Sackville revises flood control plan, but mayor says town still at risk from heavy storms electricity distribution network


The more overly complex, and the higher the price that the ‘consultant’ Crandall Engineering can make this rather straightforward project, then the more Crandall will pocket. gas city indiana post office LUCKY THEM! The accumulated consulting fees alone, for the current simplified version of Lorne Street Phase II that is now out to tender is, at this point, in excess of half a million dollars without a sod being turned.

All our Town had to do was to consult DIRECTLY with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure and they would have learned from them, as we did, that all that is needed to rectify the Town’s flooding problem, from its own watershed area, is to spend two weeks with a large excavator to clean out the ditch from Crescent Street/Lorne Street over to Carters Brook via the marshland and then install a new 6′ aboiteau there through the dyke, as is recommended in the Hilcon Report, which DTI had recently done. Then, twice a day, eight hours at a time, all the water from the town would empty out.

DTI’s estimated price is under half a million dollars for the complete project. bp gas locations So, instead of just pulling the plug out of the bottom of the ‘bathtub’ our Town management wants to buy more ‘bathtubs’. gas vs electric water heater Sadly, they would prefer to spend gobs of the taxpayer’s money on a project that does not need to be done this way and unbelievably they are still planning on cutting through the Industrial Park by spending many more millions of tax dollars with the next Lorne Street Project, Phase III. electricity news philippines This will only duplicate what DTI is already planning on doing in the near future. electricity hero names Crandall Engineering will be ecstatic I am sure.

Whatever happened to Town Management looking after the best interests of the citizens? During last night’s Town Council meeting when a question was asked to the Mayor about the project, he stated that he hadn’t seen the drawings yet. electricity austin How is it that it ever went to tender in the first place then? I would certainly question whether any of our Town Councillors have ever seen the drawings either. gas works park They are ONLY available for citizens to look at by travelling to the Moncton and North East Construction Association Building on Collishaw Street in Moncton.

I wonder why the Mayor is referring to a 24 hour rain and the amount of water that supposedly would accumulate in Town during this period. If the clogged up ditch was simply dug out to a new large aboiteau on Carter’s Brook then the only time the aboiteau gate would be closed would be twice a day for a period of approximately five hours each time when the tide was in. Other than that the gate would be open and all the backed up of water would be allowed to escape.

The new expanded ditch itself would be quite capable of holding more water than nature is able to ‘throw’ at it during this period of time. There is no need for a separate designated glorified holding pond with a running track around the perimeter and five little islands in the middle. What a terrible waste of time and money to do such a thing when taxpayers dollars are in short supply.

The 10,000 dump truck trips hauling the 70,000 cubic meters of marsh mud away is a such a terrible waste of fuel that one cannot imagine that anyone with any sense of conservation of natural resources would ever agree to such an endeavour. One minute the Town won’t allow a Robins’ Donut franchise to open because of idling vehicles in a drive thru line and the next minute they approve tens of thousands of gallons of diesel fuel for excavators and dump trucks to be burnt in order to dig an unneeded hole in a swamp.