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• Every ten minutes, the Rotom Dex will get a sad look. Tapping it will cause it to react and give it a heart and may ready the Roto Loto, or it may ask the player questions, answering these questions give Rotom a heart and may ready the Roto Loto. Rotom will also ask questions at certain story intervals, and upon reaching Poni Island every interaction that produces a heart will guarantee the readying of the Roto Loto.

• The personality of the Rotom Dex can be influenced in three different ways, defeating many Pokémon will result in Rotom having an aggressive demeanor, using Pokémon Refresh often will give Rotom a more playful personality, and finally visiting the Pokémon Centers a lot will make Rotom more easy going.

The Rotom Pokédex’s primary function is a fully featured Pokédex. The player can browse and search Pokémon species, view data about them, and look up their habitats. The Pokédex can also produce QR Codes for the QR Scanner for most registered Pokémon. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, a Pokémon that can only be encountered in an SOS Battle will have a picture of an Adrenaline Orb next to its location markers when the map is zoomed in.

When the Rotom Pokédex is idle, the screen usually shows a map. In this view, the map stays centered on the player’s immediate area. The player’s location is marked by a smiley face icon, with an arrow indicating the direction the player is facing. If the player is inside a building or certain locations (such as Ten Carat Hill), however, the map will remain stationary no matter where the player moves and there is no directional arrow. During the main story, a red flag may also appear, indicating a place the player is supposed to go.

If the player taps the map, the screen’s view broadens to show a larger map akin to Town Maps in other games. In this broader view, the top screen shows an overview of the whole Alola region, while the bottom screen focuses on an individual island. If the player moves the map’s cursor over different areas on the island, the top screen will show a snapshot of the area, a description of the area, and a list of landmarks within it. The player can scroll between the islands using the L and R Buttons and can zoom in using the Y Button. This view also marks the location of any Pokémon Center the player has visited with an icon.

The Poké Finder (Japanese: ポケファインダー Poké Finder) function allows players to take pictures of Pokémon in locations where the icon on the player’s bottom screen turns into that of a camera. It can be activated by pressing the R button or tapping the camera icon in those select locations. Pictures are then evaluated with a "Thumbs-Up" score.

Upon taking pictures, the player is awarded with a "Thumbs-up" score, which is then added to the total number of "Thumbs-Ups" the player has earned over time. As the total number increases, new versions of the Poké Finder can be unlocked as follows:

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, this feature is unlocked after visiting the Pokémon Center in Route 2. Roto Loto allows the player to obtain items called Rotom Powers, which can be used to provide boosts similar to the Pass Powers from Generation V and O-Powers from Generation VI.

The feature can be activated by tapping on Rotom’s eyes once it starts to glow gold, which can occur at random times between 10-20 minute intervals. Its eyes can also glow by tapping on Rotom if it has a sad look on its face. Once the player reaches Poni Island, the player can also activate Roto Loto by interacting with Rotom or answering its questions. After becoming the Champion, the Rotom Dex will activate Roto Loto if certain requests are fulfilled, such as after Mantine Surfing or Ultra Warp Riding.

Rotom will automatically use several Rotom Powers during the course of the story – Roto Experience when arriving at Melemele Meadow to retrieve Nebby, Roto Hatch after obtaining the Eevee Egg at Paniola Ranch, and Roto Prize Money when first passing through Route 11.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the Rotom Pokédex gains this ability from when the player reaches maximum affection with Rotom. When a Rotom Power is used during or outside of battle, the Rotom Dex will assist the player by allowing a Z-Move to be used again for a second time during the battle.

"Zzzzrrrttt!!! Kzzt! Kzzt! Kzzrrrttt! You’ve done it, kid… You’ve really gone and done it! You completed the Alola Pokédex! Zzzt-zzt! You met every last Pokémon that livezzz in the Alola region! I thank my lucky circuits that I wazzz here in this ‘Dex to meet all these different Pokémon and share all these great adventurezzz with you, partner! Congratulations to you, kid. You really deserve them!" Melemele Pokédex

When the player registers a Pokémon in the Pokédex, Rotom will make certain comments depending on how the Pokémon was obtained or what kind of Pokémon it is. Some comments may be overridden by others, such as the comment for completing a page, which usually supersedes other comments.

The Rotom Pokédex debuted in The Grand Entrance and Delivery Boy Sun. Originally, it was a regular Rotom that Professor Kukui requested to receive from a region outside of Alola so that he may use it to fuse with one of his Pokédexes. Due to this particular Rotom having a weak body, it was unable to be transferred electronically, so Moon was given the task of delivering Rotom to Professor Kukui while also using her pharmaceutical skills to keep it healthy along the way.

After Moon successfully delivered Rotom, Professor Kukui decided to have it enter Sun’s empty Pokédex. Due to Sun’s mishandling of the Pokédex, Rotom refused to enter it and ran away in disgust. Angered by this, Professor Kukui forced Sun to retrieve Rotom while he attempted to clean the dirty Pokédex.

Moon later traveled to Lush Jungle with Mallow to find a Mirage Berry. There, they found Tapu Lele in battle with a Xurkitree. Not knowing anything about the Ultra Beast, Rotom went up to Xurkitree to try and record data on it. Xurkitree retaliated by shooting Rotom with a powerful Electric attack, forcing it to fall to the ground and shut down. When Rotom later reactivated itself, it could only utter one word: " Necrozma".

While traveling from Akala Island to Ula’ula Island, Professor Kukui‘s yacht was attacked by a wild Bruxish. Though Sun managed to defeat the Pokémon, he, Lillie, and Rotom ended up separated from Moon and the others. When doing his second trial at the site of the former Thrifty Megamart, Sun was given the task of taking a photo of the Totem Pokémon that lived inside. Shortly after entering the area, Sun and Lillie were attacked by the Totem Pokémon, a Mimikyu, which destroyed the camera Acerola gave him for the trial. While Sun had Dollar battle Mimikyu, Rotom revealed itself and let Sun use its Poké Finder function to replace the broken camera.

As the battle went on, Rotom translated Mimikyu’s speech to reveal that it was angry at Sun for insulting its ragged appearance, as other humans had did in the past. After encouraging Mimikyu to find companions who would appreciate it despite how it looked, Sun added Mimikyu to his team and gave it the nickname Franc. Rotom took a picture of Sun and Franc together and emailed it to Acerola, successfully completing the trial. Afterward, Sun thanked Rotom for his help and suggested it join his team, which Rotom rejected.