Rural america looks to donald trump for revival

Cars travel on Savannah Highway in Waynesboro, Tenn., on Nov. Electricity prices going up 14, 2016. Gas house edwards co Donald Trump won Wayne County with 86 percent of the vote, the highest margin in the state. Electricity grid australia (Photo: Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean) Buy Photo

The gas station and convenience store sits near one of the few local stoplights in Collinwood, a town 100 miles southwest of Nashville that’s home to fewer than 1,000 people. O gastronomico The special at the store on a recent fall sunny day was taco salad.

At 66 years old, Barnett is the baby among the four men who regularly share a table with him. Gas vs diesel engine Like Barnett, 67-year-old Grady Staggs says it’s their job to sit and shoot the breeze.

The hardware store down the street is one of the few shops along Broadway that’s still open. Electricity joules VHS tapes and posters for films released in 2012 sit in the closed video rental store nearby. La gastronomie A faded mural on the brick exterior of a boutique across the street shows a cowboy holding the reins of his horse as he kneels at an unmarked grave.

But there’s a perception there used to be more opportunity. Gas mask bong nfl There was a shoe factory, a children’s clothing factory, a men’s pants factory. Gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings There was the hope that politicians representing Wayne County’s farmers, loggers and school teachers had their best interests at heart.

Those jobs are gone, just like the lost hope that drove many working-class voters in other rural and industrial communities across the country to make Trump the 45th president of the United States.

The most talkative man at the table, 79-year-old Robert Lee, questioned why a guy in a truck hadn’t yet tried to hit some of the Trump protesters clogging streets across the country. Year 6 electricity worksheets None of the men were too keen on the protesters, but no one else advocated they “be done away with” like Lee.

Barnett and Staggs were more concerned about Clinton’s possible U.S. Gas up yr hearse Supreme Court appointees, people they thought would have taken their guns and loosened immigration restrictions.

Trump’s win may have surprised liberal urban hubs or politicos in the Washington, D.C., bubble. Gas monkey monster truck It brought a new day to Wayne County and America’s rural communities. Gas mileage comparison ‘He’s running for us’

Sitting in a cafe adorned with metal dragonfly art, Wayne County Republican Party Chairwoman Stephanie Pearson joked it wouldn’t be a good idea for reporters to speak with people at the Hasti-Mart. Gas definition wikipedia She wasn’t aware the men had already spoken with The Tennessean.

Pearson was excited to discuss local voter registration drives and other efforts she says helped push nearly nine out of 10 voters in Wayne County to Trump.

There are about 23 people per square mile in Wayne County, the second-largest county geographically in Tennessee. Done with electricity tattoo book Those miles are filled with rolling hills, farmlands, lumberyards, churches and fewer than 17,000 people. 1 unit electricity price india More than 93 percent of them are white.

American or Confederate battle flags were more common than Trump signs days after the election. Electricity distribution map Neighbors didn’t need to persuade one another to vote for Trump.

Almost all of them are conservative, as the people in this county that borders Alabama have been for more than 100 years: Wayne County has voted for the Republican presidential nominee every election since at least 1912.

There are 10,465 registered voters in Wayne County. Gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 Of those, 8,428 are active. E electricity bill Trump earned 5,035 of them, compared with 717 for Clinton. Electricity worksheets grade 9 It was the highest percentage of voters Trump received from any county in Tennessee.

Wayne County voters weren’t distracted by the “mainstream media” and Trump’s past comments, said Pearson, who also serves as Collinwood city clerk. Electricity physics pdf They thought about their lives, their history and what matters most when they voted.

“When you’re talking immigration and border controls and abortion, our economic situation. Electricity and magnetism study guide 5th grade … With Wayne County being a real rural area, we’ve lost so many jobs over the last couple decades. Gas line jobs in wv People are just really … have been disheartened,” said Pearson, a 49-year-old single mother of two teenage daughters.

Jeff Skelton is well aware of that toll. Electricity worksheets Skelton said his father owned the first convenience store in the county, the first store to stay open past 6 p.m.

The family watched three factories close where Skelton said hundreds worked. A gas has no volume He blamed the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, a national trade measure from the 1990s spurred by President Bill Clinton that’s more frequently blasted in the industrial communities of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania than the fields of Tennessee.

A county historian confirmed three factories closed in Wayne County in the 1990s, but it was unclear if they closed after NAFTA went into effect.

Looking at Wayne County’s past as a more prosperous time aligns with Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again.” But the reality of the county’s economic future is more complicated. Electricity off peak hours State data shows 400 people among the county’s 6,760-person labor force were unemployed in September.

And there are jobs, but they’re different. Gas variables pogil extension questions In Waynesboro’s town square there’s a sign asking people to apply to work at the local private prison.

“Our company could hire 10 people today. R gas constant chemistry Can’t get ‘em. Gas in babies treatment Can’t get ‘em that have the ethics to show up to work, and can pass a drug test, honestly,” said Skelton, 52.

It’s a common conservative refrain that simultaneously contradicts with a trope of the Trump campaign: Immigrants are stealing American jobs.

Shirley Curry, an 80-year-old algebra teacher at Wayne County High School, says the best way to save her country is to restore prayer in schools. Electricity 101 powerpoint She says it’s something Trump will do, although there’s no mention of school prayer on his campaign website.

“Once we focus on the good people, the hardworking people that elected Trump, people that are hurting the most, the Rust Belt people, the farmers up through the Midwest, the rural people here in Wayne County. Electricity cost las vegas We focus on those people, the other people just disappear, they go back into hiding where they were to start with,” Skelton said.

At 86 percent, Wayne County had the highest percentage of Donald Trump voters of any county in Tennessee. Gas zauberberg But the rural West Tennessee county has gone for the Republican presidential candidate every election since at least 1912. Electricity in water pipes Here’s a look at its voting breakdown this year, compared with the last presidential election in 2012.