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Welcome to the Arlington Public Schools Safe Routes to School website! Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a national program that works to make it safer and easier for students to walk or bike to school. SRTS programs examine conditions around schools and conduct projects and activities that work to improve safety, enhance accessibility, and reduce traffic and air pollution in the vicinity of schools.

This website contains educational information on how you can help to encourage students to walk and bike safely to school. You can learn about the Safe Routes to School program, find resources to help implement walking and biking programs, learn about successful programs in Arlington, research funding opportunities, and quickly access partner organizations. Benefits of walking or biking to school:

Jamestown celebrated Ms. Patterson’s recognition with a school-wide assembly, attended by students gas leak chicago, families, staff, and special guests, including APS Superintendent Patrick Murphy and representatives of the Arlington County Police Special Operations, which includes the Crossing Guard Unit and School Resource Officers. The state-wide honor is part of Crossing Guard Appreciation Week, an annual Safe Routes to School celebration recognizing Crossing Guards for the critical role they play in the safe routes to school network.

The Arlington County Board recently approved a nine-month pilot project for Shared Mobility Devices (SMDs). SMDs include shared bicycles, shared electric bicycles and shared electric-assist scooters (e-scooters). The pilot will test a framework for use of SMDs in Arlington and evaluate the impact of the SMDs in our community. There are opportunities for the community to submit comments on the electricity cost las vegas program, and general information on the Arlington County SMD pilot is available online.

While shared bicycles have been around for a while, shared e-scooters present some unique considerations for the general community and for APS in particular. To ensure that students, staff and families understand SMD user expectations and County regulations, APS has prepared the following list of FAQs that answer the most relevant questions. Families are also encouraged to review the County webpage , Arlington County Commuter Services dockless webpage and guidelines prepared by e-scooter operators with students to become familiar with this new transportation mode and the guidance Arlington gas after eating eggs has made available.

Walk and Bike to School Day is an annual celebration that encourages students to bike or walk to school while teaching them about the health, environmental, and travel benefits of active transportation. Held annually on the first Wednesday in October, Walk and Bike to School Day also helps to raise community awareness about the importance of pedestrian and bicycle safety education, safe routes to schools, well-maintained walkways, and traffic calming in our neighborhoods and around our schools.

The 2018 celebration took place in Arlington and around the world on October 10. Virginia set a new state record with 357 Walk and Bike to School Day events. APS added 37 celebrations to that total, including APS’ 2018 Walk and Bike to School Day “focus school” Claremont Immersion Elementary School, which hosted a bi-lingual multi-modal transportation celebration on feet, scooters, bikes, and trikes!

Arlington students in grades K – 12 can purchase the card for $2.00 at any Commuter Store with locations in Ballston, Rosslyn, Crystal City and Shirlington, or the Mobile Commuter Store, which makes regularly scheduled stops throughout Arlington. Students must purchase the card in person, complete the registration form (see below) and show their student ID (if applicable) or any form of ID at the time of purchase.

Kenmore Middle School crossing guard Almaz Abebe has been recognized by the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School (VA SRTS) program as one of Virginia’s Most Outstanding Crossing Guards for the 2017-18 school year. VA SRTS received over 150 nominations for 76 different e suvidha electricity bill lucknow crossing guards throughout the Commonwealth this year. Abebe is one of six crossing guards state-wide to be recognized as one of Virginia’s Most Outstanding. The honor is part of Crossing Guard Appreciation Week, an annual VA SRTS celebration recognizing Crossing Guards for the critical role they play in the safe routes to school network.

Nominated by a Kenmore family, Abebe is the ever-vigilant crossing guard who is at her post on busy Carlin Springs Road before dawn and again at afternoon dismissal every school day, in all weather conditions. Known for her strength, awareness, and professionalism, she maintains firm control over the flow of buses, cars, construction vehicles, pedestrians, and occasional cyclists who travel through her intersection, remaining focused on ensuring student safety.

The family who nominated Abebe recalls how, “One day in early September, she saved an over-eager sixth grader from nearly being run over.” According to the student’s parent, “All of the traffic lights surrounding Kenmore were blinking yellow. The police department stationed a cruiser to stop traffic so that the crossing guard would be able to cross the children safely. My child, new to middle school gas stoichiometry practice and oblivious to her surroundings, stepped off the curb into oncoming traffic. Ms. Abebe physically lifted her out of the street and back onto the sidewalk. I saw the entire incident from two blocks away, and all I could think until Ms. Abebe got her back onto the sidewalk was ‘My child almost died on her first day walking to middle school.’ I am incredibly thankful.”

Abebe has been with the crossing guard unit since February 2015. She has been stationed at 3rd Street and S. Carlin Springs Road since she started. She also has a second crossing at Patrick Henry Elementary School. “We are very proud of Almaz for receiving this recognition,” said Kenmore Principal David McBride. “She makes students feel safe electricity sources in canada while crossing Carlin Springs Rd., and hers is the first smile they see as they come to school.”

APS has been recognized by the Virginia Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program for leading the way in all four state-wide Safe Routes to School events in 2016-17 and for leading our region with the most all-time SRTS event participation! The four annual SRTS events include: Walk and Bike to School Day (October); Student Travel Tally Week (October-November); Crossing Guard Appreciation Week (February); Bike and Walk to School Day (May). There are three SRTS regions in Virginia ( Coastal, Piedmont, and Blue Ridge).

APS schools topped the list of accolades for the Coastal Region in both state-wide categories of recognition. Ashlawn and Campbell Elementary Schools received Hall of Fame honors for most all-time event participation in the Coastal region, the only schools from our region to be recognized. Of the 17 schools recognized as the Coastal Region’s All-Stars of the Year for the most participation in 2016-17 SRTS events, 14 are from Arlington!

APS is on track to receive SRTS Hall of Fame and All-Star honors for the 2017-18 school year as well, with all of our schools participating in Walk and Bike to School Day in October 2017 and Student Travel Tally Week in October-November 2017. APS’ 100% participation helped Virginia Safe Routes to School break previous annual state-wide records for each Fall 2017 event, with a total of 326 Virginia schools joining Walk and Bike to School Day i electricity bill com 2017 and 245 Virginia schools participating in Student Travel Tally Week 2017.