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conundrum may be found in the study of BioElectroChemistry. On a fundamental level, all biochemical reactions are Electro Magnetic. Atoms and molecules are composed of charged particles which are in constant motion and vibration. Atomic, Molecular, and bond orbitals are just a way of saying that electrical charges are moving about an axis, within certain distance parameters set by the

energetics of the system. Increases of energy within the system produces a corresponding increase of bond vibrational rates and can institute a variety of what are known as chemical reactions. Overlooked, is that charged particles are actually interacting, and charged particles, through the laws of electromagnetism, can easily be manipulated. The energies emitted via the interaction of " Chemical Bonds " are emitted as forms of electromagnetism. tortugas ninjas Heat, light, explosive energies, and so on are all forms of electromagnetism. Recognition of these laws, and their application within

charge carriers. For example, metallic ions such as K, Na, Mg, and Hyrodgen act as positive charge carriers. Negative charge carriers would be Cl, hydroxal ions, phosphates, sulphates, and electrons to name few. When electrons or any charged particles flow along a conductor, an electrical current is produced. This electrical current gives rise to what is known as an electrical field. The higher the number of charges flowing in the conductor, the higher the current. As these charges

is known as the potential, or as it is more commonly called, the voltage. The higher the voltage, the higher the push or force on the charges. In summation, high voltages give rise to high electrical fields, and high currents give rise to high magnetic fields. The reverse is also true, a high magnetic field can create a large current in a conductor, and a high electrical field can create a high voltage in a conductor. On an atomic level, the basis of understanding of biochemical reactions lies in an understanding of electrons. Electrons are of primary importance in the

The Phanotron Diode was filled with an inert gas ( typically Helium), or mixture of gasses such as argon, neon, and helium. Different gasses give off different colors or spectra. For example, Neon is orange, Argon is purple mauve, and Helium is pinkish white-gray. For treatment purposes, Dr. Rife separated the phanotron tube from the rest of the devices equipment, and placed it about 8 to 12 inches from the patient. One of Dr. Rife’s discoveries was that the Phanotron tube was made part of the carrier frequency oscillator circuit. By placing the tube close to the patient, a resonant coupling would

The authors patented discoveries have created a device which is a far field instrument, the tube is generally used about 6 feet( two meters ) from the patient. There is evidence, that the wave emitted from the plasma tube of the authors device, if un-impeded by walls, has an effective radius in excess of 30 feet. gas news The effective field of up to 30 feet ( 9 meters) , makes the device usable for simultaneous exposures of

simplistically say, as an object oscillates, it is moving up and down at some particular rate. At a particular point in time, the object can be up, down, or or somewhere in between. Entrainment forces two objects to be in phase so that they move in synchrony. That is, they are up at the same time and down at the same time. When the phase of two resonant oscillations match ( in phase ), energy will transfer and summate to the resonant receiver of the transmitted energy. If the phases do not match, ( are out of phase ) the energies of the transmitter and

In a manner, a plasma tube is very much akin to a musical instrument. A string can be set to vibrate at a certain note, but how that note sounds is dependent upon the instrument the string is attached to. The string could be in a piano, a violin, or a guitar and all will sound different even though they play the same note. This difference between the instruments is due to the generation of frequencies( harmonic – overtone – heterodyne ) different from that of the fundamental note.

tube -i.e. a cylndrical or round radiator, the traditional hertzian RF wave radiated by a metal antenna, is converted into what is known as a Zenneck Wave. A Zenneck wave is a non hertzian RF wave whose field strength typically drops off as the square root of distance from the tube ( antenna). Published research has shown that the Zennick wave emitted from the tube exists as a non dispersive soliton. Energy is transferred more as a conductance and does not adhere to the inverse square law.

exposed to an audio frequency. A resonant response by an object does not have to be just from stimulation with acoustic frequencies. There are many other types of resonances that can occur. find a gas station close to me There are resonances to light, radio waves, magnetic waves ( such as used in MRI ), X-Rays and other forms of ionizing radiation. The fundamental physical law that relates to the operation of the device is known as Kirchoff’s Principle. Kirchoff’s principle states: " The frequency of energy absorbed by a molecule is equal to the frequency of the energy emitted by the molecule ". Kirchoff’s principle is the basis of spectrographic analysis. Spectrographic analysis is used to show the resonant response of chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and objects to a frequency range of vibration. For example, how a molecule or object responds to a range of audio frequencies is known as an acoustic spectrograph. A spectrograph can be made using frequencies from those of the audio region through those of frequencies associated with Radio waves, light, and up through ionizing radiation ( X-Rays, etc. ). Once the energy of the wave emitted from the plasma tube is in the body, it can create physiologic effects by matching the spectral

The significance of Kirchoff’s Principle is that the wave emitted from the plasma tube of the device produces spectra that includes those of electrical and magnetic fields, acoustic, RF and light. Simply by changing tubes, gasses, RF carriers, pulse rates and other variables, it is possible to tailor the spectral output of the device to a cell or tissues specific specific spectral resonant point. As a practical

A voltage applied across a cell membrane will change the tension and thus curvature of that membrane. A pulsed voltage at a specific frequency will cause the membrane to oscillate as it contracts and relaxes between each electrical pulse. bp gas station The outer plasma membrane will collect electrical charges that are no shorter than 1 microsecond in length. The intra cellular

" wires " support the internal components of the cell. Oscillation of the outer membrane will cause internal oscillation of the cell via the tensegrity matrix . Thus, pulsed electrical signals can produce a mechanical resonance effect. Mechanical resonance is created when a small periodic stimulus of the same natural vibration period of a cell, tissue, or even a molecule, is used to produce a large amplitude vibration of the cell,tissue, or molecule. If the induced resonant vibration is intense enough, the cell, tissue, or molecule will be shattered.

susceptibility to infection in the host cells, replication of viruses inside of host cells, activation of dormant viruses, and even reaction/susceptibility to bacterial toxins by host cells. The charging of plasma membranes by an externally applied field may be one of the key aspects of understanding how the Rife/Bare device produces physiologic effects. This is a hypothesis which can be easily

effects may be found through use of the device in the ultrasound regions. So similar is the authors patented device to the operation of Dr. Rife’s machine, that those who have used it, have given the name of the Rife/Bare or R/B device. The author did not name the device such. This name has grown out the respect and benefit the many tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, have had from exposure to

to thus bring the molecule inside the cell. Exocytosis is the process whereby the vesicle once it has released it’s enclosed molecule returns to and reforms with the plasma membrane. If the process of endocytosis far exceeds the process of exocytosis, the cell will run out of enough plasma membrane to support itself and fail/die. Electro-osmosis is the electrical field enhanced action of osmosis. One should think of this as related to active transport

Pulse rate of 3000 Hz. electricity human body Rise/Fall times 1 microsecond. Leading edge spike of less than 4 microseconds duration, and trailing edge spike measured at less than 3 microseconds duration. Other methods via which the device produces effects can be found in various published scientific papers relating to the effects of sonic resonances on cells, and the non thermal effects of RF fields