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Silsoe Aid for Appropriate Development (SAFAD) is a British charity run by students of Cranfield University. Since 1969, SAFAD has sent over 340 graduate and post-graduate volunteers to almost 40 different electricity ground explained countries in the developing world. The volunteers work with local organisations on existing and new projects. They provide technical assistance and expertise, and receive field experience in return. It is an opportunity for very specific and practical 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect education to be put to work to help those in need. Every SAFAD volunteer has been a Cranfield graduate or post-graduate students in various disciplines such as water, soil and environmental sciences, engineering, management and health.

As one of the largest areas of SAFAD’s work, our involvement in water is diverse and extensive. Volunteers plan, design and implement water supplies. They assist in user-group capacity building, enabling communities to operate and maintain existing networks. Volunteers also work in the construction and implementation of appropriate sanitation systems in rural and urban populations, and hygiene promotion techniques to ensure health benefits.

SAFAD is proud 1 unit electricity cost in gujarat to partner with a number of implementing partners in the field including GOAL, Haiti Outreach and Abundant Water and be supported financially and in other ways by a variety of individuals, trusts and organisations including the Sue White Fund for Africa, Laing Family Trusts, Strathspey Charitable Trust, Pat Newman Memorial Trust, St Mark’s Overseas Aid Trust, The Salvation Army and Cranfield Students Association.

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