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Good May morning to all of you. I hope you can hear the birds singing where you are. Right now I am hearing the sound of lawn mowers as our neighbors experience the consequences of fertilizing and watering their lawns. The sound of lawn mowers in the spring is more easily tolerated than the sound of snowblowers in the winter! As a retiree, Mr. RWS does the lawn mowing during the week when our employed neighbors are not at home.

In the United States, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow. The women with the hardest job in the world deserve the entire weekend, I think. So all of you mothers, step-mothers, adoptive mothers, single mothers, mothers to be, and anyone who has filled the role of mother, and especially those of you who are a mother to an angel baby, celebrate this weekend and your special place in life.

This sweet bird image is one of four stamps included in the transparent set Ebullient. The other three images are floral and are about the same size. I’ve made a standard sized card with this image, but their size would be perfect for smaller note cards, too. I admit to having to look up the definition of “ebullient” and learned the word means cheerful and full of energy; lively; happy. Because spring can be all of these things, these spring related images are indeed ebullient. I created the white circular frame by “nesting” two of the circle dies from the Stitched Square and Circles die set.

The Radiant transparent set includes this single flower stamp that is fun to color and makes a bold statement. I stamped, colored and fussy cut a “batch” of flowers and used five of them on this card. I used the Curved Stitch die to create the black space between the two portions of the card. I think it is safe to say this card is “ebullient”, too.

The fashionista from the All Fours cling set is enjoying a spring day walking her pups in the park, the Metropolitan skyline in the distance. When I realized my design left no room for a sentiment, I made a little tag using the Gift Card Pocket die set and tucked it between the grassy “hills”. There is always room for a hug!

Spring is nature’s gift, an apology for the misbehavior of a winter that hung around far too long. We can grudgingly forgive and hopefully forget those long, cold months as we notice nature’s art all around us. More anticipated than even Christmas or a birthday, spring is the reward we hoped for during the dreary winter.

Mother’s Day is a day when I am especially grateful for my family who will send cards and make much appreciated phone calls. It is a day I am grateful also for the mothers of my grandchildren who amaze me with the great job they do as moms while holding down very responsible full time jobs. I love watching this next generation grow into the amazing humans that they are, thanks to the love and hard work of their parents.

I am grateful for the people in my life who mentored me as a new mother or just listened to my fears and whining as I spent six years as a single mom. Some days I wonder how I managed and every day I know I didn’t do it without help. I believe experienced moms can play a big role in a new mom’s life by being supportive and encouraging. Moms need to be reassured that their instincts are valuable and there isn’t only one right way to be a good mother.

For those of us who have become grandmothers, Mother’s Day has even more meaning. I treasure my grandchildren, even though we live far apart. I am thankful for today’s technology that allows for sharing of photos and videos and real time video phone calls. Travel by air shrinks the distance between us and the visits are precious and never routine.

As I said earlier, I created a batch of flowers using the Radiant set and had two left over after making the birthday card above. Since I wasn’t very pleased with my coloring of the flowers in the Rose Bowl image, I added my fussy cut flowers to the bouquet, blocking the not so successful coloring. I think the images from the Cup of Tea transparent set bring calm to the ebullient floral arrangement.

I may have spent more time on this card than the others combined. Actually, this Apples card didn’t take long after I found the technique that worked for me. I tried watercoloring; I tried using Tombow markers directly onto the stamp; I tried applying ink onto the stamp with a dauber. What I learned from my failed attempts is to use a light touch so you don’t lose the detail built into the Apples stamp. Also, this pale green cardstock has a shimmery, not very absorbent surface which helped. I applied my ink lightly to the image with a dauber and did not press down very hard with my MISTI. I was ebullient with the result! I truly felt like an artist after my accomplishment and only a sentiment from the Artful transparent set would do.

Mom is all about love, so I reached into my Valentine collection of dies and created the heart cut out using the Butterfly Heart Popout die. The bouquet of roses was made using the Love and Roses die set and I added a butterfly from the Flutters die set. Hearts, flowers, sweet words and a butterfly: perfect recipe for a Mother’s Day card.

Now it is time to stow the scissors, tidy the studio and head to the Penny Circle Flickr Gallery to comment on your art. Hopefully when I get home the new gazebo will be sporting the replacement canopy sent by the manufacturer. Sadly, Mr. RWS did not notice the ten defective areas on the original canopy until after he had installed it and the sun shone through the bare spots. He deserves extra husband points for the perseverance he has shown putting together and installing gazebo number four as well as several replacement canopies over the years. We could not use our patio without a source of shade so the gazebo is our friend. My thanks to Penny Black for the addition of “ebullient” to my vocabulary and for the life lessons learned from the various sentiment and verse sets. For all of you mothers who spend time with me each week, I wish you the love of family, the ebullience of spring, and the joy of knowing how important you are.