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Our four-day tour of the Uyuni Salar and electricity for dummies amazon surroundings was excellent! This is a fantastic place with unique nature and amazing landscapes. Go there almost like being on Mars! When I booked their trips, many agencies have refused to make a tour to these dates because the Dakar Rally started at this time in Bolivia. Or offer tours at too high prices. La Torre Tours also warned us about the rally, but said that agency could adjust the route just to get us back to Uyuni town. And the trip turned out great! Thanks to our driver Juan Carlos we crossed Solar. No other Jeep decided not to do it because Salar in this time covered with water. And we saw the Salar de Uyuni in all his glory during the day and at sunset. Our guide Oscar well spoken in English, and talked a lot about the nature of these places, the origin of the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia on the history and contemporary life. Oscar was even an exellent cook, for that special thanks to him 🙂 Dakar Rally, it has not prevented, but rather a surprise. We had return to Uyuni town on the first day of the Dakar Rally before the blocked road (thanks to our driver!) And were able to see the colorful carnival in Uyuni! I’m glad I chose La Torre Tours. Thank you, guys, you’re the best!

First off: what you see. It’s beyond what you’ll ever imagine is possible. The scenery is other worldy. I felt like I’ve left the planet and went to something I imagine the moon to look like. There’s animals and plants you won’t see (much) of anywhere else and landscapes you electricity definition physics can only dream of. Next, the ride: we got a guy named Ramil driving us around. Ramil was a gentle guy who was incredibly car proud, so he was cleaning windows and removing dirt at every stop. Keep in mind that the guys are drivers that also act as tour guides, so the info you get will be quite basic. Ramil knew enough to give us some info and answer of our questions. Food: was plentiful at all mealtimes and really tasty. Flor was our chef, a super sweet indigenous lady that did a great job. The hostels you stay in have only one space for cooking, so sometimes you’ll have to wait for other groups to finish cooking before your team get to have a go. For us, that meant we ate quite late. But that’s just how it is. The car: as some others have said, the cars are tight if you’re stuck in the back row. La Torre don’t ever have more than 5 in the car, I.e two per row and 1 in the front. The back is squashy, so our group just rotated. You do spent up to 12 hours in the car, so it can be a long day. We were so distracted by the amazing scenery though electricity and magnetism notes, plus you get to get out of the car lots for picture opps that it didn’t bother us. All in all, I think the guys run a safe and good tour and I would highly recommend them.

We did a 4 day jeep tour from Tupiza of the southwest. The scenery was stunning by far a highlight of our trip to South America so far. We were delighted with La Torre Tours – incredible value for money. Our driver, car mechanic, entertainer English speaking guide, Raul, was excellent. Plenty of information, not only during the day but also at the end of each day about the next. He was a very safe driver – extremely important when travelling across such difficult terrain. His girlfriend Desze was an excellent cook. We read many reviews before deciding on La Torre it was hard to believe that in such remote locations such amazing food could be produced. But e seva power bill payment it is true. Such variety and delicious! They spoilt us… Each lunch like a fancy picnic using crockery, each evening meal began with soup before a main course AND pudding. It was also good to have some traditional Bolivian food. How Desze prepared and cooked all this on a gas canister is extremely impressive. Basic accommodation but exactly as described. We were given decent sleeping bags so were never cold at night. Raul was very considerate too. He offered us the choice to watch gas hydrates are used the sunset on the salt flats, warning us that accommodation was v basic. We took him up on the offer – yes basic accommodation but well worth seeing the sunset (and sunrise incidentally). He also took great care looking after my husband who was suffering quite badly with altitude sickness. Invaluable reassurance – particularly being somewhere so remote. The only thing negative was being told by the office before we booked that we MIGHT be able to get to the island on the salt flats. This was incorrect because the island is shut the salt flats flooded making it impossible to travel there. It was a shame they weren’t completely honest with us, they were obviously doing the hard sell, but it was a bit unnecessary as they have such a good reputation, and it’s no ones fault it is the rainy season. That aside, we would not hesitate to recommend La Torre. What you get for your money is phenomenal value. Raul and Desze are the best – La Torre are happy to accommodate requests so ask for them (the couple we were with in the jeep requested them we felt very lucky to be with them). Raul and Desze certainly made an amazing trip even better.

Our four-day tour of the region with LaTorre (Mario was our driver, Nelba our cook) was a highlight of a 4-month trip in South America. Starting in Tupiza and ending in Uyuni is the way to go- you see beautiful scenery on day one that the Uyuni tours miss, you see that salt flats at dawn (one if the most amazing things that I have ever seen), and you are usually traveling against the flow of the Uyuni caravans, which makes the sites less crowded electricity symbols and units. La Torre’s jeeps, drivers and food were consistently the best we saw amongst the companies, and are really dedicated to making the trip great. For example, our cook dealt beautifully with a vegetarian and someone with a gluten allergy, and The La Torre group was the only company that attempted to cross the Salar even though it had water in it. Without that, we would have missed the highlight of the tour. As advertised, the back seat of the jeep is pretty tight, and accommodations were basic, but honestly better than we expected given the cost and the remote location (partial electricity, mostly working plumbing, a hot shower the last night. But bring a sleeping bag for warmth/if you have worries about cleanliness). I would recommend LaTorre and the Tupiza route to anyone.

We booked this tour from the la torre hotel when we got to tupiza. It was an amazing 4 days and totally worthevery cent. The guide nico and his wife flora who was the electricity merit badge worksheet answers cook were great. The vehicle was a toyota land cruiser which fit 6 of us in the back confortably and nico was and extreamly Safe driver which is so important when booking these tours. The vehicle was also good quality with seat belts and good tyres and good music every day. We saw some shockng vehicles with completely balled tyers and drunk drivers along the way from other tour groups so were very luckely to have booked with this company. Flora was a great cook also, different food every day. If your the type of person who like to eat a lot of snacks between meals you mite wantto bring a few things as the morning tea gas yourself in car is a few cookies and a yoghurt or juice. Nico explaies about all the stops and will answer any questions. He also spends 2 hours on the salt lake taking crazy pictures for you. If your planning on doing a tour with these guys 4 days is totally worth it and ask for nico and flora as they take you to a fewextra spots other guides dont usually go!