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Salamence is a quadruped, draconic Pokémon with a long, tapering tail. It is primarily blue with a gray lower jaw and thickly scaled underside. There are red markings on its throat, the underside of its tail, and stripes on the inner surface of its legs. Additionally, there are raised red ridges above its eyes. Three flat fins protrude from either side of its head, possibly acting in the same manner that a Canard would on an aircraft. It has two pairs of pointed teeth, one in the upper jaw and one in the lower. Each of its short legs has three claws. This Pokémon’s powerful desire to fly triggered a mutation that allowed it to grow large, red wings. As an expression of joy, it flies around and releases blasts of fire. If enraged, it loses all sense of self and flies into an uncontrollable rampage, destroying everything around it until it tires itself out. This Pokémon is found living in rough terrain.

As Mega Salamence, its wings meld together into a single huge, crescent-shaped wing. According to the anime, the hard, yet very flexible properties of its wings allow them to be used as blades in mid-air battles. Its face, neck, body and tail are narrower, and its tail is noticeably shorter in length. The ridges above its eyes are now far less prominent, and it no longer possesses the thick, gray scaling over its lower jaw. Instead, the smooth red flesh underneath has been left exposed, increasing its streamline appearance. The upper pair of fins resting on the sides of its head are now elongated and tapered. The lower pair has not changed much. However, the middle set now take the form of quarter-arches, spanning towards the bridge of the nose. The remnants of its shelled underbelly have been drastically transformed into a segmented, more aerodynamic, vest-like armored frame. This frame encases its chest and shoulders with the pieces interlocking whenever Mega Salamence tucks in its front forelegs.

As a result of its Mega Evolution, Salamence becomes even more brutal than ever before, to the point where it is liable to turn against the Trainer who raised it. Because of this, Mega Salamence is feared as "the blood-soaked crescent". Anything and anyone in Salamence’s path gets sliced in two by its bladelike wings, posing no interruption to its flight.

When Ruby was a child, he battled a Salamence that attacked him and Sapphire while the two were playing outside. After being defeated by Ruby and having scarred his forehead with its Dragon Claw in the process, the Salamence went on a rampage and destroyed a lab, freeing Rayquaza, which was in captivity at that time, in the process. This resulted in Norman being banned from the Gym Leader test for five years. This encounter changed both Ruby and Sapphire and their views on Pokémon, as well as themselves. In Ruby’s case, he felt he was too strong, and in order to keep himself back, he focused on Pokémon Contests. Sapphire, on the other hand, felt weak after the encounter and decided she had to become stronger, and spent much of her time in the wild honing her battle skills. It appeared in a flashback in The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon XIV. In the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter, where Zinnia is revealed to be its owner, it has obtained a Salamencite, with it it can Mega Evolve into Mega Salamence.

In Swanky Showdown with Swalot, Dome Ace Tucker is shown to be in possession of another Salamence, with which he defeats Sapphire. While Sapphire acknowledges the man’s overwhelming skill, she also adds that such a Pokémon is a hard one to fight against with her phobic old experience many years back.

• Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity: Salamence is a member of Munna’s gang working for Kyurem to stop any (transformed) humans called upon by Hydreigon from destroying the Bittercold. He aided his companions in pursuing the player and their partner, but was outmaneuvered by Hydreigon. Salamence, along with two Chandelure, later attempted to stop the player and their allies from reaching the Glacier Palace, but were defeated.

Hazy Pass (Golden Chamber), Stompstump Peak (Golden Chamber), Desolate Canyon (Golden Chamber), Forest Grotto (Golden Chamber), Tempting Path (Golden Chamber), Daybreak Ridge (Golden Chamber), Ochre Quarry (Golden Chamber), Grove of Whispers (Golden Chamber), Worldcore (1F-13F), Rusty Mountain (Golden Chamber), Jaws of the Abyss (B1-B28), Smoking Mountain (Mapless Street, Golden Chamber), Cape at the Edge (B1-B29), high difficulty Magnagate dungeons