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But then I see these same people protesting for free and safe abortions, free education, better pensions (and no extention on retirement age) and I wonder: Where does it end? Do they want to do anything with their lives or they’d rather get everything for free so they can spend their days smoking pot and drinking booze? In their view, the government has to provide for pretty much everything by using Chile’s wage which is basically copper. I find the idea pretty ludicrous since we can’t rely on a single resource to sustain a whole nation (and nowadays Chilean copper electricity orlando’s production is already on decline.)

I think the reason those people are so pissed is that most of them work at things that can be considered altruistic in nature; probably feeling that their work is not properly recognized (with money and reputation). However this begs the question: Wouldn’t a better recognized and paid job defeat the entire purpose of it being altruistic in the first place? If a nurse got paid the same as a neurosurgeon then she could no longer be able to impress anyone with his/her altruistic selflessness, right?

I think it’s a false dichotomy. The lack of money sucks for everyone no matter which path you think you follow. Money won’t buy you happiness is a useless and meaningless platitude. Sure, the money isn’t everything but you need it to satisfy your basic needs. Otherwise, you will simply suffer. Now, of course, we could have a long discussion about how much money you really need to satisfy your needs. Some people la gas leak are minimalists and don’t need much, others feel the hunger for more. It’s not only a matter of attitude. If you have children to feed, you will need more money than the person who lives alone.

You can sure live without some expensive entertainment, luxurious food, big house, holidays every year on some exotic island, a car and all other things that are more a matter of social prestige than of human needs. However, if you don’t have enough money to buy food and pay the bills, then it is a serious problem. What sucks even more is a spiral of debt. Poor people often take loans and not even in banks (because they have too low an income to get a loan from a bank) but loans companies, which charge bigger interest rates than banks, and then the same people, once they pay their bills, they take another loan to pay the loans they took previously. It’s a vicious circle. I never experienced that fortunately but my friend did and it was a terribly stressful ordeal. She was broken and crying for days on end before she finally found a well-paid job and managed to pay all the debt.

Once during a night pilgrimage I met a woman who was as poor as a church mouse. She told me her story. She literally had nothing, she had no money at all because she couldn’t find a job. She didn’t pay the rent so she was threatened with eviction but since the apartment was a kind of social housing owned by the local authorities, she was left alone. I say kind of social housing because I’m not sure how it is in other countries. Here, you have to pay the rent although it’s lower and they can evict you theoretically although it happens rarely in practice. So she wasn’t homeless but she had electricity cut off and was fed by the charity.

She seemed to be happy in spite of poverty, this is the impression I got from talking to her. She took that happiness from her faith and her mystical experiences, which she also told me about. She went f gas regulations ireland to church every day and attended pilgrimages. It was the only thing she had – faith. But then again, was that genuine happiness or self-delusion? And what is genuine happiness? Is there anything like that at all?

There was a time when I was short of money. It wasn’t as bad for me to be forced either to borrow money or starve but I had to be very careful about what I buy and at what price. I had to think, plan and compare prices. It sucked in the sense that it was quite stressful. I was under constant pressure. Now I just go and buy what I need. I’m not rich, I just have enough money to get by.

I honestly don’t know any Satanists personally but among those with whom I interacted online, few were really affluent. Most were just average and there were also the poor and unemployed ones. Not to mention those having this or that mental problem. It’s a myth that Satanism attracts only unusually strong, self-confident, brave and filthily rich people. Often the reverse is true. Human nature is a funny thing. Satan can give the miserable no less solace than Jesus, which is kinda amusing.

As far as the unpredictability of life goes, you can take some precautions for the future but still shit can happen. No need for some great apocalypse. You can get sick, become disabled, your house can get burned down or swept away by flood and so on. Those who constantly think about grim scenarios and worry about the future, for sure, are not happy. What about If the problem appears, I will think how to deal with it? For certain things you can prepare but other things can get you by surprise. I think the whole point is being able to adapt and deal successfully with whatever life throws in your way.

I can’t stand waste… I remember one of my exes went through 3 lawn mowers in as many years because he was careless with them. He grew up rich and had no regard for money. I will literally wear my favourite clothes until they are falling off me… Maybe not in public, but I will wear them bp gas prices around the house. At the moment my favourite is a big baggy, tattered pullover with arms that are too long (that might just have seen its last Winter) – my snuggle jumper.

I don’t like shopping either… Which is something I think comes from growing up poor and something I want to change. I remember having an anxiety attack once because I picked up a shirt (which I needed) and a belt. They were only cheap… I put the belt back. LOL. And got out of the shop and went home. I foresee negative consequences when I shop so I don’t fully enjoy the experience.

And the Bible teaches something about a rich man having as much chance of going to heaven as a camel does of getting through the eye of a needle. Money has a negative stigma attached to it. When I was young I was a bit of a martyr and I believed that if I had too much than somebody else was missing out… So I would go without. I had to release the electricity 1800s guilt and negative mindset I associated with possessing money.

Money isn’t good or bad, it is just a form of energy. And energy is infinite. We can all have a lot of wealth. Money is an energy we use to barter for things we want or need. Waste is throwing money away and creating an unnecessary drain of energy. Growing your own veges or mending clothes are also ways of manipulating this energy. I guess what I am saying is, being wealthy isn’t always about having exorbitant amounts coming in – it can also be about re-balancing the in/out ratio.

But at least I no longer associate guilt with affluence and am happily working towards achieving my dreams. I want to own a home in the rain-forest npower gas price per unit – the trees and lack of humans makes me high. I want to be financially secure enough to write without having to work in the real world – writing makes me happy. Writing in a rain-forest home would be my heaven. I have to say though, I will still probably wear my favourite clothes into the ground and have a herb and vege garden.

In the early days of trade with Babylon, a system of commerce was developed (using clay balls with markings) to track exchanges because bartering no longer worked or made sense. As civilization grew (and the population) and diversity became prominent, it was the only secular system that translated universally than the previous honor code that peoples obviously did not share.

The system of profit/loss ebbs and flows based on supply and demand. A medical facility can receive a piece of essential equipment from a manufacturer but that manufacturer sets the price. That cost is then passed along to the consumer to repay the financing on the purchase. It accounts for why say, one radiology scan can cost upwards of $3,000.00. To a person with very little wealth (and no insurance) they are going to be paying off that debt for a long time (if ever). Having more purchase power is helpful in avoiding debt. Even the rich dismiss bills and don’t always pay them until it becomes a legal trouble for them.

Here is my take on wealth and Satanism. Let me tell you were I come from and how it relates to Satanism. Ok so I grew up in by myself and I sold dope for a couple years and as a kid I noticed that people are naturally evil and selfish and will do what they can to achieve what they want, even at the expense of others. This falls into congruence with your question because you can think of wealth as power, and if you have read Nietzhe he describes human kind as the struggle for power. So instead of asking yourself what is the role of wealth?,ask what is the role of power and I believe you will have your answer. This relates to Satanism in that in the sense that society gas 91 did crumble, you would then have a haven for Satanism in the hearts of every man – as they scramble for the last bit’s of food in the supermarket, raid gun stores and shoot people who approach them just in case they are looters. You must see the role of the human heart in the human, then you will see the role of wealth. The role of wealth is power and power is what the Satanist is really after, for what is all the money in the world if you you were granted omnipotence at the expense of it? Wouldn’t you pay 5 million dollar’s to have multiple live’s or for super power’s? I certaintly would as they are more valuable, amongst this iron jungle.