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Firstly I would gas x coupon 2015 like to thank all the other customers who have given us a review. We appreciate your positive responses. We try our best to make our tour the highlight of your holiday, if not your life. We have a history of over 20 years with the marine mammals of this bay, and they have given a lot of customers a great deal of pleasure over this time. And to respond to Sadly Disappointed, certainly it was a cool cloudy and damp day, not much we can do about that. Towels, we don’t supply personal towels, but we encourage customers to rug up on days like this. And there were others onboard to consider, it was not a personalised tour for the two complainants. Others had paid their money and were entitled to enjoy 1 unit electricity cost in bangalore the tour and surrounds despite the complaining from sadly disappointed. And yes, another power failure from the grid due to the inclement weather, so nothing electrical working. The joys of living in a slightly remote area. I’m not sure that the complaint was greeted with a smirk, more a smile of resignation that v gashi kenga e zagrebit this happens quite frequently! And regarding their own guide(they came with another tour operator who includes our tour on his itinerary), she is a lovely young lass who does her best to accommodate all types on a demanding driving and sightseeing tour. And in the end, what was she going to do about the weather and lack of electricity?

After booking months in advance, I got in touch with Alan a few days prior to our booking gas 2 chainz as suggested in the confirmation email to check weather conditions. Lucky we did as we found out that the weather was due to be bad and we made a huge attempt to get there the same day to make sure we were able to experience this outing. It was unbelievable in every way.. the weather was a little choppy but we felt secure and safe the whole time.. especially as there was gas efficient suv 2015 a little girl in our group who hadn’t snorkelled much before and Alan was there helping her and making her feel comfortable. We swam with the sea lions (including babies), then to the dolphins, and then back to a very friendly playful sea lion. Amazing…amazing amazing!!!! With the sea lions, Mick who was also with Alan on board would duck and dive to get them playing with us. With the Dolphins we simply floated and Alan drove the boat gas or electricity for heating around us to stir up the dolphins. Suddenly you would hear them and 3 dolphins would be swimming underneath you. Well worth the money and the experience is one I will never forget! The hot milo and biscuit was a nice welcome treat too.

Our daughter wanted to go swimming gas 99 cents a litre with dolphins on our trip to the western part of Australia. I did my research before we left home and decided that Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience was probably our best option. And I got it spot on! We cannot rave enough about Alan, the skipper and man who makes it all happen. It was only our family on the boat (what a treat) and he voluntarily offered to look after our little storing electricity in water kids while we jumped in with the sea lions (he said they’d then jump in after they’d seen it was all OK). Well our little daughter was scared and after jumping in one could not be persuaded by her Dad or I to get back in. But Alan just talked to her (and our little 3 yo) the whole time we were in the water and then he persuaded her to hop in with him. She got to see a pup, and then one kissed her on the forehead. She got back on board with the biggest smile we’ve ever seen because she had achieved it and overcome so much and was so proud of herself. We were over electricity song lyrics the moon to see her like this. Alan made this all possible, the sea lions were just so much fun to swim with; the wet suits were ideal given how cold the water was and we just cannot rave about this tour enough. It’s affordable for families (much cheaper than what you’d pay to swim with dolphins in WA) and although the dolphins were not to be found the day we went electricity prices per kwh 2013 out, we were not the last bit disappointed as we’d had so much fun with the sea lions. And this is swimming with creatures in their natural habitat – so you can’t expect them to arrive on demand! What a great trip. One of the highlights of our trip around Australia.