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The Throttlebots quickly found their primary target, a crashed Decepticon freighter and its occupants, the Decepticon Triple Changers and their prisoner Blaster. However, tire tracks heading away from the wreck made them realize that at least one other infected Transformer could be at large. Delaying their attack, Rollbar took Wide Load to track down the wayward Transformer.

At a gas station, they caught up with their quarry: the Autobot Goldbug, who was by that time massively infested with Scraplets. Reluctantly, Rollbar and Wideload attempted to destroy Goldbug, but he eluded them long enough for his human friend, Charlie Fong, to demonstrate the Scraplets cure he’d just discovered: water. Relieved, Rollbar and Wideload apologized and explained their urgent mission.

The three Autobots soon returned to the wreckage site, along with two tanker trucks full of water. Before they got the chance to use them, however, the Scraplets in the crash site merged into a single massive creature. Water proved ineffective against it, and the weaponless Throttlebots were unable to fight it effectively until Goldbug sprayed the Decepticons with the water, allowing them to bring their firepower to bear against the creature, disabling it long enough for Blaster to destroy it. The Cure!

While watching tee-vee at a local electronics shop window with Goldbug and Blaster, Rollbar saw a news report about Mount Verona, and the Autobots recognized the immobilized form of Ultra Magnus found inside. When they spotted the Combaticons at the volcano site, however, the Autobots learned their enemies were there to set charges and destroy Galvatron forever. Goldbug was reluctant to interfere, so that Ultra Magnus‘s original sacrifice to eliminate Galvatron wouldn’t be undone. When a group of human women took matters into their own hands to stop the Decepticons, however, Rollbar encouraged Goldbug to return in the name of protecting human life. Ladies’ Night

Rollbar and his crew joined Goldbug and Blaster in their independent war against the Decepticons, but the incident at the crashed spaceship had gained them unwanted attention. Low on fuel, they were shadowed cross-country by both R.A.A.T. and the Decepticons. When Vortex attacked the Autobots on the highway, Blaster utilized Rollbar and Chase as mobile footstands while he returned fire on the airborne Decepticon. Unfortunately, Rollbar’s attention wasn’t focused on his driving, and he drifted into the path of oncoming traffic. Swerving to get out of the way, he caused Blaster to lose his footing and nearly tumble off a bridge, and left himself and the others stuck in a tie-up from the near-accident. Blaster, however, managed to hit Vortex with an electro-scrambler blast and send him tumbling out of control.

Attempting to refuel at a Blackrock gas station, the team found themselves under attack by R.A.A.T. An aerial attack module blasted Rollbar’s rear canopy, leaving him with a ragged hole in the back end. The Autobots escaped, but were still low on fuel. Freeway expressed concern that Rollbar couldn’t make it much further, but Rollbar dismissed this with customary bravado.

Rollbar and his friends helped defend Cybertron from a major Decepticon assault, but fell before the might of the Decepticon Headmasters. Four Warriors Come out of the Sky They did better later on, when the Headmasters returned to Cybertron with their new Madmachine. Although Rollbar and Wideload were initially hypnotized into fighting each other by Mindwipe, Goldbug got them to snap out of it and the Throttlebots managed to hold the Decepticons at bay until the Autobot Headmasters managed to destroy the Madmachine. The Great Cassette Operation

Some time later, the Throttlebots heard about the Decepticon meteorite Metamorphose heading towards Earth, and decided that they could handle it by themselves. Rollbar and the others snuck off in an Autobot frigate, but immediately fell victim to Metamorpho’s ability to twist the shape of nearby metal. Approach of the Demon Meteorite The Throttlebots were un-twisted by the time Scorponok unveiled his master plan, which involved using Death Towers to destroy Earth. Rollbar and his team were dispatched to wreck one of the towers, but found that it was guarded by Predaking, who easily defeated all of them. The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 1)

In 2021, a villain posing as Galactic Peace Alliance chairman Spike Witwicky declared Goldbug a traitor and ordered the other Throttlebots to destroy him, bringing them to the Legends World to confront their leader. However, Rollbar and the rest were reluctant and ended up refusing to follow orders. Bonus Edition Vol. 54 IDW Generation 1 continuity