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The population of Den Bosch is approximately 140,000 and with that it is reaching its limits. This because almost all the ground available for building has been used. This does not mean that the whole area is one big city as there are several (big) parks. Likewise, the southern edge of city is totally green as this is a protected natural reserve.

Rotterdam Airport and Eindhoven Airport are smaller, regional airports located near their respective cities. Transavia, Wizz and Ryanair service these airports from various destinations within Europe. Getting from the airport to Den Bosch is possible by public transport, although it necessary to change modes of transport several times. From these airports a car is best option.

Den Bosch has a good location within the railway system s gashi of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railroads) and almost every city has a direct connection or with a single stopover. Trains depart from Den Bosch main station in city center, which is located at the ‘Stationsweg’, towards Utrecht-Amsterdam-Haarlem and Utrecht-Schiphol in the north, in the direction of Nijmegen-Arnhem-Zwolle in the east, towards Eindhoven-Maastricht and Tilburg-Breda-Roosendaal in the south.

The regional buses, operated by Veolia, link Den Bosch with Tilburg and Eindhoven. As these are the regional buses, they do not go directly between these city electricity games online free but stop at several small villages. Therefore, the fastest and advisable way is using the train. Busses are the best way to get around the city and suburbs of Den Bosch. Drivers are extremely helpful.

If you want to go to the suburbs (where there is no reason to, as all interesting places are within the city center), Arriva operates a network of buses throughout the city and towns in the vicinity. All buses arrive and depart from the central station, although for some lines it is along the line. You can either pay cash at the driver and get a one way or a day pass (€5,50, one adult including 2 children, July 2013) or use your smart travel card, the OV-Chipkaart . The OV-Chipkaart costs gas questions 7.5 Euros (March 2014) for the card and at least 4 Euros on it to travel around the city and 20 Euros to travel on the train.

The city council is trying to get the city centre car free, so it is bringing up all kind of measures to deter people from taking the car into the city. Cars can still be parked in the city center, but on Saturdays and Thursday evening these garages are packed. Parking is also available just outside the city center and from there buses are available every 15 minutes for only €1.

‘s-Hertogenbosch is a medieval city and among the oldest cities in the Netherlands. When the Netherlands was still young, it was a fortified city that served electricity and magnetism for the protection of The Netherlands. Especially on the south side of the city, a lot of these fortifications have been saved and restored over time. Start at Bastion Vught and walk northwards via the Parklaan, Spinhuiswal, Zuidwal and Bastion Oranje and Hekellaan until you reach the bridge over the Zuid Willemsvaart. This way you will see the best part of the old fortifications. In 2004, the city was awarded European Fortress of the year.

The Sint Jans Cathedral is one of the most prominent landmarks of Den Bosch. Building on the cathedral as we know it right now started in 1380 and is built in Gothic style. Because the exterior of the building is deteriorating fast due to toxic rain they started in 1998 with the restoration of the exterior. The restoration was finished in 2011. A new addition was made to the cathedral ornaments, an angel with trousers and a cell phone.

In the north of the city center, outside the boundaries of the northern fortifications is the Citadel. This fortress was added to the city later and is not directly included in the fortifications but sort of pasted on. It held the garrison to protect the city or, if necessary, to counter an uprising in the city. It is now part of the national archive.

Hidden below the old city is a canal network called the Binnendieze that once spanned 22 kilometres. It started out as a regular river, the Dommel, running through the city in medieval times but due to lack of space in the city, people started building their houses and roads over the river. In later gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 times it functioned as a sewer and fell into disrepair. In recent decades, the remaining sixth of the old waterway system has been renovated, and it is possible to take several guided subterranean boat trips through it.

Although not particularly beautiful, in the outskirts of the city and between it and nearby towns, there are new housing developments known as The Castles, these are entire communities or mini-neighbourhoods shaped like a castle, normally with canals or lakes next to them. This is also a particularly interesting thing to see, and is quite unique both in the Netherlands and the whole world.

There is a beautiful market on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the center of the city (in the Markt sqare). You can find fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables, fish, textiles, and various other things. There is throughout a very laid back atmosphere. You can also enjoy a beer or a meal at one electricity towers health risks of the many restaurants with open air terraces in the market.

• Bossche Bol is a local sweet or dessert, quite unique to Den Bosch. It is a pastry ball covered in chocolate and filled with cream, the size of a tennis ball; surely makes it an interesting ‘must try once’ item. It is available at many of the cafes and will go nicely with a coffee after having spent the afternoon walking around the city. I enjoyed my first Bossche Bol in the market square with a nice cup of coffee. Definitely a must try when you are visiting Den Bosch. Jan de Groot has a specific (and delicious) recipe.

• De Roosekrans, Hinthamerstraat 40 ( From the market square, head east along Hinthamerstraat, it is 100m on the left), ☎ 073-612 46 47, [2]. Small chocolaterie, selling many kinds of chocolate creations, cakes (including gas prices in texas those which are the local traditions) and also coffees and other hot drinks. Excellent quality, friendly staff, takeaway is possible. Coffee €2, Bossche Bol €3.20. edit

• Golden Tulip Hotel Central ( Located in the city center, this is one of the best hotels to visit the city if you are willing to pay a little more.), Burg. Loeffplein 98 ( Go to the Markt (market square) which is easily found from within the city center. Here the hotel will be on the north side, easily recognized as a white building), ☎ (+31 73)6926926 ( [email protected], fax: (+31 73) 6145699), [5]. around €140. edit

• Mövenpick Hotel ‘s-Hertogenbosch ( Hotel located outside the city center. Easy accessed by car, but has a bad public transport connection to the city center. Walking is an option though, and would take about 20 minutes.), Pettelaarpark 90 ( Near the highway A2. Take exit 22, where signage will guide you to the hotel.), ☎ (+31 73) 6874674 ( [email protected], fax: (+31 73) 6874635 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh), [6]. checkin: 3PM; checkout: 12PM. around €140. edit

• Best Western Euro Hotel ( Located in the city center. Cheaper hotel, but overal it is in a bad shape. Renovations has been done from Dec. 06 until Mar. 07, so there might be some improvement.), Kerkstraat 56 ( Near the St. Jans Cathedral opposite the main post office.), ☎ (+31 73) 6137777 ( fax: (+31 73) 6128795), [7]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 11:00. €95. edit

• Campanile Hotel ‘s-Hertogenbosh ( Cheap hotel located in the northern suburb, direction ‘Maasport’ on the bus and adjacent industrial area. On the 68, 69 and 71 bus lines and an excellent, cheaper alternative to downtown accomodations.), Goudsbloemvallei 21-25, ☎ (+31 73) 6422525 ( [email protected], fax: (+31 73) 6410048), [8]. €59. edit

Den Bosch is in general a safe city. Even the neighborhoods considered dangerous by the locals are still quite safe during daylight and night ( Hambaken, Graafsewijk and Kruiskamp). If a traveler uses his common sense he will be alright, also during night gas house eggs. The only time the crowd can get a bit rough is during Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Watch out to the several drunk people that might easily start brawls (especially during the carnival time. Nevertheless, there is a lot of police around, and you will be safe if you just take care and mind your own business.