Sailing blue heeler one boat, two people, many adventures gas 1981


Each day I would walk an hour or so despite the weather mostly to walk through the volkspark or along the hilltop with views overlooking the fjord. The Gross Strauss is a mile long shopping street closed to traffic and often filled with loads of pedestrians. I’ve found some good shops, but alas, haven’t found any Vegemite (all I found was Marmite; a poor second).

Strolling around Flensburg is quite enjoyable. Riding around is easy too, with plenty of bike paths around the bp gas station town and beyond. A sprinkling of sand by city workers keeps paths safe during the snowy days. Denmark isn’t far away – half an hour cycle along the western shore of the fjord to cross at the start of the Gendarm Path. This route was in use between 1920 until 1958 by walking gendarms defending the Danish border, but nowadays this route can gas out game rules be hiked or walked 74kms along the South Jutland coast. Nearby Glücksberg and its famous castle is about 12kms away and worth the ride. The rest of the day is filled up with the usual tasks of lugging water to the boat, laundry and grocery shopping, plus watching YouTube shows and news in the evening.

The smell of cordite filled the air but the breeze kept the pollution to a satisfactory level blowing it somewhere over the Baltic Sea. Nearby, fireworks exploded above our mast dropping debris over the gas yourself deck. Red marine flares blasted from boats across the water and hovered high above, while some chose to hold burning flares in their hands. A parachute flare landed on a boat two rows up from us; luckily it didn’t start a fire. (Apparently two boats burned out a couple of years ago under similar conditions though). As the clock approached midnight, the chaotic fireworks electricity worksheets for grade 1 display reached its climax. The town erupted into a fireworks frenzy until it resembled what could only be described as a war zone.

Transfixed by the spectacle, we stayed up for a couple more hours until the bulk of the crowd dispersed and the likelihood of Blue Heeler igniting diminished. In the news the next morning: The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) reckoned around 4,500 tonnes of particulate matter would’ve exploded into the sky electricity lessons for 5th grade nationwide that night – 4,500 tonnes! One guy alone was charged with having over 850kg of fireworks at his Hamburg house!

Average height Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the water level range between 4.2m to 5.9m. At the highest level it was a bit tricky climbing over the bow onto the slippery dock with jerries of water. Back in January 2017 Storm Axel caused the water level to rise so high that it flooded the docks, roads and shops. Hopefully we won’t experience that!

For heating we run a Webasto Airtop 32 diesel heater, ducted throughout the bilge with outlets into each cabin. With e electricity bill the dehumidifier and heater running throughout the day and night, plus a few other appliances, we use less than 7kW per day. The heater and dehumidifier don’t run all the time – now that the boat is warm and dry, they come on as needed. The temperature is no more than 20degC during the day and no less than 15degC at night, which is quite comfortable. The cost of diesel is around 1.30 Euros per litre and the Webasto uses less than one litre for every five hours of operation (which is probably a day’s operation). As backup (in case the Webasto fails) we have a small 800W oil heater plus gas station jokes a small electric 2000W heater.

In short, we left the UK to arrive at the shallow beaches of France; paid our respects to the fallen at Flanders Fields in Belgium; motored along the Standing Mast Route of the Netherlands, passing tulip fields as we made our way to Haarlem and Amsterdam, through the Markermeer and IJsselmeer; steered along Germany’s Kiel Canal entering the fresh water of the Baltic Sea; short sailing days to the islands of Fehman, Bornholm, Häno; sailing with Karl and Elisabet to Götland; crossing to historic Latvia and Estonia; up to Finland to see Salme, Tom and Thomas; through the archipelago to Åland; Swimming and when was gas 99 cents in california barbequeing along the Stockholms skärgård before passing along the Göta Canal through to Sweden’s largest lake, Lake Vänern then along the Trollhatte Canal to Göteborg; navigating through the intricate islets of Sweden’s west through the Skagerrak to Oslo, Norway then south again only to be hit by a cable ferry (ugh!!); six weeks laid up to repair then continuing our trip south as the first snow fell; dropping into the homeport of S.Y. Comedie then down to Varberg; a long, dark, cold overnighter crossing the Kattegat from Sweden to Denmark and finally to Flensburg, Germany – our home save electricity pictures for the next few months.