes. Klein then drops Sakai with a boot to the upper body for a near fall, Klein gets Sakai on the top rope and she follows her up there. Sakai knocks Klein off the ropes before landing a missile drop kick, Dashwood tags in and she cleans house against the opposing team.

Dashwood traps Klein in the corner before applying the tarantula lock, Dashwood releases the hold before knocking Chardonnay off the ring apron. Dashwood nails Klein with a Taste Of Tenille for a near fall, Dashwood then hits Klein with a Spotlight for the near fall. Chardonnay hits the ring and she knocks Sakai out of the ring, Chardonnay then hits Dashwood with a flying knee strike so Klein can get the near fall. Chardonnay hands Klein the WOH Title before Sakai attacks Chardonnay, Sakai takes out Chardonnay with a dive. Klein tries hitting Dashwood with the title and Dashwood knocks it out of her hands, Dashwood argues with the referee and Klein rolls her up for the three count.