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A lice infestation is nothing to be ashamed of, as these pesky bugs are common at schools, camps, daycares, and colleges around ATX and easily spread from one person to another. gas in oil pressure washer Unlike products found in stores that often contain pesticides or other harsh ingredients, our non-chemical head lice treatment options are completely safe and guaranteed effective! When it comes to solutions, we believe natural lice removal is best.

Our Central Texas lice clinics provide safe head lice solutions in a comfortable, relaxed environment. We use a process that involves a lice and nit comb-out using all natural enzymes. After a majority of the lice is removed, we dry the wet hair and begin focusing on killing the remaining microscopic nits (eggs) that are not visible to the naked eye. We end the lice removal treatment performing a final thorough inspection, (which is, by the way, the most critical aspect of complete removal). electricity pictures Additionally, parents who prefer a DIY approach to remove lice will love our natural products and the fact they are totally safe. When you choose our lice salon for treatment, expect the process to take approximately one hour depending on length of hair, severity of infestation, etc.

We invite everyone across Williamson and Travis Counties and the Central Texas area to trust Hero Lice Clinics for unsurpassed results without messy, harsh chemicals. gas guzzler tax All it takes is an hour or so of your time, so why not choose safe head lice solutions and get rid of those bugs now? Call us now to schedule an appointment or learn how to get rid of lice at 512-856-4824.

What are super lice? While you may be picturing a louse of gargantuan proportions in your head, these are simply bugs that have become resistant to over-the-counter treatments. Nothing unusual, considering people often develop a resistance to medications used repeatedly or over time, such as antibiotics. wb state electricity board bill pay While these “mutants” probably won’t respond to OTC products containing pesticides or insecticides, they will respond to organic treatments performed today by certified professionals.

No one wants an infestation, unfortunately they’re common in schools, camps, and other highly-populated settings in every state. gas quality Children and teens rarely give a second thought to sharing a brush or comb, or touching heads while taking a “selfie.” This is all it takes, and before you know it your child is sent home and you’re left trying to resolve the situation. Stressful, we know! When traditional products found at the drugstore or supermarket aren’t effective, what to do? Don’t freak out – even those “super” bugs don’t have total control over your life, or your child’s head.

Parents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing there are solutions that are safe, easy, and guaranteed 100% effective! Even though this new strain may seem challenging, we have the answer. electricity tower vector The best part? Our premium treatment eliminates those pesky bugs and their nits in a single treatment, and requires only about an hour or two of your time! If you prefer to do it yourself, we have options for that as well. Those nasty critters won’t be “bugging” you for long!

Our head lice removal clinic in Round Rock, TX plays an integral part in a fast growing network of Texas lice removal clinics. Head Lice have developed a resistance to the chemicals in over-the-counter shampoos in 48 of 50 states, including Texas. k electric jobs 2016 Even when over-the-counter lice shampoos kill lice, they don’t kill the lice eggs, so infestations continue. electricity worksheets for 4th grade The only way to effectively get rid of lice is to break the lice cycle once and for all. There is no evidence that lice can develop resistance to our exclusive 4 step lice removal method (which includes enzymes, heated air, nit picking, and FDA-cleared gel.) We are the exclusive lice removal provider in Round Rock and use only non-toxic and child friendly methods and products to do it. Our pediatrician recommended lice treatment removes lice and their eggs in one single treatment and is so powerful that we guarantee the results for 30 days! We’ve performed over 10,000 successful treatments out of our Round Rock clinic with zero safety claims. On average, our treatments take 60-90 minutes and are successful in a single treatment. Call us today for all of your lice removal needs in and around Round Rock, TX.