Rwa nigerian oil services – part 2 electricity physics formulas


This is highly secretive process because the allocations are issued at the top level of the government usually as a way for someone connected to receive profits in the oil business. electricity flow chart The potential allottee is then given the nod of approval which is passed directly to the board of the NNPC. So the NNPC staff does not know who the allotment holders are. The staff have relatives in the broker business and so when you go in to verify an ATS or POP the staff then knows who the allotment holder is and quickly farms out the information to their relatives in the broker business. For this reason it is very hard to get a verification of an ATS (Authority to Sell Letter) or POP (Proof of Product letter).

There is only one reason for a seller (allotment holder) to be associated directly with a company wishing to sell their oil, and that is that the agency is connected to a buyer that may be able to perform. To stay connected requires a level of performance commensurate with the highly sought after position. f gas certification logo The value of your service as a Allottee Mandate must be worth the time of the allotment holder to keep you around.

Nigerian Oil Services is partially publishing this letter we received from our allotment holder that was written by the NNPC to introduce potential buyers to to the allotment procedures and processes. We, the Seller’s Mandate, are including the actual content in quotes. Our commentary then follows each quote. The letter also contains information that we have left out intentionally such as contacts names, addresses, emails and phone numbers.

You can see that this letter is written to you, the buyer, on behalf of the approved allocation holder. BLCO or NLCO is the most expensive oil next to Brent because of its low sulfur content (which means it is less corrosive). It is also a light oil. gas laws worksheet with answers The combination of these two features makes Bonny light the least expensive oil to refine. electricity cost per kwh by country Therefor its value is high compared to other crude oils available elsewhere. Product Specs. are provided in the contract.

There may be different discounts depending on where the shipment is going. This is to compensate the seller for the greater risk involved in long treks. CIF ASWP (any safe world port) will carry the lowest discount. gas hydrates india Allocations are most often issued quarterly. So “against an allocation” means that an allottee might be issued for 25 million barrels quarterly and out of that allocation will be drawn 1 or two million barrels for a transaction.

This is the reason that Buyers often require the actual allotment letters, ATS (Authority to Sell) because a partial POP on the contract can not be verified. We have seen contracts come across our desk that have false information in the partial POP. So the actual letter makes it worth the effort to take the time to work out an agreement, because at least the buyer knows that there is really a product involved in the transaction. If you are a buyer and can not get an ATS or a POP letter on the NNPC letterhead then it is because of one or two reasons. One, the deal is fake. Two, the agencies involved don’t have the trust from the allottee in order to acquire the letter. Long chains of agents are a particular problem because somewhere along the way there can be somebody that will not extend trust to get the deal closed and will not provide the proper documentation. save electricity images We do not work with unsubstantiated sellers and will not provide empty SPAs with no POP documents.