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This total industrial style guest house themed renovation commenced in April 2015, taking 18 months to complete the first 4 suites. All four suites (#618035, #1022317, #1022291) have access to the communal kitchen, dining-room, living-room, hot-tub & pool.

Accessible all the way by ramp, The Brickhouse Suite accommodates two people in a queen size custom pallet-wood bed fitted with luxury ironed 100% cotton linens and accentuated by a pair of cream enamel medical steel side-tables. A centrally lit 3-speed stainless ceiling fan is remotely controlled while dimmable insulator wall-lights illuminate romantic evenings. An articulated Smart HDTV with access to Amazon & Netflix sits above a 15 drawer dresser to hold your entire neatly ironed and stacked T-shirts! To the left, a red wall shelf serves as a computer table with 2 padded steel bar chairs, above which is attached a round perforated red-framed mirror for make-up artists. A full-length steel mirror is dimly-lit with a wooden Edison bulb pendant fixture to the left of which is an elongated 3D indented installation comprising a Hobart dough-arm and a selection of vertically suspended electrical insulators. Full length dark grey curtains adorn new energy-efficient twin windows while a quiet wall-mounted state-of-the-art HVAC mini-split ensures your Brickhouse Suite maintains your preferred temperature, hot or cold. To the left of your bed, a set of poly-rusted steel drawers is crowned with a matching poly-rusted steel shelf adorned with a selection of inlaid molds and reels.

An intriguing corridor boasts a forbidden steel-trim industrial door with a door-closer for quiet nights while four inlaid peg-board sliding doors provide access to His and Hers closets fitted with wooden-topped gas-pipe shelving and clothes-rails draped with soft-silk hangers for Her and hard-wooden hangers for Him. Escaping light forces its way through the doors and horizontal elongated closet aerator for charming effect.

A fully-tiled private bathroom with a custom-fitted industrial-contoured concrete sink, attracts a steady flow from the aesthetic rubbed-bronze waterfall faucet with stainless hand-soap dispense and gas pipe hand towel-rail to the left. A huge steel-rimmed circular mirror with traces of old paint provides a magical lighting experience accommodating a wide variety of suspended Edison bulbs while radiant floor heating will ensure happy-feet throughout winter months. A picturesque bathroom view through new wooden-framed tempered glass windows, is curtained at night by cream mini-blinds while to the left, His & Her custom repurposed steel towel-rails suspend a pair of luxury cotton bath-sheets.

If this is your first experience of a prison toilet, enjoy it, take your time, it has a plastic white seat for your comfort and pleasure. Enjoy the gas-pipe twin toilet-roll holder and admire but please don’t touch the copper art since it is heavy and meant for admiration only and not participation! The shower-curtain further enhances the bathroom-art key theme, suspended from both vertical and horizontal grid chains. Tiled with a travertine-marble floor, this sizable shower boasts an articulated shower head, Her shaving shelf and soap, shampoo and conditioner to ensure you come to breakfast smelling good! Bright-white subway-tiles straddle a unique set of scrap-yard electrical-panel strips which made ‘Richard the Tiler’ laugh towards the end of his 4 month Utopia sojourn!

Well-immersed in the pastry and chocolate world for several decades, there is nothing on Marc’s list of culinary delights that features higher than chocolate and coffee. Playing a considerable role in both gutting and rebuilding this spectacular Chunn’s Cove residence, throughout 2015 & 16, Marc has conclusively proved that watching informative and directional Home Improvement Shows for the best part of adulthood, is akin to learning a new language. Born in Quebec, Marc’s native tongue is French but his English rivals any native tongue and his Spanish makes him trilingual. Not without her artistic inheritance, Fay’s world is defined as a pleasurable balance between entrepreneur and artist, commencing with a decade of international business travel in her early 20’s, evolving to a decade of motherhood punctuated by a successful but largely fulfilling decade in the office. Now the time is ripe to spread those four Sagittarian wings for this highly motivated couple, eager to explore exciting new business ventures.

What a Utopian dream! We stayed two nights in the Brickhouse suite, and our experience was nothing short of exceptional. Firstly, Fay was so pleasant and quick to respond, giving us simple instructions and details about the property and check in/check out. Secondly, the property itself was very nice, clean, and unique. It’s location to popular areas was so convenient and close, but also secluded and quiet. An Uber downtown was super cheap and we were able to get there in 5-10 minutes. Our suite itself was so cool, very unique and clean, everything so well-made. Our bed was so comfy and the bathroom was awesome, too (LOVED the heated floors)! The kitchen and common area of the property was so clean and inviting as well; we especially enjoyed the coffee corner and complimentary cookies in the mornings! Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to enjoy the hot tub, but we will most definitely be back to visit and try it out! To anyone considering staying here at Utopia: do not pass up this opportunity! The price is such a steal for the 5-star stay and I can guarantee you won’t find anywhere better. We can’t wait to come back and check out the other suites! Most importantly, the customer service and hospitality provided by Fay is what made the whole experience so delightful. Thank you so very much! We will be back!

Judy booked the Brickhouse Suite, describing herself as having “a very stressful job” and treated check-in more like applying for a job. I know how many children she has, ages, her pets, how far from downtown Cincinnati she lives, how many properties she manages and exactly how many siblings she has – none of which I asked.

Guests who understand that we have 9 luxury rentals and that we spend an inordinate amount of time planning and organizing to ensure that every guest isn’t disturbed, that the hot-tubs are always immaculate and hot 365 days a year, that doors are always programmed accurately to prevent any delays and that every suite is cleaned and equipped to Five Star standard, requires a lot of work.

We have spent 4 years tending and developing the check-in process so that every guest reads the House Rules and House Manual to ensure everyone understands their responsibility. In 4 years, we have seen more than we care to share and quite possibly none of which Judy has ever considered as potential pitfalls.

When guests enact automated ‘out of the office’ messages, don’t complete check-in, describe the details of their trip and when to anticipate their arrival, they can lose sight of the goal – to answer just 3 questions including the name of the person travelling with them….